The Best Combination Lock for Gates

A keyless combination lock at your gate can be a very handy device to keep your backyard secure. Having a keyed lock is not always practical, especially if you have children who need access to the yard. Having your gate locked provides a layer of security preventing uninvited guests or animals from wandering onto your property.

With this thought in mind, we’ve shortlisted our top selections for sturdy, secure combination locks to keep your gates firmly shut.

Yardlock Keyless Wood Gate Combination Lock Kit

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A do-it-yourself lock kit you can fit in with the help of a handy little screw gun and a power drill, this keyless combination lock lets you unlock your yard door from both the inside and outside. The latch arm is screwed on to the edge of the door itself, while the latch is attached to the post directly adjacent to it, so the latch arm clicks into place when the door or gate is closed.

The latch to be affixed on the outside bears a 4-digit combination code you can set to your preference, protected by a durable weather-resistant flap. Simply enter your code and pull the latch down to unlock your door, then scramble the code and set the latch back into place before you enter.

On the inside of the gate, the indoor latch is connected to the outdoor latch via a cable fed through the post. This latch can be released simply with the press of a button, letting you open the gate from the inside as well.

With a handful of compact, easy to understand and handle parts – including the screws you will need to secure everything into place – you just need to follow the instruction manual this set comes with to assemble a perfectly functional, keyless combination lock that can be unlocked from both ends.

Desired Tools 4-Digit Combination Lock

Padlock 4 Digit Combination Lock - for Gym School Locker, Outdoor Gate, Shed, Fence, and...
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A classic when it comes to combination locks, the design of this sturdy security item is an enduring one, speaking volumes about how effective and convenient it is. Reinforced with zinc alloy and plated steel to make it rust- and weather-resistant, you can simply loop this lock through the hatch of your outdoor fence or gate and program in a unique code out of 10,000 possible combinations to keep your home and yard perfectly secured. Changing the codes is a simple and straightforward system, with a detailed diagram and instructions included to help make the job that much easier. The lock itself is about 5 oz in weight, with dimensions of 3.25” x 1.7” x 0.7”, making it the ideal, robust lock to keep your gates fully secured.

Combi-Bolt 4-Dial Combination Sliding Bolt Lock

Combi-Bolt CB2000-BLACK, 1PK, Black
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Combining the classic functionality of a sliding bolt lock with the practicality and convenience of a combination lock, this product is designed to maximize security. The dials are designed to be pick-resistant, with a set of 6 one-way security screws included to fasten the lock to your gate and prevent the bolt from getting pried off or unscrewed by intruders. Weather and rust-resistant and therefore ideal for use outdoors, the 4-digit codes of this lock can be scrambled to clamp the barrel bolt into place and prevent the gate coming open, whereas inputting the right code lets the bolt slide free.

Setting the combination is a simple matter of adjusting the chrome plated dials to your preferred sequence while in the unlock position and then sliding the bolt closed. Scrambling the numbers then locks the bolt into place until the correct code is entered.

National Hardware Yardlock Keyless Combination Lock Kit

YARDLOCK Keyless Gatelock, Secure Gate Lock (MBX-2016Y-3ESF)
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Appropriate for wooden and vinyl gates, this keyless lock is essentially the same as our Star Pick, but at the more affordable end of the price spectrum. Mounting a latch and latch cover on the outer side of the post lets you set up your combination lock with its protective outer casing, while boring a hole through the post lets you connect it with the inner latch and release switch so you can unlock the gate from both sides. The latch arm is installed at the edge of the gate, parallel to the latch itself, so that it clicks neatly into place upon closing.

The device comes with the screws you will need to fasten it into place – with these, the instruction manual and your power drill and screw gun, installation is a simple process of assembly which will leave you with a fully functional, secure and keyless locking system.

Choosing the Best Combination Lock for Gates

Safety is the primary concern when choosing an outdoor lock or a lock for a gate. When it comes to combination locks, options with 4-digit sequences are ideal, as this makes available 10,000 potential code combinations which can be used. A simple to adjust combination system also makes it easier to switch codes around every once in a while, so they are not easy to guess or to avoid the eventuality of a potential intruder figuring out the current code.

Moreover, how these locks are fastened is also relevant to the issue of security. If the locks are not the detachable type, fittings which are pry- or pick-resistant are desirable. Pick-resistant dials are a handy feature, as well as one-way screws, which are designed to only turn in one direction, the direction the screwdriver moves to secure them into place. Any attempts to unscrew them by twisting in the opposite direction leads to the screwdriver slipping loose, making it difficult for intruders to wrench the lock off the gate.

Since these locks are also intended for outdoor use, it’s important to pick options made of robust, heavy-duty materials which are water- and weather-proof. Stainless steel, chrome or zinc alloy are all materials to reinforce your locks against rust, keeping their structural integrity intact and reducing the likelihood of them breaking apart.

If you are specifically looking for an alternative to an electronic keypad, largely because of the costs involved of having such a system, we recommend picking a keyless combination system which allows you to unlock the door from both ends. This way, the door can be clicked shut from the inside, too, negating the need for a second set of locks or bolts on the other side. You also don’t run the risk of locking someone inside the house, as the lock can be released from the inside.