The Best Cordless Hair Clippers

Are you tired of paying frequent visits to your barber for just quick and simple trims? Then you should invest in your own hair clippers. Cordless hair clippers are a fantastic addition to your bathroom cupboard collection. Today’s electric clippers now offer superior precision, sharpness, and cordless design which gives much-needed convenience to trimming hair. Clippers also provide versatility, ensuring that you achieve a variety of unique styles and effects.

Whether you intend to maintain your own shaving style, or you just want to tidy the edges, the practicality and the ease of use of cordless clippers make them a must have gadget for any individual. Additionally, these devices are a great companion for anyone who is always on the go and value quick and straightforward personal grooming. Ready to save both your time and money by avoiding regular visits to a barber? Whether you are seeking a professional clipper or a budget friendly model, this article examines four of the best cordless hair clippers on the market.

Wahl Professional Cordless Designer Clipper

Wahl Professional Cordless Designer Clipper with 90+ Minute Run Time Cord Cordless Convenience...
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This is one of the best cordless hair trimmers out there. It is worth noting that it is solely designed for professional use only, crafted to offer an exceptional performance demanded by most experts. It is lightweight, measuring 12″ x 9″ x 10″ inches, and only weighs two pounds. It boasts an ergonomic and sleek design, giving you a comfortable trim with maximum grip and handling. This makes it ideal for precision jobs such as blends and fades.

The battery life is great, bearing in mind that it ensures that you enjoy a solid ninety minutes of heavy duty shaving, with its high-end lithium-ion battery. For your maximum convenience, the Wahl comes equipped with every accessory you may need for ease of usability. The package includes eight attachment combs, a cleaning brush, instruction manual, a 1005 universal blade, oil and a red blade guard. This is a great at-home trimmer which would be ideal for most people.

This model is considered one of the best as it strikes a balance on its functionality as well as physical design and ease of handling. It comes with a powerful motor while at the same time offers a firm and comfortable grip. In an effort to ease handling, it comes with an ergonomic design and remains lightweight. In an effort to boost functionality for those looking for a clipper that will meet various needs, it comes with a number of accessories (8-attachment combs to address different hair types) in the package. Its dimensions make it an ideal travel companion, as it does not require too much space. For those looking for an all-rounded cordless clipper, this is the best pick to consider.

Wahl Lithium Ion Clipper

Wahl Clipper Lithium Ion Cordless Haircutting & Trimming Combo Kit – Rechargeable Electric...
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If you are an individual currently on a budget, this particular one should be your ultimate choice. It is a more affordable device, yet it still offers excellent quality and specs. Regarding styling, the Wahl trimmer is ideal for all textures plus precision work, such as touch-ups. The Clipper is powered by powerful lithium-ion technology, and this is why it outperforms almost every other wireless clipper, providing up to two times the run time. The self-sharpening blades coupled with a powerful motor at its disposal ensures that you don’t have to strain for regular maintenance.

It prevents uneven trimming, snagging and pulling, and comes packaged with a host of essential accessories including a blade guard, soft case for storage, styling comb, blade oil, cleaning brush, detail trimmer, scissors, eyebrow guide and complete color instructions. The most interesting part of this machine is that you can charge its battery in fifteen minutes, for a twelve-minute use. In summary, this particular cordless trimmer is an excellent choice for those who want a smooth and comfortable home hair trimming experience.

If you are working on a budget, you still have no reason not to go for the very best. This cordless hair clipper will meet your functional needs as well as offer a great design while at the same time remaining cost effective. It is excellent even for first time users thanks to its full color instructions that are clear and offer step-by-step procedures. Enjoy home cuts with its different sizes of guide combs.

It is also designed to serve you in the long-term as its blades are self-sharpening eliminating the need to constantly replace them. It features a contoured shape and detail trimmer (great for trimming necklines and sideburns) and provides a great fit in your hands. It will hold a charge so you do not have to frequently recharge it thanks to its lithium-ion technology. If you are in a hurry, it will take about 10 minutes to fully recharge making it convenient and efficient.

Remington Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

Remington Hc6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit, Vacuum Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men,...
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Personally, I was impressed by the design of this device, as it seems fantastic, sleek and truly unique. It is sturdy, looks to have been built for durability, designed to feel tight and comfortable in hand. The HC6550 Remington hair trimmer is an innovation which sets the standard in the hair clipper industry.  The titanium-coated blades at its disposal will provide you with an unmatched haircut experience, as they cut through even the tallest and the thickest of hair effortlessly. The advance technology of lithium-ion power offers over sixty minutes of run time, after a four-hour charge. It has a unique feature called the vacuum bin, which ensures that your trimmed hair is captured, for safe and secure disposal.

The Remington cordless vacuum clipper is easy to clean and you only need to clear the hair out with the help of the included cleaning brush. Then simply rinse its blades through some running water. The eighteen-piece kit has everything you need for a great haircut, including blade oil, barber scissors, tapering and length-adjusting combs and much more. Finally, it comes with a storage pouch for keeping everything in one place.

While the market offers diverse cordless hair clippers, this model gains favor amongst consumers for its convenience and functional capabilities. It comes as a complete kit thus providing you with everything you need to complete your trim including combs, barber scissors, blade oil, cleaning brush etc. This comes in handy when playing around with different hairstyles as well as addressing facial hair and head hair. The blades are titanium coated allowing it to work with all hair types including thick and long hair with ease. When trimming your hair, this clipper collects all the trimmed hair thanks to its vacuum technology  It is also easy and fast to clean.

Panasonic Body and Beard Trimmer

Panasonic Multi-Groomer Men’s Trimmer for Beard, Hair and Body, 39 Trim Length Settings with...
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Experience clean, precision trims with this award-winning Panasonic trimmer and clipper for men. It functions with durable, extra-sharp forty-five angle stainless-steel blades, and cuts quickly and superbly for efficient body, beard and hair trimming. Looking at its features, it boasts of thirty-nine adjustable trimmer and clipper settings, together with three comb attachments for practical trimming experience.

Its ergonomic hair trimmer design, coupled with rubberized grip ensures complete control and comfort. You can use the device anywhere you go, for up to fifty minutes, thanks to its rechargeable battery. It is a hundred-percent washable and is easy to clean under running warm water. With this hair trimmer at your disposal, you’ll maintain your appealing individual looks with much ease. Though it is considered pricey, it comes with great features that make it standout and well worth the price.

This diverse product addresses beard, body, as well as hair trimming. Its blades are strong, super-sharp and durable as they are made from stainless steel material leaving you with a clean cut. It comes with three comb attachments and a quick adjust trimmer dial that offers 39 precision settings to help with customization so different people can use it for different purposes. It allows for easy handling thanks to its ergonomic design as well as a firm grip. It offers comfort and easy control thanks to its rubberized grip. Lastly, cleaning and maintenance is fast and easy.

Choosing the Best Cordless Hair Clippers

Hair clippers serve the purpose of helping you to shave in the comfort of your home. No need to wait in line at the barber or miss that important meeting. You can own your very own hair clippers and have a quick trim. While there are different models of hair clippers, cordless hair clippers are the way to go. Why you may ask? They allow for flexibility as you can trim from any point in a room without being tied down by a cord.

You will also be able to have a consistent and even cut at all times. Whether you are on a budget or have specific objectives to meet, you are bound to find cordless hair clippers that will satisfy your needs. Before you spend your cash on a new cordless machine, you should first conduct some research so that you get the best cordless hair clipper that best suits your needs. Below are some of the essential things you should consider.

Hair Type
Apparently, all cordless hair clippers are designed to serve all types of hair. Even though this might be true, it is widely known that thick tall hair will require very powerful and sharp blades, so as to ensure a smooth cut.

How much does your annual haircut budget usually add up to? If you typically get a haircut once every two months then it might not be wise investing in a new machine. However, if you regularly cut and trim your hair, then definitely you could be saving yourself a small fortune.

Even though numerous models in the market use conventional rechargeable batteries, you’ll want to choose clippers which use state of the art battery technology. If you are seeking a more long-lasting battery life, then you must opt for clippers which use either lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries. They last much longer, compared with their counterparts using traditional batteries.

The motor is essential for a good clipper since it indicates how well or bad the performance of your system will be. The motor should be a powerful one, robust enough to cut through the curliest and thickest hair. Under normal circumstances, a powerful engine depicts a higher price, but this directly affects the quality of your clipper.

There are three distinct engine types, including:

• Magnetic motor: Magnetic motors offer consistent power coupled with high blade speed. If you have thick hair, clippers with this kind of motor are ideal for you. Magnetic motors produce approximately fourteen thousand cutting strokes per minute with increased accuracy.

• Rotary motor: This type of motor is also referred to as universal motor, perhaps due to its dominant performance.

• Pivot motor: This is the strongest motor, even though it may be the slowest among the three.

High-grade hair clippers usually offer comb guides ranging from 0.8 millimeters to an inch. Accessories can be costly when bought separately. Every hair style requires a different length so it’s important to have a good collection of comb guides in various sizes. From the attachment combs, maintenance tools, accessories, and cleaning, you should only choose brands which offer good warranties and that make the parts replaceable if damaged.

If you didn’t know, the exterior design on a clipper is a crucial feature to consider. Why? It plays a key role in the durability of the product. The housing should be able to absorb heat and it must be stylish and aesthetically attractive. The casing should withstand sudden impacts, especially if the product falls. In this era, it is becoming more and more important for men to be adequately groomed. One such way to becoming well groomed is by having well-trimmed beards and haircuts. This can only be realized by using a quality hair clipper.

While there are major differences in cordless hair clippers, you cannot compromise on some features. These may include sharp blades that stay sharp in the long-term thus reducing the number of times you have to replace the blades. Rotary motors have a powerful performance; pivot motors are also powerful but tend to be slower, whereas the magnetic motors are great for black hair due to its power and great speeds. Safety features to prevent cuts as well as heavy-duty casing to help promote durability. Also, ensure that the housing can absorb heat and resist the impact from drops.

You can now enjoy precise trimming anywhere thus boosting convenience and flexibility as long as you have the best cordless hair clipper to suit your hair type. The above models vary with the aim of meeting the needs and preferences of different individuals.