The Best Car Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’re familiar with the concept of essential oils, then you must know about the immense health benefits that they have to offer. Not only do essential oils eliminate foul odors, but they also have anti-bacterial benefits and leave a soothing, relaxing effect on both your mind as well as body.

Essential oils come in many types, such as citrus oils, eucalyptus based oils, etc. Normally, while getting a diffuser for your car, you will want to get a smaller unit that will comfortably fit into the cup holder. It should also be able to draw its power from the USB port in the dash of the car.

Aiho Essential Portable Oil Diffuser

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This little ultrasonic diffuser is our top pick when it comes to car oil diffusers for multiple reasons. Firstly, it does an excellent job of diffusing essential oils into the car cabin, thanks to a powerful ultrasonic dispersion system that is fed by a 5V connection from the USB port that can be connected to your car dash. Next, the water levels are incredibly easy to monitor due to the semi-transparent body.

Also, this diffuser features 7 different colors on the lighting system, each of which can be used to indicate different operating modes or you can simply set them manually, they make great night lights. When the water level in the 50 ml tank becomes low, this oil diffuser automatically shuts off, preventing any damage to the ultrasonic dispersion unit. The best feature by far however, happens to be the easy-set 3 mode timer that can be set on 30/60/120 minutes.

Car Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

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If you’re looking for a cheap, good looking aromatic oil diffuser for your car, then take a look at this essential oil diffuse from COSCOD. It features a 50 ml rotatable water tank that is super easy to refill, and this model is available in multiple colors so you can choose one that matches the interior of your ride.

It is capable of working with all types of essential oils, however you must take care not to use greasy oils in it, otherwise the ultrasonic vibration system might get clogged. Add 2-3 drops of essential oils per 50 ml of water in order to enjoy a truly euphoric, soothing, aromatic atmosphere inside your car. Suitable for all sorts of car and truck cabins.

Don Tech Aromatherapy Car Essential Oil Diffuser

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If you live in an area that suffers from a hot and dry climate, then there is a high chance that you’re also troubled with issues like skin irritation, chapped lips, etc. Thanks to the Don Tech Aromatherapy oil diffuser, you’ll never have to feel uncomfortable inside your car ever again. This oil diffuser is ultrasonic and runs off the USB port in your car dash, over a 5V connection.

Even better, it is shaped like the protagonist robot from the movie Big Hero 6, which means that this diffuser will also serve as a nice little decorative figure and your kid will absolutely love to see one of these sitting on the dash or cup holder. The design is completely leak-proof, and supports all types of essential oils such as tea tree oils, eucalyptus oils, citrus oils, mint oils, etc.

Arospa Electric Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Arospa Electric Car/Indoor Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier/Purifier With Car 12V and wall...
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This is the most feature packed oil diffuser on this list, and packs a sturdy non-rust body that is compatible with all types of oils, including citrus oils. This device is fed by a 12 V input, and comes with two cords. One is a standard plug-in adapter for indoors usage, while the other one is a 12V car power adapter.

You can use this diffuser in one out of two mist modes – low or high. In low mode the mist flow will be lowered, so you’ll only get a light aromatic experience and feel a gentle therapeutic effect. In case you are suffering from something like a running nose or a headache, you can switch over to high mode in order to relax or clear your nose. There are multiple timer settings built-in, including a 20-second on/off interval mist setting.

Choosing the Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Cars

Here are some of the main things to focus on while buying an essential oils diffuser for your car:

Diffuser Type
Best ones are either nebulic or ultrasonic. Nebulic diffusers are also known as atomizer style diffusers since they release the oil directly into the air without diluting it with water. They basically split the oil into nano particles and release them into the cabin of your car. Ultrasonic diffusers mix water and oil together to create a mist, thus these have a slight humidifier effect built-in. They then evaporate the mist into the air with the help of a membrane vibrating at ultrasonic frequencies.

Tank Capacity
This will decide how long your humidifier can run before you need to refill it with water. A transparent tank allows you to monitor water levels, and LED indicators will inform you about the tank status so you can refill the tank on time. If you run your humidifier on dry mode, it might damage itself and the lifespan will be greatly decreased as a result. Nebulic diffusers do not need water however, and are attached directly to the essential oil tank.

Build Quality
Take a look at the quality of the materials used in the body. Is it plastic? Or is it aromatic wood? Some oil diffusers are also made from fiberglass and feature metallic bases, etc. Choose one that feels and looks solid, so that you can always rely on it to perform at maximum efficiency throughout its entire lifespan.

Lighting Effects
Many modern oil diffusers come with built in lighting effects in order to create a much more satisfying and soothing atmosphere that compliments the aromatic mist released by the machine. Choose one with at least 5 to 7 different lighting modes (breathing, pulsating, static, etc.).

Choose the diffuser based on the above points, and get something that will comfortably fit into the car. It may go into the cup holder or a dedicated holder for diffusers, and the USB cable must be compatible with the port in your car. Also, the cord must be long enough to comfortably stretch across the dash to the ports.

If your diffuser happens to have a built-in battery, you must pay attention to the battery life rating before buying the product. Also, try to get a diffuser with automatic shut-off and optimized timer settings so that it will shut itself off if no liquids are detected inside the tank.

The timer is a great feature to have, if you want to control the amount of aroma or oils inside your car cabin. A mist control is also appreciated, since it will let you control the amount of moisture flow that is coming out of the diffuser. Too much moisture can cause issues, while too little moisture will leave you with dry skin and irritation in the eyes.