The Best Backyard Bird Seed

Keeping wild birds or domestic birds are a great way to add some life and interest to your backyard. But ensuring that these feisty little creatures always stick around is not always an easy task. However, installing a birdhouse, maintaining a couple of trees, providing some fresh water and some wild bird seed on a regular basis can help ensure that more birds make frequent visits to your backyard or garden.

Since wild birds such as songbirds add color, natural music, and interest to a backyard or garden, it is only natural to give them something back like some fine food that will ensure they remain healthy, so as to keep them coming back and help them during cold winter seasons. Below are some of the best backyard bird seeds available in today’s market which most birds seem to rate as the best-tasting seeds.

Kaytee Birders Blend

Kaytee Birders Blend Wild Bird Food, 8 Pound Bag
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The Wagner’s Greatest Variety Blend is currently the best backyard bird seed available today that contains a mixture of all the right seeds that can be used to attract various bird types to any backyard. At least 40% of the mixture is made up of sunflower seed, both stripped and black sunflower. These are also available in various forms such as; whole seeds, hulled, and chips.

This also allows birds of different types and sizes to be able to choose their favorite type of seeds. Other types of seeds that are featured in Wagner’s Greatest Variety Blend include; cracked corn, red and white millet, and red milo. These types of seeds attract ground feeding birds like Dark-eyed Juncos, Mourning Doves, and various types of sparrows.

Also included in the mixture are red and purple safflower, peanut kernels, canary seeds, and nyjer. These can cater various types of birds such as finches, woodpeckers, and Jays to Cardinals and Chickadees. The Wagner’s 62059 Greatest Variety Blend is a great choice of seeds for your backyard birds and it will make sure that you are able to maintain a good variety of birds in your backyard consistently and also keep them well fed.

Morning Song Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food

Morning Song 11407 Black Oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food, 20-Pound
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The Wagner’s Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food contains a clean mixture of sunflower, cracked corn, millet, and milo. This general purpose bird food mixture is designed to attract all types of birds especially ground feeders. The Wagner’s Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food is great for people who prefer a more economical way of keeping their backyard birds fed.

This wild bird food also contains general purpose seeds including sunflower seeds and uses the highest quality grains in blending. It is made in the USA and comes in a value priced mix that is capable of attracting various types of backyard birds.

Wagner’s Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food

Wagner's 53002 Farmer's Delight Wild Bird Food with Cherry Flavor, 10-Pound Bag
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The Morning Song Black oil Sunflower Wild Bird Food comes from the makers of Scotts and contains high-quality seeds with very minimal debris. They are an excellent value for those people who are serious about bird feeding and maintenance. Each package comes with a 20-pound bag and it is well suited for use in tube, hopper, or platform feeders.

The Black Oil Sunflower Seeds can attract a wide variety of birds in your backyard and also features other seeds such as red milo, cracked corn, white millet, safflower, and peanut pick outs. These seed varieties are sure to appeal to various types of birds such as goldfinches, woodpeckers, red-winged blackbirds, cardinals, and many other colorful birds.

Wagner’s Greatest Variety Blend

Wagner's 62059 Greatest Variety Blend Wild Bird Food, 16-Pound Bag
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Kaytee is currently one of the largest producers of bird and small animal food and is well known for producing healthy foods for both domestic and wild birds as well as foods for small home pets such as hamsters and gerbils. The Kaytee Birder’s Blend wild bird food is currently one of their top selling bird food products that come in an 8-pound bag. These Wild Bird seeds have been specially formulated so as to ensure that your favorite bird types always flock in your backyard.

The wholesome Birder’s Blend is made up of grains and black oil sunflower seeds rich in energy that are capable of attracting various songbirds every year and also provides them with excellent nutrition. It also contains some added supplements made to ensure that your visiting birds remain healthy during the cold months and its barrier packaging seals in freshness and also helps to prevent infestation. Overall, the Kaytee Birder’s Blend has a number of seeds that are capable of attracting a wide variety of birds such as Quails, Woodpeckers, Cowbirds, Cardinals, Gold Finches, Blue Jays, Red Winged Blackbirds, Pine Siskin, and many others.

Choosing the Best Backyard Bird Seed

If you are new to bird feeding, choosing the right type of seeds to be feeding birds in your backyard can be somewhat tricky. Sunflower seeds are the type of seeds that attract the widest variety of birds and hence the mainstay for most backyard bird feeders. Other seed varieties can be used to attract different species of birds so as to help round out your backyard visitors.

Generally, mixtures that have oats, red millet, and other types of fillers do not attract most types of birds and can lead to unwanted waste as birds sort through the seed mixture. Below are a few types of seeds you should look out for when looking to buy food for your backyard birds.

Black Oil Sunflower: This is the most common type of bird seed that can attract various bird types to a feeder. If you are new to bird feeding, black oil sunflower seeds can be a great way to start yourself off.

Thistle: These are small high-quality seeds that goldfinches normally prefer and are sometimes called Nyjer. They require a special bird feeder that has smaller holes.

Seed Mixes: Seed Mixes are commonly used by people who are just starting out because they can be used to attract many bird types. However, they can sometimes end up causing a mess as most birds tend to pick out seeds that are not appealing and throw them away. They can be used to attract ground-feeding birds like sparrows, doves, juncos, and even small animals like squirrels.

Suet: Suet is generally animal fat cake and can be a good source of proteins for your backyard birds especially during the cold seasons. Suet normally contains seed mixtures and is served through Suet cages.

Nectar: Nectar mainly consists of sugar water that is colored and requires a hummingbird feeder. This type of bird food will mainly attract hummingbirds, which are very notable nectar-loving birds that are pleasing to watch.

There are other types of bird food that you can feed to your little backyard visitors. Most birds can also enjoy cracked corn, millet, peanuts, pieces of apple and oranges, breadcrumbs, and even peanut butter. However, if you want to keep your backyard birds healthy and always coming back for more, choose one of the above top high-grade bird seeds.