The Best Blenders for Bulletproof Coffee

Among the latest trends in dieting and general productivity is Bulletproof Coffee. Unlike your average cup of joe to start your day, there is some detailed steps in order to create the ideal cup of this warm morning beverage. Best of all, you can skip out on breakfast all together with a healthy serving of … Read more

The Best Neem Oil for Spider Mites

The amateur botanists and horticulture enthusiasts among us are familiar with the epidemic of spider mites. These are tiny pests which infect plants grown commonly in gardens and homes. The spider mites derive their name from their odd habit of making webs on leaf underside where the female hatches eggs. While the adults have a … Read more

The Best Hand Dryer

Swapping out paper towels for hand dryers is as sustainable a move as it is a cost-effective one in the long-run – you save on the need to constantly stock up and replace paper towels, which, invariably, do get wasted a lot of the time. Paper towels are generally made of plant material, so opting … Read more

The Best Outdoor Cigarette Receptacle

While it’s hard to rope off open areas like parking lots, sidewalks and the facades of buildings as “No Smoking” zones, unsightly cigarette butts and the stench of smoke lingering long after the smokers themselves are gone does no favors to your workplace or home. Cigarette receptacles are the key, especially when it comes to … Read more