The Best Camping Lantern for Reading

When considering a camping trip or a nighttime excursion, having a good lantern for reading or doing anything else outdoors can be invaluable.  Some of the best lanterns on the market today are lightweight, durable, waterproof and some can even float!

When you are on your camping trip, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your lantern will run out of power from the battery dying or running out of gas. LED lanterns and other technologies have drastically improved the consistency and longevity of camping lanterns. Let’s take a look at the following four products to see which is the best rated camping lantern, especially for reading.

Streamlight Camping Lantern

Streamlight 44931 Siege 540-Lumen Compact Hand Lantern, Coyote
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The streamlight camping lantern is a very bright and compact lantern that is truly amazing. It features 4 LED’s which gives it a very bright output and has an extremely efficient battery life. The ergonomic handle can be locked in the upright position or stowed position giving you flexibility depending on where you wish to place the lantern. An added plus are the d-rings on the top and bottom of the lantern that allow you to hang it in an upright or inverted position.

If you are going on an extended trip and do not have spare batteries, then it has a neat feature called ‘low white mode’ that provides an extended light time of 295 hours. This is a great feature when you’re trying to travel light and do not wish to carry any extra supplies.  You can choose from an array of modes including high, medium, low, red and red SOS flashing modes.

When swimming or boating, it’s worth mentioning that this lantern is also water resistant and is able to float. Years ago, this type of convenience was simply not possible with gas powered lanterns.  What’s great about this lantern is that you can choose how bright you wish to have the light output depending on the purpose.

If you are eating dinner or reading then you probably would use the high output, however, if you wish to have some light around your camp ground during the evening hours then you would switch it to low. This Streamlight camping lantern is an excellent choice for a camping lantern that is durable and well made.

Divine Ultra Bright LED Lantern

Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lanterns, Suitable Survival Kits for Hurricane, Emergency...
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If you are not sure how often you will be camping or maybe you’re going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip and do not wish to spend a ton of money, this Ultra Bright LED lantern is the one to go for. Although it is very inexpensive compared to the competition, it is an extremely bright lantern and you will be surprised by its power. This type of lantern is excellent for indoors or outdoors and is a great stand-by option during emergencies or outages.

This lantern is built with military-grade and water-resistant plastic, a pretty impressive feature for a lantern in this price category. With its advanced collapsible design it is a very light option that will not cause you any storage issues when travelling.  It uses three AA batteries and is fairly frugal on the battery power thanks to its well designed LED lighting. It is truly impressive how bright this unit is considering how this lantern is so small and compact.

If you have kids or pets and are worried about your lantern getting damaged, then this option is fantastic given its price point. You really can’t go wrong with this LED lantern by Ultra Bright and it deserves to be on our best rated camping lantern list.

Core Camping Lantern

CORE 500 Lumen CREE LED Battery Lantern, Two Modes, Water Resistant, Camping Emergency Backyard...
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With high and low modes, this camping lantern by Core is a flexible option worth considering. It features a very bright LED light output and is great for camping, emergencies or any outdoor excursions.  It’s possible you may be travelling on bumpy roads or having your supplies move around, this is where the lantern’s impact resistant construction will come in handy. You can be fairly confident that the construction of this lantern will hold up nicely during your trip.

The battery compartment holds three D batteries so you can bring extra with you to ensure you don’t run out when away from home. The light disperses in all directions so you don’t want to think of this lantern as a flashlight replacement. Given that it has two brightness modes of high or low, it will typically give you the light options most people require from a lantern. Old lanterns used to be bulky, smelly and heavy.

It’s amazing how light these new breed of lanterns are which makes them extremely portable and easy to manage. You may be only thinking about purchasing a lantern for camping, however, these are great options for all kinds of scenarios including a beach walk, reading, hiking, working on your vehicle, or just simply a handy light to have during a power outage.

Coleman Premium Lantern

Coleman Premium 700 Lumens Dual-Fuel Camping Lantern with Case
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No list of lanterns would be complete without including a Coleman gas powered lantern. This premium lantern features an adjustable dimmer knob giving you the perfect amount of outdoor light. Although some LED lanterns can give you a few different mode options for light output, nothing beats the flexibility of a dimmer knob. This lantern is unique in that it can be powered by either Coleman liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline.

This made in the USA camping lantern is an American staple and is also known worldwide as the gold standard for camping lanterns. It’s definitely worthy of landing on our best rated camping lantern list. Old school campers would never think about an LED lantern and only trust Coleman for their camping supplies. It comes with a heavy-duty plastic cover to protect the lantern when transporting or storing.

This lantern is fairly reliable with very few moving parts. Except for a few components, this unit is mostly made out of steel. Although this adds weight to the lantern, it feels very solid and some people do find comfort in this. The bottom line is that this lantern is a simple and straightforward light option when camping. If you are looking for a traditional lantern, you really can’t beat this option given Coleman’s reputation and their long storied history with camping equipment.