The Best Electric Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

Electric can openers are perfect for those who have sensitivities or issues with their wrist or fingers, or simply those who want to open a can quickly and easily without having to exert any effort. By using electric can openers, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to open cans of most sizes without cutting your fingers, or making a mess on your kitchen counter. They are safe, smooth, and quick.

If you’re ready to choose the best electric can opener with knife sharpener, then take a look at the following 4 models. These are the most popular and well-designed electric can opener models on the market right now and are sure to appeal to your needs. We selected them on the basis of build quality, functionality, and overall ease of usage. Choose the one that is best for what you require.

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener

Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Can Opener with Auto Shutoff, Knife Sharpener, Cord Storage,...
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The Hamilton Beach 76380Z is the most loved electric can opener today. The reason for that is the unique cutting mechanism that cuts open cans cleanly with just one rotation of the can, and it cuts from the side rather than the top. The stainless steel die cast blades slice through aluminum and tin at a point just below the top of the lid, sideways cutting ensures that the open top remains smooth. This will make sure that you don’t cut your fingers or hand, while trying to lift or hold the can from the top.

The best part is that the blades do not come in contact with the food inside, and this prevents propagation of bacteria from the cutting blades into your food. There is a handy little automatic knife sharpener built into this machine, and it functions just as efficiently as the can opener. The magnetic lid holder holds the can lid securely, preventing it from falling back into the can.

Black+Decker Electric Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

BLACK+DECKER EC475B-2 Electric Can Opener, COMPACT
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This can opener is one of the least expensive, yet tallest ones out there, and it comes in an elegant black finish. A white finish is also available, so choose the appropriate version depending on your kitchen’s interior styling, and counter-top color. This can opener is capable of opening any large can in an instant, and its cutting assembly can be removed and cleaned separately. This allows you to store the cutting assembly in a safe place when the machine is not in use, eliminating the possibility of contamination if kept in the open.

It also includes a knife sharpener as well as a bottle opener, which you can use to remove the metal caps from beer bottles, etc. The pop-up lid opener is designed to deal with cans that have pop-up tabs or pull rings installed on the lids. A power piece shutter and easy touch lever allow you to operate this machine hands-free. The blade is removable and dishwasher friendly, and auto-shutoff is included.

Sunbeam Adjustable Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

Sunbeam 3108-8 Adjustable Can Opener with Knife Sharpener, White
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The PowerPiece cutting mechanism on this Sunbeam 3108-8 can opener ensures clean, precise cuts in just one rotation of the can. Auto stop will instantly stop the gears and blades if the machine does not detect a can attached to the blade. The back of this machine is just as useful as the front, since there is a knife and scissor sharpener built in. While turning the can, a magnetic bar guides it into the proper position every time you turn the can, allowing for faster, more efficient cutting with less room for error.

The cutting assembly is height adjustable to accommodate cans of all sizes, and a magnetic lid holder enables safe and easy lid removal. If you’re looking for a multipurpose can opener with the ability to accommodate cans of all sizes, this is definitely a machine that you should consider.

Oster Can Opener with Built in Knife Sharpener

Oster Accentuate Tall Can Opener with Built in Knife Sharpener, Red
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This is one of the tallest can openers out there, yet its footprint is really compact which allows it to fit on even the most crowded of kitchen counters. It uses the same patented PowerPiece cutting mechanism as other top tier electric can openers, which means that you’ll be able to get a clean cut in just one spin, and no more injured fingers either, since the cutting is done on the side, rather than the top.

A magnetic lid lifter allows for fast and easy lid removal, while there is a convenient scissor and knife sharpener located on the back to help you sharpen your favorite kitchen tools. The cutting blade is removable to facilitate easy cleaning, and a bottle opener is built into the front. The cord is fully retractable, so no more need to worry about storage anymore.

Choosing the Best Electric Can Opener with Knife Sharpener

There are many types of electric can openers on the market, and not all of them are created equal. If you are trying to open a 24 ounce can of beef jerky, you’ll need a taller can opener, than say, for opening a 16 ounce can of beans. Can openers can vary in height, and this affects the size of cans that they can open. But what you also need to consider before purchasing a shiny new electric can opener, is the amount of features it has, the quality of the cutting blade, the body finish, etc.

In terms of extra features, the first and foremost one would be the function of a knife sharpener. Knives are common tools in any kitchen, and if you cook frequently, you’ll need to keep those edges sharp and polished. Since there is an electric motor in every can opener that spins the cutting blade, many manufacturers use the same motor to turn a different set of gears that is connected to a circular polishing stone. This means that your electric can opener can also be used as a knife sharpener. Look for electric can openers with this feature built in, it should be mentioned in the product description.

Then we move on to the can opening mechanism itself. This comprises of two main parts – the cutting mechanism, as well as the magnet to hold the can lid in place. Always try to get a can opener with high quality cutting blades so the machine doesn’t jam or struggle while opening cans. Machined and die cast/forged stainless steel blades are the best. They stay sharper for longer and have a better quality cutting edge. The final thing that you need to look at is the finish of the machine. Some come with all-black glossy finish, others have chrome accents, and some may even have wood finishes. Choose the one that fits your kitchen counter-top so you enjoy using it every time.