The Best Dry Erase Board for Home Use

Whiteboards don’t only have to exist in the classroom. Having one around at home can simplify life in many little ways, be it keeping track of the things you need to stock up on during your next grocery run, reminders or important dates, or for studies and work. And also, of course, the immense satisfaction we get writing and erasing off these boards in class, and getting to bring that feeling home.

Since the surfaces of white boards are non-porous, marks made can be easily swiped off without effort as you cross off items on your checklist or move to a different day’s agenda, without trying to maintain a diary or digital notebook. With smooth, sleek surfaces and a handful of dry erase markers, you can also brighten up your home décor, hanging the board up on your fridge and leaving messages or doodles for your family members to find.

OfficePro Slimline Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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Whether you’re working from home, or simply find it easier to study if you’re writing notes or bullet-points down as you absorb information, this is a highly sustainable option to go for. Equipped with magnetic pens you can attach to the board’s surface, along with the magnet based eraser, this professional piece of stationary equipment is also ideal for teaching your kids or helping them with their homework. The most sizable board on this list, this is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something to get extensive use out of, for more than listing groceries.

With a tough, durable frame you won’t find bending or warping and a scratch-resistant surface, this board comes with a mounting kit you can assemble without fuss, letting you set it up wherever you like. The slim, lightweight design means it won’t take up too much space or be difficult to move around, while the magnetic surface lets you bedeck it with all kinds of decorative magnets as you choose, too.

Smart Planner Weekly Magnetic Dry Erase Board

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If you’re looking for a whiteboard with the explicit purpose of using as a planner, this is the perfect option for you. Charmingly divided into seven compartments with lines and bullet-points similar to a paper-based planner, you get to jot down your checklist or notes of reminders for the entire week to keep track of your days. At the end of the week, just wipe it all off and start anew – all without using up a bunch of paper, to boot.

A hung-up checklist is a great tool to have around since it’s more likely to catch your eye and remind you of things you’ve lined up to do, and this dry erase board comes mounted with magnets you can use to hang it up on your fridge, right where you’d be likely to see it. Complemented with three magnetic pens in three colors, letting you stick the pens to the board’s surface rather than risk absentmindedly leaving them somewhere, you get to customize your board how ever you wish, even using it as a decorative piece in your home.

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As practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, you get to use this whiteboard to remind yourself that you’re running out of eggs or that doctor’s appointment in two days, but also to hook up pictures of your holiday last year or a cute drawing by your kids. With one half a corkboard to pin anything from photos to notes, and the other a magnetic whiteboard you can choose to deck out with decorative magnets or scribbled with your notes, this 2-in-1 option can be charmingly personalized, making it a great addition to your room or kitchen’s décor. The black wood frame also adds a nice touch of sophistication to the entire piece, magnifying its visual appeal.

Note that this board does not come with its own set of pens, and includes only the board and a polishing cloth for clearing out its surface. Nevertheless, it’ll work well with any inexpensive dry erase marker you can find at your local stationary store or the office equipment section at your supermarket.

Monday to Sunday Dry Erase Calendar

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With this customizable, calendar formatted dry erase board, you get to start every month with a blank slate, filling in all your appointments, important dates, exam timings or deadlines in a single place you can check at a glance. Not only does this magnetic board come equipped with three dry erase pens you can stick on to your fridge along with the board, you also get a magnetic note pad you can stick along beside it, for longer notes, to-do lists or messages.

A very handy tool to let you plan well ahead, you can avoid making commitments on days you already have other things planned or slot items in where you know you’ll be free. Having it mounted somewhere easily visible, like in your kitchen or bedroom, also ensures you’re constantly reminded of the things you need to get done or events coming up soon.

All that planning doesn’t have to be boring and bland, however – the set comes with a bonus of 12 multicolored magnetic pins, and you can doodle and personalize your calendar however you wish.

Choosing the Best Dry Erase Board for Home Use

Dry erase boards are pretty convenient to use, be it at work, in school or at home. Easy to wipe clean and inexpensive to use, these boards are a great means of keeping abreast of the daily demands of life, as well as keeping your home and routine organised.

The type of board to choose, though, depends on your requirements. If you find yourself teaching at home, working or studying using bullets, lists and illustrations as a means to help you retain information, a whiteboard is a great investment, helping you save paper and giving you an interactive, engaging interface to work with. On the other hand, you could pick out boards specifically formatted as planners, be they checklists or calendars, to help you keep track of your commitments and stay on or ahead of schedule.

The best boards, we feel, are the compact, magnet-mounted ones. Easy to stick on to your fridge or with a little nook to a nail in the wall, they’re portable, lightweight, and can be customized to blend right in with your décor.