The Best Bubble Wrap for Moving

Bubble wrap is one of the most practical packing materials for moving. It is an air-filled material that provides the most convenient method for packing and securing your delicate items for safe transportation or storage. Whether you are moving your residence or probably going on a long trip, you are going to need to carefully pack a lot of household and personal items, and have them shipped to your destination. Bubble wraps have been greatly efficient for protecting delicate items and also for packing awkwardly shaped items during transit.

Bubble wrap provides the best possible protection for your belongings during movement. Since the bubbles wouldn’t break easily, it will prevent scratching and also absorb all shocks and vibrations that may occur during transit. This way, you will receive and unpack your goods safe and intact.

The bubbles are great because they provide perfect cushioning for your items, can fit any shape irrespective of the size and can easily be secured with packing tape. It is created by sealing two sheets of plastic together in such a way that it traps plenty of air to form a pattern of bubbles. It is absolutely safe, very convenient; financially and environmentally friendly. This article covers the best bubble wrap for moving, including the best budget pick and a buying guide to ultimately make your choice easier.

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Original Cushioning

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Roll, Original Bubble Cushioning, 12' x 150', Perforated Every 12'...
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Duck brand bubble wrap is our best pick in this product category. This bubble wrap provides more cushioning than so many other wraps on the market. Because of this feature, it is ideal for packing and moving very delicate items. This product is designed with a nylon air retention barrier bubble that allows it to minimize air loss during transit. This way, your shipment can withstand all the pressures and vibrations that may occur during the movement process. The Duck Brand bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping all kinds of objects and shapes and it easily conforms around items for convenient use.

It comes in 12 x 150ft roll that is perforated at every 12 inches for better handling. Measuring 12 inches wide and 150 feet long, the duck brand bubble wrap is ideal for wrapping most household items. The barrier layer of this product maintains consistent cushioning while providing long-lasting protection for all your items. The bubbles on this product are small (about 3/16) and as a result, it prevents unnecessary popping while packaging your items and ensuring that they stay intact during transit. It is also very affordable and offers great value for your money. If you are looking for the best bubble wrap on the market for transporting your items, this product is ideal for you.

Uboxes Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap

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Our best budget pick is the Uboxes small bubble cushioning wrap. This product, just like the first is also very efficient for packing and moving very delicate items because of its small bubbles. As a matter of fact, if you are on a budget, this is a must have item for your moving and packing supplies. It features 3/6 inches bubbles that are perforated at every 12 inches for easy handling and convenience. This bubble wrap will protect all your fragile items and help avoid damage while moving.

The Uboxes small bubble cushioning wrap comes as a 12 x 175 ft bubble roll which is wide enough to pack your items for movement. It is a high-quality product and if you get it, satisfaction is guaranteed. However, in using this product, you will need to be extra careful because the perforation is not so pronounced which makes it difficult to see where the sheet ends. Besides this, it is a high-quality bubble wrap for shipping, movement, and storage.

WLPackaging Bubble Cushioning Wrap

WLPackaging 3/16 700 ft x 12' Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap, Perforated Every 12'
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The WLPackaging is another great bubble wrap and it is worth considering because of its design and features as well its ability to safely transport your items and personal belongings. Priced competitively, this product has small and durable bubbles that are very efficient. The package includes a 12 inch roll that can cover up to 700ft. This product is of very high quality and it provides maximum air in each bubble. Just like the products mentioned above, WLPackaging has been designed for easy tear-off convenience and maximum protection for your delicate items.

You should purchase this product if you require a larger and more efficient bubble wrap than those mentioned above. You can cover an entire kitchen with the WLPackaging small bubble cushioning wrap. However, since the bubbles are very small, you may need to double wrap your delicate items for increased safety.

EcoBox Bubble Wrap 24-Inch Wide

EcoBox Bubble Cushion Wrap 24-Inch Wide x 60-Feet Long, with 5/16-Inch Medium Bubbles (V-10036)
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Also worth considering in this product category is the EcoBox bubble wrap. Unlike the products mentioned above, it is a 24 inches wide bubble wrap, up to 60 feet long. It is 100 percent biodegradable and very efficient in packing small to medium sized items for shipment. EcoBox is a high-quality bubble wrap, made in the USA and relatively affordable too. You can pack your entire household items with this wrap and just like the products recommended above, it is also very easy to use as it features perforation on every 12 inches. This way you can conveniently wrap it around any object irrespective of its shape.

This bubble wrap is not only economical but also earth friendly and perfect for moving and protecting your fragile items. The bubbles on this product are a bit larger than the 3/16” and as a result, would make a great option for safe packing. However, the perforation on this bubble wrap does not tear easily and you might have to cut through. You need not worry about the quality because cutting will neither tear nor rip the bubbles.

Choosing the Best Bubble Wrap for Moving

Before you set out to purchase a bubble wrap, you should know that certain features make the best bubble wraps useful and effective. We will be looking at a few considerations to take note of when purchasing bubble wrap and why they are important.

The size of the bubbles on the bubble wrap is the first and most important feature to consider before buying this product. There are various sizes for different purposes so depending on what you want to move, you should pick a product with an appropriate bubble size for your needs. As a guideline, the heavier the item you want to move, the larger the bubble size you should go for. The bubble size is directly linked to the degree of shock or vibration your package will be able to withstand. There are three standard sizes; small, medium and large (3/16”, 5/16” and ½” respectively).

The next thing you should consider is the width of the bubble wrap. Again, this depends on the items you are going to move. Larger items would require larger width so as to enable you to wrap them conveniently. The 12 inche width is ideal for wrapping small and medium items, however, if you want to pack large frames, you should go with the 24 inches width. As for the length of the wrap, it really depends on what you want, and how much wrapping you intend to do.

You should purchase a bubble wrap that is convenient to use. For instance, it should be perforated so that it can be cut easily. Without this feature, you may have to cut through the bubbles every time you need to pack. Not only will it be less convenient, but the product will be less efficient especially if you rip out the bubbles in the process.