The Best Truck Sun Shade

There’s nothing like getting behind the wheel of your truck on a scorching day and feeling like you’ve just jumped into an oven. You can easily imagine an egg frying on the dashboard, not to mention having to endure the painful scalding when you put your hands on the steering wheel. Now imagine burning your … Read more

The Best Car Drying Towels

How many times has someone complimented the look of my car over the past few months? That’s a question I find running through my mind from time to time. Though the answer hasn’t always been positive, a recent discovery I had has surely helped me view the car cleaning process on a whole new light. … Read more

The Best Garden Water Timer

When you have a garden or lawn you know the importance of a good water timer. You might have cultivated your garden or trimmed your lawn properly but once you get busy with other activities in your life, regular watering may be hard to keep up with. This is especially true if you are often away … Read more

The Highest Rated Bug Zapper

Most of us tend to treat our homes as fortresses; the place we get to put up our feet and feel right at peace. That is usually the case until some uninvited visitors come calling in. In this case, that just happens to be bugs! Whether crawling or flying, bugs can be quite the menace. As … Read more