The Best Baby Gate with Pet Door

Baby gates are a safe way to prevent your baby from entering into certain parts of the house. If you happen to have both a baby, as well as a pet, you might consider getting a baby gate with a pet door built into it. The specially built pet door will allow your little 4-legged friends to walk through, but will still be too small for your curious kiddo to squeeze through. See the models we reviewed below and which one we picked as the best baby gate with pet door.

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Gate with Pet Door

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door, Includes 4-Inch Extension Kit,...
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If you wish to install a baby gate at the front doorway or in a wide corridor/hallway, then the Carlson Extra Wide model is perfect for you. It fits tightly onto your walls using a pressure mount bracket that holds onto the wall at 4 separate points for maximum security, without the need to drill holes into the wall. The pressure is built by turning 4 screw mounted disks that can be loosened if you wish to re-position the gate or remove it.

The best part about the pressure mounting system is that you can easily uninstall the gate within 5 minutes and reinstall it at any other place in the house, or you can even fold it up and carry it along with you on trips. The entire body as well as the mounting frame is built from high strength, lightweight tubular steel that has been coated with non-toxic corrosion resistant paint, and is 100% chew proof. The steel construction can easily withstand the sharp teeth of a large dog, so you can be pretty sure that your baby won’t be able to mess around with it.

The opening handle is extremely easy to operate and can be used with just one hand. The gate expands from 29 to 34 inches with the default frame, and you can add in the included 4” and 6” extension pieces to further stretch its width up to 44 inches. The pet door measures 10” x 7”, so it should be enough for your cat or rabbit, but a larger dog will not be able to sneak through it. Just the way it should be, right?

Carlson Mini Gate with Pet Door

Carlson Pet Products MINI Expandable Extra Wide Pet Gate with Small Pet Door (916006), White,...
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Just like our top pick, the Mini Pet Gate is made by Carlson, and features a durable all-steel construction with a pet door built into the bottom section. This gate acts more like an actual barrier than a door, so if you want to completely prevent your baby from entering a certain part of the house, or if you want to keep a large pet away from your baby, this is a great option. It does not feature any opening mechanism, so you basically have to step over it if you want to get over to the other side.

This also means that your baby won’t be able to pry his way through the gate, since it has no handle or horizontal slats/bars for him to step on. The pet door is about 10” x 7”, and the paint is lead-free, rust resistant, and totally non-toxic. This gate is pressure mounted, can extend from 29” to 32” in width, and it comes with a 6” extension. The height is a good 18”, so rest assured that your baby won’t be climbing over it anytime soon.

Regalo Extra Tall Widespan Gate

Regalo 37-Inch Extra Tall and 49-Inch Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate, Includes 4-Inch and 12-inch...
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If you have a pet that is capable of vaulting over a regular 18” tall baby gate, you might need to make sure that he doesn’t jump into your baby room, because your curious pet dog can easily scare your baby or knock him over. In that case, you’ll need a taller baby gate. So, we selected the Regalo Extra Tall baby gate for you – this is basically a 38” tall, 52” wide, full-steel blockade that is opened via a one hand release handle. It is so tall that even an average adult male will find it difficult to cross the gate without opening it.

All the bars are vertically aligned with less than 3” of space between each one, so your baby can’t slide through them no matter how small he is. This gate is coated with 100% lead-free, non-toxic paint, and is certified by the JPMA to be completely baby-safe. There is a 9” x 7” opening for small pets at the bottom.

Carlson Design Studio Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate

Carlson Pet Products Design Studio Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate
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If you want a baby gate with a pet walk-through door, but hate the generic spray-coated ones that look like jail cell gates, then you might want to check out the Design Studio Walk-thru baby gate. It features an elegant black finish with rectangular shaped bars (tubular bars are so boring, right?), and has a premium-looking curved cherry wood panel on the top of the gate to give it a nice overall look and feel.

If you have wooden floor panels, this gate will blend right in with the rest of your home, and will feel like a much more natural addition to the house. It can fit doorways up to 37.5” in width, and features a charcoal steel finish on the bars. The gate is pressure mounted, and the mounting pegs are loaded with soft, anti-slip pads to prevent the gate from damaging your walls.

Choosing the Best Baby Gate with Pet Door

Choosing the right baby gate with a built in pet door depends on a certain number of factors. First, you need to decide which section of your home do you want to block the baby from entering? These baby gates are usually installed in passages or at the beginning of stair landings. You can install a baby gate both at the bottom, as well as the top of the stairs, to prevent your baby from using the stairs. Depending on the width of the passage that you’re trying to block, the baby gate can either be a single-piece gate (opens one way/both ways, designed for small spaces), or an extended (wide construction) baby gate with two or more extensions.

Baby gates intended to keep larger pets away from your baby must be tall, so your enthusiastic dog cannot jump over it, but the cat will still be able to creep in through the pet gate. The best baby gates have an easy to open latch locking system, which requires you to just lift a single handle in order to open the gate. Most of the time, you’ll want a baby gate that can swing open to either side, this will allow to enter or exit areas of your house much more easily, when you are carrying the baby with one hand.

Best Baby Gate
Avoid getting baby doors that are made from wood or soft plastic, since the dog will chew through the bars, and they are not as secure as metal gates. If you truly want to make sure that the gate keeps your baby out of certain places like the stairway, make sure that it has a secure locking system, as well as no horizontal slats or bars for your child to use as climbing assists. Also, it is important to ensure that there is no more than 3” of space between the slats, bars, or the base of the gate and the floor/walls.

Try to get a gate without a bottom crossbar so you can safely open it and walk through while carrying the baby. Pressure mounted gates are okay for the baby room, bottom of the stairs, etc. but you must never use them on the top of the stairs. Always use screw-mounted gates that are firmly secured to the wall by drilling holes in it. These gates will not budge no matter how hard your baby pushes against them. Also, mount the gate on the top of the stairway in such a manner that it only opens away from the stairway.

Now that you know what to look for in a good baby gate, browse through the above 4 gate models. These gates have been chosen on the basis of their overall security, usability, and features. These 4 models can be found on any major parenting forum, and you must definitely give them a lookup if you have both babies as well as pets in the home.