The Best Bird Toys for Cockatiels

Cockatiels are inquisitive, often fidgety birds, and prone to get bored when we’re not around for them to interact with. The right toys can solve much of this problem, giving them something to keep them engaged and put that curiosity to use, not just for play time but also to prevent behavioral issues which might occur if your cockatiel doesn’t have anything to keep it occupied.

Since cockatiels are clever little creatures, it’s also important to pick toys that are versatile and likely to encourage exploration, as well as durable, since these birds tend to chew and pick at accessories added into their habitats. We’ve put together a list of the best toys you can give your cockatiels to keep them happy and engaged.

Super Bird Creations Seagrass Foraging Wall Toy

Super Bird Creations SB746 Seagrass Foraging Wall Bird Toy, Large Bird Size, 4' x 14' x 14'
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This toy promises days of fun for your cockatiel, the seagrass mat allowing your bird to climb and explore to keep it stimulated, decked with a variety of toys to keep it from getting bored. You can hide treats and knick-knacks into the various nooks and crannies of these toys, including the natural pod cups and waffle ball stuffer, giving your cockatiel an incentive to poke around in search of goodies, offering them much needed stimulation and lots of fun.

Sturdy links let you hang up this mat inside of your cockatiel’s cage, working as a climbing screen or even a hammock for your bird to sleep on, and can be detached for use outside of its cage in your bird’s open play-zone as well. A bunch of colorful gears and slats are also included to pique and keep your bird’s interest, interactive and diverse enough to ensure they don’t lose their zeal after a few days of play.

Wesco Pet Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy

Wesco Pet Original Bird Kabob Shreddable Bird Toy
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Cockatiels have a natural chewing instinct, and deprived of things to chomp down on, might develop unhealthy or injurious habits like feather plucking. This shreddable toy – let’s think of it as the bird equivalent of a cat’s scratching post – is the perfect solution to such a problem. The toy is biodegradable, made up of soft fibrous pithy wood that your bird can comfortably sink its beak into and shred to its heart’s content, without hurting itself or ruining any of your furniture or clothes. Introduce this toy to your cockatiel – either as a kabob or taken apart into individual bits for birds who prefer smaller toys to play with – and help tamp down its desire to chew through all its other toys (or your fingers, for that matter).

Paradise Knots Block Chewing Toy

Featherland Paradise | Knots N Blocks - Medium Bird Toy | Parrot Toys | Bird Toys for Parrots,...
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With plenty of components to entice and intrigue your cockatiel, this multi-colored toy is constructed of several tiers of cotton rope and natural sisal rope knots. Inquisitive birds will have the time of their lives trying to undo these, the multi-colored blocks and tiers giving them plenty of space to climb and forage to keep them physically and intellectually stimulated. Available in five sizes from small to XX-Large, this toy can help assuage both your cockatiel’s curiosity as well as its instinctive urge to chew. Durable enough to last quite a while and keep your bird’s attention, the structure is held together by a metal chain at the core which can be re-used for other bird toys once the original components are too frayed or worn out for use.

Vpets Wooden Bird Toys

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With links that let you string this toy up both horizontally and vertically inside your cockatiel’s cage, this diverse toy promises endless, safe fun for your bird. Made of a combination of woods, metals and plastic, the chain is decked out with colorful blocks, spheres and slats your cockatiel can cling to and investigate, and links and dangling components for climbing. The toy is handmade and one hundred percent safe for birds to play with and chew on, designed to keep your cockatiel busy and entertained when you’re not around.

Choosing the Best Bird Toys for Cockatiels

It’s inevitable that sometimes you’ll have to leave your cockatiel in a cage, when you’re busy around the house or at work, and it’s important to ensure they have something to keep them busy in the interim, for both their physical health and emotional well being.

However, since cockatiels can be as destructive as they are inquisitive, it’s vital to keep in mind that whatever toys you give them are likely to get roughed up and frayed eventually. Especially due to their tendency to chew on and pull apart toys, it’s especially important to avoid giving them toys with hooks, clapper bells or exposed metallic chains – these could injure your bird, getting stuck in their beaks or claws. Wooden beads, cotton ropes and other natural materials like seagrass are better suited for cockatiels, though it’s important to check whether there are any components incorporated into them which might be bad for your cockatiel to ingest. Cockatiels generally find colorful toys interesting and stimulating, and are often attracted to auditory cues, so chime bells and miniature rattles might pique their interest as well.

Cockatiels also have a tendency to get bored, and this can lead them to develop behavioral quirks like plucking off their own feathers. To keep your birds occupied and intellectually and physically stimulated, it’s important to rotate the toys you expose them to, to keep them fresh and interesting for your cockatiel, as well as giving you the chance to clean the toys up or replace any damaged or frayed out parts.

If you’re looking for slightly more long-term solutions, pick toys with several diverse, versatile elements, which encourage your cockatiel to move around, climb, cling and forage to explore the various elements. Toys such as pods, links, gears and slats will keep your cockatiel busy trying to investigate how each part works, especially if the toy lets you hide treats to get your cockatiel to be active and involved.