The Best Beverage Cooler for Beer Bottles

Almost all beverage coolers are marketed for storing cans, however, if their shelving is configured properly they become excellent coolers for beer bottles. When it comes to storing your precious bottles of beer, you have a plethora of options in terms of choosing between refrigerators, kegerators, beverage coolers, and dispensers. But refrigerators are not purpose designed to store beer cans and bottles, although they do keep them cool.

A kegerator is large, heavy, and is limited on beer types. A beverage cooler is what you need for your man cave or recreational room. Beverage coolers are meant to be compact and store ample amounts of beverage cans/bottles, as well as maintain an optimal temperature range in order to keep certain types of beer preserved for longer periods. Let’s now review which of these four highly rated products is the best beverage cooler for beer bottles.

Danby Beverage Center

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center, Stainless Steel DBC120BLS
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Immaculately designed and packed with features, the Danby beverage center is the perfect product for anyone looking to get a beer refrigerator. It is capable of accommodating 120 cans of beverage, so you can store your hearts fill of beer, soda, and energy drinks in it. The racks are made of steel wire and are coated with black paint so they will mix in perfectly with the interior of the unit and will show off your beer bottles nicely.

To store bottles, you can easily slide the racks to keep the bottles in a vertical position. You can also stack the bottles horizontally if you want to store more bottles, but that would make it difficult to pull the bottles out if you place too many on top of one another. The refrigeration system is very dynamic and is controlled by a mechanical thermostat that allows you to set the temperature anywhere between 43F and 57F.

This allows you to store a wide variety of beers in the compartment, and keeps them in perfect serving temperature so that you can immediately pop the top off a cold one and drink. It incorporates a tempered glass pane door in the front with a recessed door handle to the side, and an integrated locking system to keep your beer away from prying hands.

Avanti Beverage Cooler

Avanti 1.7-Cubic Foot Superconductor Beverage Cooler W/Mirrored Finish Glass Door
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Inexpensive, compact, efficient. Those three words perfectly describe the Avanti Beverage Cooler. It has a slightly smaller internal storage capacity compared to other coolers, but that is easily solved by stacking the beer cans or bottles sideways, in a horizontal position. It cools the beer within an hour of working, and is extremely silent while operating. The exterior is very stylish and the front door features a see-through mirror design in the center.

The controls are touch operated, and there is a digital display to show the inner temperature and other important information. Racks can be easily adjusted to create space for bottles if you want to store them vertically, and there is cool looking inner LED lamp that lights up the interior. The outer surface has a nice black finish to it, and the cooler itself can perfectly fit into any room, with dimensions of just 19″ x 17″x 22.2″ and a weight of less than 35 lbs.

NewAir Beverage Cooler

NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler, Free Standing with Right Hinge Glass Door Holds Up To 126...
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The NewAir AB-1200 is extremely durable, can be customized, and looks really cool. The cooler comes with an advanced thermostat and refrigeration system that allows to you to select between 7 different temperature settings, letting you stock all kinds of beers and beverages in there. Talking of stocking, the interior can accommodate up to 126 cans of beer or soda/energy drinks and when storing bottles the racks can be removed to create extra space.

On top of that, the racks are chrome plated to ensure long lasting and superior looks. The interior is equipped with a LED lamp so you can see your collection shine through the transparent tempered glass door. The black and white stainless steel finish gives it a premium look and allows the cooler to fit in perfectly inside your home bar or man cave.

Whynter Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter Beverage Refrigerator
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Standing at nearly 3 feet tall, this stainless steel beauty comes with a tempered glass door, built in locking system, and removable trays. There is a light in the interior and its brilliant aura is sure to make your friends jealous of your setup. Capable of holding 126 12 oz. cans with the trays inserted, this cooler can handle a very wide temperature range thanks to the mechanical thermostat that lets you go as low as the mid-30’s, and as high as the mid-60’s.

This cooler can store all types of beers and soft drinks comfortably. When storing bottles you can adjust the trays and you’re good to go. A fan spins inside in order to keep the temperature even across the whole interior space, and the exhaust is located at the bottom. The door is reversible, which can come in handy, so you can take it off the hinges and screw it back in to open from the other side.

Choosing the Best Beverage Cooler for Beer Bottles

So, what do you need to look for in a good beverage cooler? Truth is, even though most of them are excellent beer bottle refrigerators, they are actually designed to store cans. A typical beverage cooler should have 3 cubic feet or more of internal storage space, and should hold around 120 cans of beverage, which could be beer, soda, or energy drinks.

Beer needs to be stored at an optimal temperature range in order to maximize the shelf life. Low alcohol content beers such as light beers or macro beers need to be stored in the 32F-40F range. Medium beers and ales have an optimal storage temperature of 40F-50F. Heavy beers with high alcohol content are best stored at temperatures ranging from 52F-65F. Meaning, the lower the alcohol content of the beer, the lower its storage temperature and vice versa.

You should be aiming to get a beverage cooler with a wide temperature range in order to be able to store beers of all kinds. You should also look for a beverage cooler with multiple cooling compartments that can maintain two different temperatures in each compartment. This will allow you to store both light as well as heavy beers at the same time. The storage racks should be nice and sturdy, and you should be able to slide the racks in order to create space for bottles.

Finally, make sure to get a beverage cooler that looks good in your room since one of the main reasons you are getting a beer refrigerator is to show it off to your buddies and guests. The front door should be made of see-through glass, and the interiors should have good lighting built in so that your beer bottles look like trophies on a display shelf. Also, lights will make sure you have no trouble finding that beer in low lighting. We hope you have enjoyed reading our review on selecting the best beverage cooler for beer bottles.