The Best Beach Blanket for Baby

Are you planning on taking a trip to the beach with your baby? If you are, then add a good baby beach blanket to your checklist. While adults don’t normally get too choosy about what blanket they use on the sand, babies are a totally different case. Their skin is extremely delicate and sensitive, and most babies don’t like to get sand or water stuck to their bodies.

To truly enjoy a good day at the beach with your baby, you might have to pay extra attention to the type and size of the blanket that you are getting. Check out these 4 amazing blankets and see which one we chose as the best beach blanket for baby.  Each one of these blankets is extremely reliable, easy to maintain, and can be used in a variety of conditions and places. Choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Skip Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket

Skip Hop Baby Infant & Toddler Central Park Waterproof Convertible Outdoor Blanket & Detachable...
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Why we made this our top pick is rather obvious. It is compact and stylish when folded into a storage bag, and the material is totally safe, free from phthalates, BPA, or any other dangerous chemicals. When you roll this blanket out on the ground, you are presented with 5 square feet of 100% waterproof and sand-proof real estate.

Not just that, it has a durable canvas back and the top surface is extremely easy to wipe clean which is especially useful when your baby is lying on it. Spills, food, and drinks all can easily we wiped away with a cloth and the blanket is machine washable. One of the special features in this blanket is the built-in detachable cooler bag that you can use to store your drinks and snacks. Or you can keep your baby’s essentials inside it.

Camco Handy Mat with Strap

Camco Handy Mat with Strap, Perfect for Picnics, Beaches, RV and Outings, Weather-Proof...
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Despite being less expensive than any other similarly sized picnic or beach blanket, the Camco Handy Mat is the only true baby friendly beach blanket that holds up to its promise. The entire blanket can be folded up into a compact 10.5″ x 15″ bag, thanks to the built-in carry handles that let you transport this blanket easily even if you don’t carry it within a larger bag. It measures 60″ x 78″ when fully spread out, and can be easily used for a multitude of situations including picnics and holiday trips, hiking, or even camping.

There are conveniently placed pockets on each side that lets you store baby stuff such as powder, extra diapers, etc. It doesn’t require any soap or water to clean it either, just stand up and shake off the sand and food. Or just wipe it clean with a cloth. Yes, this blanket is totally sand and waterproof.

Koolsupply Beach Blanket

Sand Proof Water Proof Beach Mat from koolsupply, Picnic Blanket, Outdoor Mat, Water Resistant...
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The Koolsupply has a waterproof top, and a tough stain proof base that does not slip or slide even on damp and soft soil. It measures an impressive 70″ x 56″, meaning that it is large enough to fit all 3 members of the family, including the baby of course. The bottom is totally impervious to water or sand and is also stain-resistant, which means that you can worry less about cleaning, and freely enjoy some beach time with your baby. The top is made from polyester and it is soft and extremely easy to clean, while the bottom is manufactured from heavy duty, yet lightweight and flexible PVC.

JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket

Poo-Pourri Home~Pourri Air + Fabric Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator, Grapefruit, Lychee and...
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This beach accessory is for those who want a  great looking blanket that can accommodate both parents and a baby. This beach blanket measures 5′ by 5′ and yet it can be packed up into a small space. The entire blanket is water resistant and can be rolled into a compact bag when it’s time to pack up. It is equipped with a mesh bag to store your baby’s favorite toys, and is totally waterproof.

Once you are done at the beach, just lift it up and shake to get rid of every sand particle. The blanket is fully machine washable and the solid tear-resistant construction makes it last longer than most other competitors. The JJ Cole blanket is great for the whole family and works as a perfect companian at the park, beach or sporting event.

Choosing the Best Beach Blanket for Baby

Here are some important points that you need to look out for while buying a baby-friendly beach blanket.

1. Make sure that it is totally sand and waterproof. Most babies will throw a tantrum if sand gets stuck on their bodies, or worse, the sand may enter into the baby’s diapers and cause unwanted hassles. Enjoying the view and spending quality time with the family is something we all want, but tending to a crying baby can spoil the fun and keep you busy forever. So make sure the baby’s skin stays dry and sand free at all times.

2. Make sure that you get the right size. Most of the time you want to ensure that your blanket is not just for the baby, but also for a couple extra family members such as any older siblings or your partner. Then again, if you are buying a beach blanket you might even consider using it as a picnic blanket if the material is soft, breathable, and thick enough to be set down on uneven, damp, or grassy terrain. Too small, and you will feel uncomfortable and will have limited usage. Too large, and carrying the blanket as well as maintaining and cleaning it can become a real hassle.

3. Make sure the blanket is free of small parts and does not contain any harmful chemicals. This is a no-brainer, since any baby compatible product has to be free of phthalates, BPA, arsenic, lead, and any dangerous chemicals. Also, there should be no loose or small parts, since no matter how watchful you are, the curious baby is bound to put that delicious blanket into his mouth at some point. Better to be safe than sorry.

We hope you enjoyed reading our review to find out which blanket came out on top as the best beach blanket for baby.  Enjoy your day at the beach!