The Best Baby Food with Fiber

A fiber rich diet is super important for your baby, especially between the age of 1-2 years when your baby is not capable of chewing on solid foods and depends completely on mashed or pureed diets. There are two types of dietary fibers – soluble, as well as insoluble. Both of these are indigestible, and serve different purposes. The insoluble dietary fiber is crucial to keeping your babies’ digestive tract clean, and aids with preventing constipation. The soluble dietary fiber, dissolves with the other fluids in the stomach and helps your baby feel full and satisfied after a meal.

Normally, you should take into consideration the age and dental progress of your child before feeding him any baby food. Also, it is necessary that you consult with a physician and get recommendations from him or her, before deciding to switch to a new baby diet. Take a look at 4 of the best baby foods in the market, listed below in order of their popularity. All four of them are perfect for babies aged 1-2 years old, although they are perfectly safe for older toddlers as well. Check out the product we selected as our pick for best baby food with fiber.

Happy Tot Organics Fiber & Protein Baby Food

HAPPYTOT Organics Fiber & Protein Pouch Stage 4 Pears Raspberries Butternut Squash & Carrots, 4...
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Made from a healthy blend of pears, raspberries, butternut squash, and carrots, this baby food from Happy Baby is one of the most nourishing and fiber-rich diets that you could get for your little one. It is tasty, contains a lot of fiber and proteins, and you can either squeeze it onto a spoon, or use directly from the pouch itself. It also contains milk, whey protein extracts, and has a really great flavor to it which most babies will instantly love.

It comes in a pack of 16 pouches, and each pouch contains 4 Oz. of baby food. The quality of this food is excellent, as it is 100% organic as well as GMO-free. If you’re looking for baby food that does not taste bland, and has tons of fiber and nutrients packed into it, then the Happy Tot Organics is definitely something you should check out.

Plum Organics Baby Food Pouch

Plum Organics Baby Food Pouch | Stage 3 | Carrot, Spinach, Turkey, Corn, Apple and Potato | 4...
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Plum Organics is one of the best known names when it comes to great baby food. This particular Stage 3 meal is meant to deliver extra fiber and proteins for toddles between 17-34 months of age. It is made from a blend of herbs, turkey, carrots, and sweet corn. Each of the 6 pouches that come in the pack contains 3+ grams of fiber and protein, and can be either fed straight from the nozzle, or you can heat it and feed your baby with a spoon.

The taste is not as tangy and refreshing as some of the fruit based baby foods, but it is a safe choice since not all babies like extra fruity and sweet flavors. The contents of this baby food are 100% natural, organic, and non-GMO sourced. Even the packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled cardboard, and the pouches are made from BPA and phthalate free plastic.

Happy Tot Organics Super Morning

Happy Tot Organics Stage 4 Super Morning Organics Bananas Blueberries Yogurt & Oats + Super...
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The Happy Tots Organic Super Morning baby food is a great way to start your baby’s day with nutritious and wholesome food. And it is really tasty, so your baby will instantly love it, meaning that you’ll have an easier time switching from your previous baby food to this one. The ingredients are organic bananas, blueberries, yogurt, oats, organic chia seed, milk, and some whole grain oat flour.

Bananas, blueberries and oats are rich in fibers, and also provide crucial vitamins, iron, calcium, and other minerals. The yogurt contains probiotic bacteria that help with digestion, and will keep your baby full for longer. Each pouch contains the FDA-approved quantity of fiber intake for babies, at 3 grams. Each serving also contains 750mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, and these are crucial to brain development and promote superior intellectual progress in your baby, so your little toddler becomes sharper, stronger, and healthier.

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food

Earth's Best Organic Stage 3 Baby Food, Pumpkin Cranberry Apple, 4.2 oz Pouch (Pack of 12)...
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Designed for babies above the age of 9 months, this stage-3 baby meal pack contains 12 pouches, each with about 4 ounces of pureed baby food. The main base is composed of pureed pumpkin, cranberry, and apple. This makes it really fruity and tasty, while also maintaining the recommended fiber content (3 grams per 4 ounces). It also supplements 25% of the baby’s daily vitamin A and E requirements, and also provides 25 percent of the daily recommended zinc intake for a 1-2 year old. The food also contains lots of vitamin C, and you can meet 45% of the daily vitamin C intake for your baby just by feeding him one of the servings out of this 12-pack.

This stage-3 baby meal comes with a Kosher-certification, and is 100% organic according to USDA standards. The food can be fed directly from the easy-squeeze pouches, or you can use a feeding spoon. The whole content is free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, while the pouches and box contain no BPA or phthalates. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our review and looked at our picks for best baby food with fiber.

Choosing the Best Baby Food with Fiber

Most pureed baby foods will contain apple, plum, banana, and pumpkin puree as the base. These fruits and vegetables are highly rich in fiber, and also contain essential proteins and minerals. Some baby foods will also contain meat content, and you might need to check if your baby prefers a blend of meat and vegetables. There are a multitude of flavors out there, and each baby has his or her own choices in taste. Always try to avoid non-organic and GMO based foods. Before purchasing, take a good look at the ingredients and take note of the fiber content. Fiber intake per serving should be around 3 grams or more, and it should also contain an equivalent amount of proteins.

One of the other major concerns, while selecting a new food for your baby, is allergic response. Most allergic babies don’t like the following – peanuts, cow’s milk, eggs, and certain grains. This is usually remedied with age, and the child should be able to consume legumes, eggs, meats, and nuts by the time he or she is 5 years old. Before switching from one baby food to another, try feeding the new diet in small amounts at a time, for at least 3 days to test for possible allergic reactions. Once you’re confirmed that it is safe, and the baby is habituated to it, you can switch over completely to that food.