The Best Electric Snow Thrower

Back when you were a kid, you would probably help your parents clear the snow from your driveway and pavement with a good old shovel. Maybe you even ran errands for the neighbors, offering your snow-clearing services in exchange for a little cash. Shoveling away heaps of freshly fallen snow with a nice thick metal shovel is truly an incredibly laborious activity, one that requires a great deal of patience, time, and perseverance.

All of those are qualities that we would love to have, but thanks to the hectic schedules and busy lifestyle of the modern homeowner, we rarely have the time to clear away the snow by hand. Besides, shoveling snow can be hard on your back and not everyone is able to deal with the physicality of shoveling . For these reasons, you probably need a snow blower, also known as a snow thrower.

Here are our four top choices when it comes to electric snow throwers. Each model has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you must choose the one that suits your needs as well as budget. All of these snow blowers score high on build quality, motor reliability, warranty cover, and comes with lots of built-in safety functions.

Snow Joe Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe ION18SB 18-Inch 40 Volt Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower, 7' x 1.5'
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Despite boasting a cutting path of 18” and an intake depth of 8”, the Snow Joe iON18SB weighs just 32 pounds, making it one of the most easy to maneuver electric snow throwers out there. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this snow blower is in any way inferior or weaker in comparison to its larger and heavier corded brethren.

Thanks to the powerful lithium ion battery that is installed in this machine, it can scoop up 495 pounds of snow per minute with its steel augers, and the 180 degree auto-rotate chute lets you throw the collected snow up to 20 feet away (don’t aim it at the neighbors, no matter how much you hate them). The heavy duty steel auger has two rubber blades attached on either side to make sure that the unit does not damage your pavement or driveway even if it comes in contact with them.  The rubber scraper bar also lets you clear snow right up to the surface, so you can effortlessly scoop up and dispose every last particle of frost from your pavement and driveway. The 40 V, 4.0 Ah Li-Ion allows this machine to do its work in a whisper-quiet manner for up to 50 minutes on a single charge.

The best part is that you don’t have to hassle with engine oil, gasoline, or pesky extension cords in the freezing cold, since using this maintenance free ultra-silent machine is as easy as pressing the start switch and pointing it at the snow. The ergonomic adjustable handle bar comes with ample padding for dealing with freezing temperatures, and a powerful LED headlight makes sure that you can carry on with your snow clearing tasks even at night.

Toro Power Shovel Electric Snow Blower

12 In. Power Shovel Electric Snow Blower
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Toro is a very well-known name in the United States when it comes to snow blowers and throwers. Their latest offering in the electric snow blower market is the Toro 12′ Power Shovel, and it packs quite a punch for the price. Its 75 amp electric motor delivers more than enough power to clear snow off small driveways, decks, patios, pavements, and walkways.

The clearing width is 12” which is small compared to a regular snow thrower, however, this is a very light tool that can be used without much effort . Capable of clearing an impressive 300 pounds of snow per minute for a machine this small, this blower will make sure that your driveways, patios, and pavements become snow free in no time.

Greenworks Electric Snow Thrower

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This powerful snow clearing machine packs all of the good stuff that you need to clear those annoying piles of frost from the front of your home. It can clear out 600 pounds of snow per minute, thanks to the powerful 10 amp motor and 14” steel impeller. Clearing depth is 6”, and clearing width is a generous 16”.

Not the flashiest of specs, but more than enough for the average US household. If you’re thinking that the motor might be weak because of the 10 amp electric current rating, you’re wrong. This is NOT a cordless model, meaning that it will be receiving power from your wall outlet at the full 120 V. Combining that with the current value, we have a power rating of 1200 watts for the motor, or 1.2 KW.

Combined with the intricate gearing system and advanced bearing mechanisms, that is plenty of power to clear a path of snow that is 6” tall and 16” wide. The discharge distance is 25 feet, and this is a single pass type snow blower – meaning that its impellers come in contact with the ground, and hence it should only be used on paved or even surfaces.

One of the most impressive things about this little 26 pound electric snow shovel is its 4-year warranty. This is two times more than what most competitors offer, and it is really nice to see a manufacturer place so much trust in such a budget product. This should clear all doubts in your mind regarding its build quality and reliability.

Snow Joe Ultra Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ623E 18-Inch 15-Amp Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower w/Headlights, Blue Clearing...
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We sure did elect the Snow Joe iON18SB blower as our top pick due to its slew of features, amazing design, clearing power, and portability. However, the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E is a powerful contender despite its corded operation, larger size, and clunky lever-controlled chute. If you can put aside the fact that this model is not as light or easy to operate as the iON18SB, you will find out that this is one of the most powerful electric single stage snow blowers currently available on the market.

The 15-amp high torque brushless motor in this 34 pound beast can rotate its curved steel impeller at dizzying speeds, allowing this machine to clear over 720 pounds of snow in a minute. No other blower on this list even comes close to that number. Clearing height is 10″ and clearing width is 18”. In fact, this blower is actually slightly faster at clearing snow, as long as the snow layer is no higher than 10”- and that is because of the extra 20 pounds/min of snow clearing capacity that this unit packs (720 pounds/min versus 700 pounds/min).

Choosing the Best Electric Snow Thrower

There are many types of snow blowers available on the market to help you deal with that pile of snow which is resting on your driveway or pavement. While some can be obtained for the price of a professional grade hair iron, others will often cost as much as a gas powered 4-wheel lawnmower. So we are going to tell you how you can decide which one to buy, and we have also provided 4 of the best electric snow throwers currently available for you to choose from.

Here’s the deal – you don’t need a gas powered snow blower unless you plan on clearing a really large area that has been covered with a really thick sheet of snow. If your main goal is to clear layers of snow up to 8” in height, and you are content with a sweeping width of 18” to 21”, then an electric thrower is what we would recommend.

Gas throwers are heavier, costlier, noisier, need gasoline, emit fumes, and you will have a hard time maintaining them if you have never handled or owned a snow blower before. They need engine oil changes, refueling, air filter maintenance, constant tuning, and are extremely loud. Yes, they are much more powerful than the average electric snow blower, but all that power is going to be put to waste if your driveway measures no more than 30-40 feet, and if the snow layer is just 6-8” thick (all electrics can easily handle snow up to 6” thick).

Best Electric Snow Thrower

To give you an idea of the capabilities of a good electric snow thrower – they can clear 600-700 pounds of snow per minute (corded models), and come with an average clearance width of 18”, usually with an intake height between 8”-12”. That is plenty for the average consumer, unless you live in a place that experiences extremely heavy snowfall for the most part of the year, in which case a 2 or 3 stage gas powered blower will be perfect for you.

If your driveway is larger than 60 feet, and you plan on clearing tightly packed, wet, heavy snow, then you will need the power of a gas powered unit. Keep in mind that electric models have augers that make contact with the ground, which is why they are best used on paved surfaces such as pavements, driveways, docks, etc. So don’t use them on graveled or uneven surfaces, unless you find joy in lobbing several pounds of stone, dirt, and grass at unsuspecting bystanders.

The smaller size and reduced weight of electric snow blower also makes it easier to maneuver. Look for the following crucial features while purchasing an electric snow blower/thrower – remote/joystick controllable chute, ergonomic handle with zip deflector, push button start, stainless steel auger, 160-180 degree rotating directional chute, etc. You need to make sure the motor runs on at least 10 amps of power, and if it is a cordless model, pay attention to the battery life as well as voltage rating (should be 40 V Li-Ion).