The Best Bedwetting Alarm for Boys

If your child often wets the bed while sleeping, then you’ll want to get him a special bedwetting alarm (aka enuresis alarm). Most parents think that a bedwetting/enuresis alarm is a device that alerts the parents or child once he pees. But the truth is that these are actually designed to train your child’s mind subconsciously, by making him stay more alert of his bladder state. Read our reviews below to learn more and see which bed-wetting alarms we considered the best on the market.

Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm for Boys and Girls

Malem Ultimate Selectable Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm with Vibration & 8 Alarm Tones for Boys &...
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Malem makes some pretty amazing enuresis alarms, but their Ultimate model is the loudest and most sensitive bedwetting alarm that we could find in this price range. It features one of the loudest wearable alarms on the market, and generates more than 80 decibels of sound pretty easily. On top of that, the wearable module also features a vibration motor that will give your little boy an intuitive tactile alert whenever he urinates in the middle of the night.

Okay, so what if your child is a really deep sleeper and doesn’t wake up even after all that ruckus? Well, the noise will surely wake you guys, so you can easily act as the backup in case the actual alarm fails. There is even a light beacon mounted onto the shoulder/collar module, which activates in combination with the sound and vibration.

The unique Quick Detect technology will instantly detect the first drop of urine and will immediately alert your child before he wets the entire bed. Also, the Secure Grip mounting clip will keep the sensor locked into place, and it will stay fixed, unlike taped sensors that tend to fall off in the middle of the night as your child turns and rolls in his sleep.

Wet-Stop3 Green Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

Wet-Stop 3 Green Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm with Loud Sound and Strong Vibration for Boys or...
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This is one of the bestselling enuresis monitors out there, and it provides incredible value for the price. You even get a free book on how to control bedwetting, along with a training CD, calendar, sticker reward program, and instructions in 6 languages. Everything that your little boy needs to control his bedwetting issues comes packed inside the box. No more need to spend hundreds of dollars on doctor visits and unnecessary therapy sessions.

This alarm comes with both sound as well as vibration alerts, and there are 5 different types of sounds loaded into this wearable device, so your child will not get used to a particular alarm sound (if that happens, he may continue sleeping even when the alarm goes off). The wearable unit just needs to be clipped to your underwear, so no more hassling with sewing, tape, or needles.

Nytone Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm

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Unlike the conventional wearable alarms which come with cumbersome shoulder, waist, or collar-mounted modules, this one includes a soft armband that is both elastic as well as non-intrusive. The armband alarm on this device is connected with a sensor that is attached to your kid’s undies via an easy-attach clip.

Once a single drop of urine is detected, the otherwise quiet and comfortable arm-mounted module will burst into danger mode, letting loose a cacophony of loud alarm noises, along with flashing lights and vibration signals. All of this is sure to wake up even the most deep sleepers, and it even comes with a quick toggle on/off switch that you can use to switch the alarm on or off in the middle of the night.

TheraPee Bedwetting Solution

TheraPee - The World's #1 Bedwetting Solution
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This is being touted by TheraPee as “The most advanced bedwetting alarm”. That may or may not be true, since the alarm itself is actually a pad-type enuresis alarm that is quite comparable to some of the top end bedwetting alarms already available on the market. However, this bedwetting alarm is an entire therapy pack, and not just the actual alarm. This is sold by Dr. Sagie’s Bedwetting Clinics, and whenever you buy one of these you get a lifetime software license for THERAPEE’s online software program that is designed to train you child so that he stops wetting the bed.

There are plenty of software exercises included in the package that allow your child to follow a certain set of goal-based targets which will reward him with badges, stickers, online rewards, etc. in exchange for reducing his nighttime bedwetting activities. Your child will also get access to plenty of videos and online live video therapy sessions with Pediatric doctors, which should result in the complete treatment of your child’s bedwetting condition.

Choosing the Best Bedwetting Alarm for Boys

A good bedwetting alarm doesn’t just wake up everyone in the bedroom when it detects a single drop of urine, but it also comes with lots of training and support programs, these allows your child to slowly and gradually train himself to control his bladder and toilet habits over the course of using the alarm device.

The training and support programs often include online tutorials and live video coaching sessions at the hands of experienced children’s doctors, as well as dedicated phone support and consulting services. Your bedwetting alarm is not just an appliance, it is a therapy device that should optimally train your little boy to get rid of his bedwetting habits within a couple of months, or at least reduce the frequency of such accidents. There are basically three types of enuremic alarms – wearable (wired), wireless, and pad-style.

Wearable alarms are usually little sensors that come with adhesive bases or clips so that your children can stick these onto their undies. A wire leads out from the sensor, up to a vibration + loudspeaker module which is clipped onto the collar or shoulder. As soon as the sensor detects any signs of wetness, it will immediately trigger the sound as well as vibration alarms.

A wireless sensor may have a separate sensor module, or its own special underwear that your child needs to wear. These are much more reliable as the sensor is positioned in an optimal spot to detect and stop bedwetting right from the first drop, also you don’t have to worry about sensor placement since it is embedded into the fabric of the included undies. Normally the wireless models send the alarm signal to an external speaker, which also includes a knob to adjust volume levels.

The last type of bedwetting alarm is the pad type, which is suited for boys that don’t like to wear sensors in their underwear and prefer to sleep on pads instead. These are normally connected to a loudspeaker or vibration module that goes onto your collar or shoulder, just like the wired bedwetting alarms.

No matter which type of alarm you choose, it should be comfortable to wear and loud enough to hear. Wireless alarms usually don’t come with vibration input which is a great source of tactile feedback that is often needed to wake up some really deep sleepers. Below, we have listed some of the most popular bedwetting alarms currently available on the market. These are all great choices for your boy, and some of these are also suited to girls. Be sure to check out the specifications (wired, wireless, vibration, sound levels, etc.) of each one before you make up your mind as to which one you should buy.