The Best Bathroom Scale for Tile or Uneven Floors

So, is there a magic scale that will compensate for uneven floor surfaces and work for your bathroom? Well.. not really. We’ve scoured the internet for a bathroom scale that will effectively account for uneven surfaces with not much success. There are a few brands that claim they have this feature, however, real customer reviews state otherwise. We recommend that you move the location of your scale to a room or basement that has solid even floors. If that is not convenient, then to keep it in your bathroom you’ll need to purchase a board or plywood that can go under your scale to provide a good firm base.

The accuracy of a consumer scale can vary depending on the brand and model, and it can also vary from day to day if it’s not a well made scale. This can be frustrating if you are on a targeted plan to lose weight or you are an athlete that requires precision and accuracy when trying to keep record of your weight. You’ll want an accurate scale that meets your needs and provides the right metrics for what you require. Some people like a basic scale that simply gives them their weight without all the bells and whistles. Others prefer features like Bluetooth connectivity and body fat analysis. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most accurate scales on the market today to help you make your decision:

EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale

EatSmart Precision Premium Digital Bathroom Scale with 3.5' LCD and 'Step-On' Technology
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A number of users have raved about the EatSmart brand of scales and how they’ve been successful purchasing these scales when trying to deal with uneven floors. You will still need to put some sort of board or shelf underneath the scale to properly balance it on your uneven floors, but it should work like a charm from there.

Just like every other digital home appliance, digital scales are beginning to go smart. The EatSmart Precision Premium is one of the newest smart scale models out there, and it comes with some pretty neat features to make using the scale a much more interactive and enjoyable experience. For one, it features a special auto shutoff and step-on function that turns off the scale after a certain time when you are not standing on it. On the flip side, it instantly turns on as soon as you step on it.

The 3.5” LCD display is backlit with a soft glowing blue light that allows the display to look good and be readable at the same time. There are 4 G-sensors located at strategically placed points, right under the tempered glass top panel. The machine instantly detects your weight as soon as you stand on it, and it is capable of measuring anywhere between 2 to 400 pounds of weight.

Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale by Balance

Greater Goods Digital Weight Bathroom Scale, Shine-Through Display, Accurate Glass Scale,...
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Just like the EatSmart weight scale, this super cheap digital scale from Balance comes with a beautiful LED display that is both large, as well as backlit so it is extremely easy to read in all light conditions, even in pitch black darkness and broad daylight. The top plate is 12” x 12” in size, and is made of tempered glass that is 0.24” thick for added durability and stability.

The thing that makes this scale really versatile however, is its ability to display the data in either kilograms or pounds. This scale is capable of measuring weights up to 400 pounds, and it measures in increments of 0.2 pounds. There are 4 sensors located on the top surface, right beneath the tempered glass panel.

iDOO Precision Digital Bathroom with Jumbo Steady Platform

iDOO Marble Bathroom Scale, Highly Accurate Smart Digital Body Weight Scale with Large LED...
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This has to be one of the most beautiful bathroom scales on the market. Its top plate features a marble-like finish on the tempered glass panel. This design blends in perfectly with the rest of your bathroom floor, and it is printed on a sturdy 8 mm thick layer of tempered glass. The top size is one of the largest on the market, at nearly 13” x 15”. There are 4 of the latest precision strain gauge sensors mounted on the top panel, and these are capable of accurately measuring weight in increments of 0.2 pounds, up to a maximum load of 440 pounds (180 kg).

The units can be measured in either kg, pounds, or stone. Just like the top panel, the display is also extremely large at nearly 4.3”. It is backlit, and the FAST READ technology reads your weight within a few seconds of you stepping onto the scale. It runs on 3 AAA batteries.

Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Connected Body Fat Scale

Greater Goods Bluetooth Connected Bathroom Smart Scale, Measures & Tracks BMI, Lean Mass, Water...
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While we’re talking about smart scales, there is absolutely no way that we can leave something as amazing as the Weight Gurus Smart Bodyfat Scale out of the discussion. Not only does it include the basic step-on and auto shut off features that every other scale on the market has, but it also comes with the ability to sync with your smartphone. Using the built-in Bluetooth, this scale can show your body fat percentage, BMI, lean mass, water weight, and bone mass, all on your Android or iOS phone.

Ah yes, it also measures the weight. It is capable of measuring up to 400 pounds, in increments of 0.2 pounds. There is an auto-calibration function that allows the machine to automatically adjust for any errors, and you can even add in some manual calibration. Up to 8 separate users in the home can link and share their fitness data via the mobile app.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Scale for Tile or Uneven Floors

So what are the most important features to look at when purchasing a scale? First of all, you need a strong backlight for the LED display. Most good digital scales these days come with backlit LCD or LED panels, but remember that you are likely to have less lighting in your bathroom than the living room or bedroom. Since there are usually fewer lights in the bathroom, it means that any non-backlit display will be nearly impossible to read during the evening or night. After the display, the next point of focus should be the material of the top plate.

The best bathroom scales usually carry a non-slip surface which is optimized for maintaining grip even with wet feet. Rubberized or textured surfaces will work fine, and there are some really sleek looking scales out there with tempered glass surfaces. Some of these glass tops come in various design patterns and finishes, so choose the one that blends in with your bathroom floor. Just make sure that you mistake the scale top as a part of the floor!

After deciding on the display and top surface, the next point of attention is the stability of the scale. It is true that all weighing scales are designed to be steady, and the good ones come with adjustable feet for working on uneven floors. However in the bathroom, stability is even more important as the floor tends to be slippery if it is a hard floor, or you might even be using a carpet. If you use a carpet in there, make sure that the feet are adjustable so that the scale can easily balance itself on top of the floor. Rubber pegs or textured feet are preferred for hard floors, while aluminum and plastic supports will work fine on carpets.

Now that we have listed everything that you need to know in order to make a purchase, consider taking a look at the above 4 bathroom scales. Each of these scales has been selected after thorough analysis of both specifications as well as customer feedback. We selected the scales that offer the most performance per dollar, so it is up to you to choose the one that looks and feels right to you. All of these are very good models, and they all come with backlit digital readouts as well as extremely precise weight sensors that are capable of instantly measuring your weight as soon as you stabilize your body on the scale top.

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Best Tips when Buying a Bathroom Scale for Uneven Floors

Picture this: you always get different readings when you use a bathroom scale at home. Why is that? Well, you have uneven floors.

However, the situation isn’t hopeless because it’s possible to get a scale that can work. It’s worth noting that none will be perfect, but it’ll make the situation better.

Typically, it might not always be possible to shift the scale from the bathroom to another part with even floors. So search for a more accurate one. Below are a few tips to guide you as you search for a scale online.

1. Read Reviews

When checking online for bathroom scales that can suit your uneven floors, reviews speak louder than what the seller says. Read them and see if the scale works as advertised.

Many online stores advertise their scales as the best in the market. However, that might not be the case. Only a few brands meet this need to the maximum, and the only way to note them is to check the review section.

However, steer clear of brands without any reviews or who’ve turned off the comment section. It’s not easy to know if the scales, in this case, work or not.

2. Go for Reputable Brands

As fitness enthusiasts, you probably know of a few reputable brands. Since they have various products, they can have a scale in stock that suits uneven floors.

Naturally, one way to find out more about this is to check some of the catalogs they have on their websites. Alternatively, you can reach out to the company via email or phone call. Being proactive in this situation helps you get the best bathroom scale to use on uneven floors at home.

Also, you can talk to other people with a similar issue. Learn more about the scales they use. It’ll help you make a better choice and not spend on a scale that’s not effective.

3. Go for Sensitive Precision Sensors

Only the best bathroom scales can give you a more accurate measurement on uneven floors. In this case, go for a scale with 4 sensitive precision sensors. Such a scale has 4 feet on each corner which is where the sensors are situated.

Usually, the rate of sensitivity increases on uneven floors, making it possible to get better readings. You don’t have to keep moving the scale from room to room.

4. Get a Wider Scale

Uneven floors throw off the readings of many scales. That’s why you find it frustrating to weigh yourself when it’s the right time.

However, you can remedy the situation by getting the correct type of scale. Forget about the smaller ones that look more presentable. Instead, opt for a broader weighing scale that spreads out on your uneven bathroom floor.

Such a scale functions better than a traditional scale, and they’re especially calibrated for such floors.

5. Get a Plywood for the Scale

At times you have no option of moving houses and need to use the bathroom scale on an uneven floor all the time.

Another way to remedy the situation is to get a piece of plywood and place the scale on top. It won’t make the floors even, but it gives the scale a more level surface.

The results are more accurate readings that you can be happy with as you work on yourself. Alternatively, try a piece of thick wood that’s even or something similar.


6. Frequent Scale Calibration

One way to throw your scale off is to keep shifting it now and then. It’s better to leave the scale on one spot throughout.

Therefore, calibrate it back to zero after placing a piece of plywood underneath to help with the uneven floor. Scale calibration enables the scale to reset its internal parts and get back to ‘0’ weight. From here, you can get more accurate readings. But if you move it and don’t calibrate, it’s not possible to achieve these readings.

One way to check if the scale is working after calibrating is by stepping on it and standing completely still. Wait for 3 seconds and check the readings. Avoid shifting your weight at all during the 3 seconds.

7. Upgrade your Scale

Even after you put a hard surface underneath the scale, it might not give you accurate readings. The reason for this is the scale is old and in dire need of an upgrade.

Like any other electronic, it’s impossible to get the best function from an old digital scale after years pass by. So if it’s not possible to recall when you purchased the one in your bathroom, it’s time to order a new one.

A new scale can function better, giving you more accurate results. It’s a worthy investment, and you can have it for a similar period as the old one.

8. Picking the Right Spot

Though the entire bathroom is uneven, certain spots can give you a more accurate result. Admittedly, the best way to achieve this is to first measure yourself on a precise scale at the gym or in a drug store.

After that, head home and weigh yourself all over the bathroom to check which spot gives you a reading closer to what you got. That spot is where you’ll recalibrate and place the scale to weigh yourself.

Still, you’ll need to check the gym readings every now and then to see if the spot is working. If not, you can try the process again to pick out another that’s closer to the correct readings.

In Conclusion

Picking out the right bathroom scale for an uneven floor can be a nerve-wracking experience. But it’s not impossible. With the tips listed above, you can get better readings from the same bathroom and not keep shifting homes.

Start by reading customer reviews about scales meant for uneven floors and seeking specific brands with sensitive sensors. You can work better with a broader scale and place a hard surface like a piece of plywood underneath.

Additionally, change your old scale and pick out the right spot to place the new one in the bathroom. Also, remember to recalibrate back to zero when you move it.