The Best Aviator Sunglasses for Small Faces

Ever since Ray Bans completely changed up the sunglasses game with their aviator glasses, these items have been something of a staple for most eye-wear junkies. Whether you see them as a fashion accessory or a great-looking pair of lenses to keep the sun out of your eyes, we find ourselves reaching for aviators because of how instantly stylish and svelte they make us look.

The problem with these typically big-lensed sunglasses, though, is that if you happen to have a small face, you might find yourself looking more like a bug than a runway model. To spare you from such a dilemma, we’ve gathered our top picks of aviators you might want to give a go, if you have a small face.

Ray Ban Aviator Small Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB3044 Small Metal Aviator Sunglasses, Gold/Green, 52 mm
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These glasses possess all the panache of a beloved, classic pair of Ray Ban aviators – but smaller. Designed specifically for the slimmer faces of women, these sunglasses are basically identical to the thin-metal framed aviators you might otherwise find slipping down your nose or awkwardly hanging from your ears. Though not polarised – so you won’t be getting the optimum glare protection afforded by polarised shades, though there are polarised Ray Ban options – these are nonetheless a signature item to own, to effortlessly look at the top of your game when you’re out and about town.

JuicyOrange Women’s Aviator Sunglasses

Women's Small Size Aviator Sunglasses Petite Half Rim Aviators Peach
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Though this pair clocks in at the less pricier end of the spectrum, it certainly does not slack on quality. With sleek temples available in five colours, from feminine peach to a louder statement fuchsia, these metal-framed aviators are the perfect combination of graceful and girly. The gradient lenses are available in four colours, from a standard brown to a soft, sweet pink, the customisable elements letting you choose the overall effect you’re going for, while still remaining pragmatic and affordable.

Though non-polarised, the lenses do come with 100% UVA and UVB protection, making them the perfect pair to slip on for mildly sunny days. Designed specifically to be more on the petite side, these glasses perfectly complement smaller faces without completely overwhelming them.

Wenlenie Aviator Sunglasses

Small Aviator Sunglasses for Narrow Face, Wenlenie Small Shades Gold Metal with Pink Polazied...
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Although cased in gold metal frames, these aviators are flexible, sit perfectly comfortably on your face and are built to last. With glass instead of plastic for the lenses – to prevent all those pesky scratches that end up doing your eyesight more harm than good – these shades come with total sun protection. Tastefully packaged in a leather case and drawstring pouch, these glasses will suit both men and women alike.

Whether you’re looking to skip makeup, cover up your eyebags or have them fitted with prescription lenses to wear out, you can trust these aviators to not skimp on quality, all while snugly sitting on smaller faces.

Hornz Pink Camouflage Polarized Aviators

Hornz Hot Pink Camouflage Polarized Aviator Sunglasses for Women & Free Matching Microfiber...
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If you’re looking to spice up your typical aviators with a little more oomph, look no further. These smokey and amber lensed aviators come with temples printed in the surprisingly fun combination of camo and hot pink, creating the perfect statement glasses to stand out if you’re going basic with the rest of your outfit.

Screaming summer, these sunglasses are conceptualised with the outdoors in mind, so they go perfectly with the themes of a day spent out fishing, boating or lazing about at the beach. Polarized to keep your eyes safe from the glare of the sun, and with 100% UVA and UVB protection, these shades let you go easy on your eyes on even the sunniest of days.

With the classic tear-drop lenses of aviators and the spunky attitude of pink-camo, these glasses let you look your best even while you’re out under the sun for activities like beach volleyball, target practice, skiing or archery.

Choosing the Best Aviator Sunglasses for Small Faces

There’s always a little bit of a dilemma when it comes to choosing the best glasses for the shape of your face. The general rule of thumb is that angular glasses go better with rounder faces, and round glasses better with angular faces.

Aviators, on the other hand, combine both angularity and roundness with their tear-drop shaped glasses to flatter every face shape. The important thing, here, is to pick the right size.

Using size charts for reference is a good place to start – many aviator brands have recognised the need for smaller frames to sit better on the generally slimmer faces of women, and duly rolled out ranges specifically to meet this need.

Polarized lenses and lenses which come with built-in protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays are also a huge plus. UV radiation from anything from the sun to tanning booths can damage your eyes over time, with debilitating aftereffects like cataracts or Macular Degeneration (AMD). Some people even face photokeratitis, or snowblindness, from prolonged periods in the snow or at beaches without protective eye-gear. Since polarised lenses cut down the glare your eyes are exposed to and can help filter UV radiation, you can safely spend time outdoors without risking irreversible damage to your eyes.

On the flip side of the scale, when it comes to picking aviators for style, it’s important to go for something that both looks good and is sturdy. While the thin metal frames are an inherent part of what make aviators look so classy, you need to make sure the temples, hinges and frames are flexible enough to snugly fit your face without breaking apart at the slightest push of pressure. If you’re a little uncertain about how good you’re going to be at looking after your aviators, it’s a good choice to opt for a foldable pair you can tuck into an easy to carry case, unlike many of the un-foldable variations, including some classic Ray Ban options.