The Best Disposable Plates for Parties

Plates are some of the most overlooked arrangements at most parties. You never realize how important party plates can be, until you actually begin serving the food and snacks. And the real pain begins afterwards, when everyone has left and there are plates lying all over the place. We have listed some of the most popular disposable party plates in the article below, so that you can get an idea of what to expect from a top notch disposable party plate.

Thynk Art and Design Square Palm Leaf Plates

Thynk Palm Leaf Plates - 9.5 Inch Square - All Natural 100% Biodegradable and Compostable -...
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Eating from leaf plates might seem weird at first, but this is something that has been going on in India for several hundreds of years. Not only is this approach super simple and cheap, but it also allows you to dispose the plates without having to worry about damaging the environment. Leaves are 100% compostable and will decompose into fertile waste that mixes with the soil and helps new plants grow. You can forget about microwave compatibility issues as well, since these are heat resistant and fully microwave compatible.

On top of that, they are also natural and chemical free. For a little more than the price of one large pizza, you can get a pack of twenty 9.25” eco-friendly disposable party plates (circular in shape), that are completely microwave friendly and super sturdy. If you thought leaf plates are weak and flimsy, think again. These plates are definitely not as resilient to weight as plastic or metal, but are still hard enough to carry a cup of beverage, some chicken legs, fries, and a large burger without showing any signs of flexing.

These can take up to 350F of heat for 45 minutes before showing any signs of deformation, and are also quite flexible. The plates are constructed from fallen leaves, water, and heat. Multiple layers of leaf paste are fused onto the top of each other, to create a type of leaf-cardboard layer that is thick and strong. No resins or dyes are used. Around a trillion so-called disposable plates are thrown out each year in America alone! By buying these, you’ll be making sure that at least SOME of those disposed plates are actually biodegradable.

Thynk Art and Design 9.5-Inch Square Palm Leaf Plates are the perfect solution for parties and family get togethers. The eco-friendly plates are made from compacted palm leaf, making them healthy and 100% compostable as well as biodegradable. What is more, they look even more stylish and appealing than your run of the mill plastic or paper party plates. You will also be glad to notice that they are very sturdy and heat resistant. You can therefore use them in the microwave safely.

Dixie Plates

Dixie Plates, 24 Count, 10 1/16 Inches
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Each Dixie Everyday Disposable plate measures nearly 10” in diameter, and you can get a pack of 24 for the price of an average cafeteria lunch. By buying these plates you’ll be doing your wallet and the environment a huge favor, since disposable plastic plates cost more and are also non-degradable. These super cheap plates may look all bland and uninteresting, but they are actually pretty tough. The size is large enough to hold some chips, a sandwich, and a cup of coffee perfectly.

You will notice that each paper based plate has an acrylic coating on the top. Don’t worry, as this coating is completely biodegradable and is only there to make the plate anti-soaking. You can use them for poolside parties, occasional picnics, and camping trips. They are also cut-resistant and fully microwave proof.

These Dixie disposable paper plates may seem, on the face of it, to be like any other plates but on closer look, that is not the case at all. While they are paper made, a coat made of FDA passed acrylic layer is applied on the top. Other than ensuring the food is safe, the coating also makes the plates washable and microwave safe.

Masterpiece Premium Quality Heavyweight Plastic Plates

Masterpiece Premium Quality Heavyweight Plastic Plates: 25 Dinner Plates and 25 Salad Plates
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These might be plastic, but don’t worry about their disposability since unlike most plastic plates, these are actually made of recyclable plastic compounds. Besides, they are so durable and tough that you can actually reuse these party plates after washing them. They are unfortunately incompatible with dishwashers, and are not intended for use inside a microwave. But that does not stop us from recommending these wonderful party plates to anyone, mainly because of the amount of quality that you’re obtaining for such a cheap price.

These are almost as cheap as the leaf plates that we had mentioned earlier, and with these you are getting a pack of 50 plastic plates for slightly more than what you would pay for a pack of 20 9.25” leaf plates. There are 20 7.5” plates, 15 9” plates, and 15 10.25” plates in the pack. The larger plates can be used for serving the main course, while the medium sized ones can be used for dessert, and finally the small 7” plates are perfect for serving salad. You can use these alongside your regular tableware and cookware, since these look exactly like China plates from a distance.

This set of 25 dinner and salad plates is the ultimate collection for all your catering needs when you have a large group of guests to serve. While they are made from plastic, the finish and design is so authentic they look like real china plates. While they are sold at the price of your regular disposable plates, they are nonetheless made to match such high standards that you can wash and use them time and again. They are available in three distinct sizes, serving all your dining needs.

Daily Chef Clear Plastic Plates

Daily Chef 6.25-Inch Plastic Plates, Clear, 100 Count
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If you’re not satisfied with the 50-plate pack of the Masterpiece Premium that we mentioned before, then try this one out. Daily Chef will give you a whopping one hundred, 6.25” disposable party plates for nearly 20% less money than the Masterpiece Premium plastic plate set. And yes, these are cheaper because of the fact that they are made from much thinner plastic, but that is still no reason to pass on such an awesome deal.

The plastic is still sturdy enough to support a burger, some fries, a couple of pastries or cake slices, and can even handle something like a chicken breast/leg. In fact, you’ll run out of space before you can add too much weight to these plates and make them bend or flex. You will also find a 220-plate pack for larger parties and functions, and that one actually costs less than double the price of this 100-plate pack. Talk about savings!

Moving back to the plates themselves, these are made from recyclable plastic which will not harm the environment in any way as long as you dump it in the right place so that the municipal trash collection truck can collect all of this plastic. The plates are actually pretty compact with a radius of 6.25” – not perfect for meals such as dinner or lunch, but great for salad and deserts. You can conveniently carry one such 100-plate pack with you on a family picnic or camping trip. Don’t try to put these in a microwave, as they are not microwave-safe plastic plates. You might be tempted to get one of these 100-plate packs for your dorm room, and these also function as amazing poolside-party plates.

This pack of 100 disposable plastic plates is the ultimate deal when it comes to serving a huge gathering of party guests. If you like, you can save even more by ordering for the pack of 220 plates of the same quality and size. The plates can be used time again (no dishwasher) to provide even greater value. Being only 6.25 inch in size, they are mainly suitable for servings such as cake but they are sturdy enough for more substantial servings should there be need.

Choosing the Best Disposable Plates for Parties

With conventional plastic plates you will be able to clean them up in a dishwasher, but those are only suited for smaller parties with up to 20 or 30 guests. Any more than that, and you as well as your dishwasher will have a hard time dealing with all of the dirty dishes. Besides, why bother with cleaning the dirty plates when you can simply pack them up into a giant waste bag and dump everything into the municipal dustbin? Well, of course you can’t do so with plastic plates simply because of their non-biodegradable nature, as well as the price.

Well, they are much cheaper than glass or metal plates, but still cost enough that you can’t simply throw 50 of them into the garbage after a one-time use. Well then, how do you serve the snacks without having to worry about doing dishes or disposing the dirty plates? The answer is quite simple – you need some disposable party plates. These inexpensive plates are designed especially for celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, etc. and are completely biodegradable so that you can throw them away without harming your conscience, or the environment. Also, they will crumple up into little balls if you squash them, just like a piece of cardboard.

But just being biodegradable and inexpensive doesn’t make a plate great for parties. It must also be tough enough to take the weight of whatever you plan on serving, and needs to be soak-proof so that your guests don’t run around with wet hands if they spill some drinks on the plate. That will be an annoying experience for anyone using the plate, not to mention the amount of extra clean-up that you’ll have to do if the plates can’t hold liquids.

Good disposable party plates must also be microwave friendly, so that you can instantly reheat and serve cakes, pastries, or pizza slices on them. If you just received some unexpected guests and don’t have a lot of time at hand, then you could really use a microwave-friendly disposable plate. Most party plates will be round in shape, but you can also get square or oval shaped plates if you wish. Finally, take a look at the size of the plate and make sure it is big enough to hold everything that you will be serving.