The Best Calculator Watch

A calculator watch can be a truly invaluable asset for scientists, college students, and laboratory personnel. While you can get a decent calculator watch for really cheap prices these days, you need to keep in mind the features it has, because often price is directly proportional to power when it comes to digital wearables. Casio is an incredibly popular manufacturer of scientific calculators and watches, so you can get some pretty good stuff from them, also they are the market leader as far as calculator watches and scientific calculators are concerned.

However, you will be surprised to learn that Casio’s calculator watches and similar scientific calculation watches from other good brands can be very cheap to buy or can cost as much as a smartphone. Below, we have listed 4 of the most popular calculator watches available on the market so you can easily make your choice. Get something that fits your budget, and keep future needs in mind as well.

Casio Men’s Databank Digital Watch

Casio Men's DBC150-1 Databank Digital Watch
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If you want the absolute best without any sort of compromises, then here it is. First, let us begin with the case – it is made from a combination of solid plastics and thick resins, with a case diameter of 35 mm. The mineral crystal glass on the top is the kind that is found in navigator and diver watches, and it is extremely scratch resistant as well as super tough. There is a quartz crystal inside to coordinate the movements, and it uses a black lettering on the LCD display and has date + month functions.

Thanks to atomic timekeeping, you never have to worry about being too late or early ever again. Replacing batteries is not necessary since this calculator watch comes with a built in solar panel. The watch includes a host of complex mathematical functions, an 8-digit calculator, a stopwatch function, an alarm function, and a 150-page databank. You also get 26-zone world time, along with a memo scheduler as well as alarm scheduler.

Casio Men’s Calculator Watch

Casio Men's Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch
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For those who don’t want to spend crazy amounts of money on a watch and would rather buy a budget smartphone for the price of a high-end calculator watch, there is the Casio Men’s CA53W. This little piece of wearable tech doesn’t have too many bells or whistles but it does the few things that it is capable of doing very, very well. There is an 8-digit calculator and a backlit LCD display. The calculator is operated via a number pad mounted beneath the display, and you’ll also get a 1/100 second stopwatch as well as alarm function.

For those of you who want to solve equations and stuff, the calculator comes with constants for addition, multiplication… you get it. The watch is water resistant (not water-proof), and comes with a pre-programmed auto calendar up to the year 2079 (well, it is totally going to last that long). Dual time is supported and the shell is made from resin.

Pandaoo U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch

Pandaoo U8 Bluetooth Smart Watch for Android Smartphones - Black
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Up until now you have been seeing clunky, bland watches with miniature phone pads mounted on the body and LCD displays that look like they belong on those little hand held calculators from the 80’s. While those old school calculator watches are surely rugged and more than capable of carrying out mathematical calculations with speed, if you need something that is a little more modern then take a look at the Pandaoo U8. You can of course do calculations on this, which we are not going to discuss about.

We will talk about the shiny LCD touchscreen though, and how it can connect to your phone and be used to answer calls or click a photo for you. Bluetooth is built-in, and there is a health tracking app that can sync with your smartphone to track your fitness. So it functions as a watch, calculator, fitness band, and remote control (for your smartphone). You can also access messages, phonebooks, etc. and there is a built-in calculator as well as alarm app. This watch is compatible with Android 4.2 and above.

Casio Men’s Data Bank Black Digital Watch

Casio Men's DBC32-1A Data Bank Black Digital Watch
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For those of you who just want a digital watch that has a calculator, alarm, countdown time, and stop watch – this is what we recommend. It is rugged thanks to a thick resin shell, and carries a host of really useful functions. The window is made from mineral crystal glass, and is tough. Inside, we have a Japanese quartz movement system along with reliable electronic circuits that are built to last for decades.

There are a total of 4 multi-function alarms and a snooze alarm. There are multiple calculator functions on this little watch, and the LCD display features a solid backlight. And yes, it also has a built-in solar battery.

Choosing the Best Calculator Watch

So what is it that makes these wearable calculators so different from each other? Well, if you have ever used a scientific calculator then you have probably guessed the answer by now. The more functions a calculator watch will have, the costlier it will be. Watches with basic functions, or anywhere between 30-50 mathematical functions will cost you less, while watches with more than 100 functions can cost quite a fortune.

Apart from the number of mathematical functions in a calculator watch, other features are also there which can make it better than another watch. Things like water resistance levels, anti-scratch glass, touch screens, display resolution, and battery life can really matter depending on what you need the watch for. If you are constantly going to be on the move, then you probably need a watch with a longer battery life, and some models such as smart watch-style calculator watches can also include rechargeable batteries.

A tough, scratch resistant screen can come in handy if you are going to work in harsh outdoor conditions or climates. Some calculator watches are made water-proof to the point where you can even dive with them. Do you prefer a touchscreen or an old school keypad? Ask yourself all of these questions, and once you have the answers, choose the watch that can provide the most performance for the price.

If build quality and user experience really matters to you, you might want to set a slightly bigger budget. Decide which mathematical calculations and functions you need, also take note of the onboard memory on your new calculator watch. It can be used to store readings, assign variables, form equations, etc. More functions = more price, less functions = less price.