The Best Exercise Mat for Sit-Ups

Choosing the right mat for a certain type of exercise is all about providing your body with the perfect support and cushioning for that exercise. If you choose to get a low quality or badly designed mat, then you might experience great discomfort and even muscular pain in the long run. Sit-ups are designed to stress your abdominal muscles, but if you do them on a hard wooden floor, you know how much your lower back and hips can hurt after a few reps.

To save yourself from that pain, and to be able to focus on exercising, you need to get a special wedge shaped abdominal exercise mat. These mats are usually made from soft foam, and use fabric or PU leather covers for extra comfort. Take a look at the product we chose as the best exercise mat for sit-ups and see if it’s right for you.

Elite Sportz Abdominal Mat Sit Up Support Pad

Elite Sportz Equipment Ab Mat – High Density Foam Sit Up Mats - Comfortable Workout...
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With its high-density foam cushion, perfect ergonomic shape, lifetime replacement warranty, and resistance band, the Elite Sportz Sit-Up support pad is our top recommendation when it comes to quality abdominal exercise mats. It is lightweight, and the wedge shape is curved perfectly to cover your entire lower back and upper waist area on the back of your body. The high density foam cushioning feels very comfortable, and provides exactly the right amount of resistance as you lean back on it.

It is also designed to spring right back to its normal shape once you remove all pressure from its surface, and is extremely resistant to wear and tear. The PU leather top cover is firmly stitched across the sidelines, and does not feel sticky or uncomfortable at all. The base is made from non-slip rubber, and will not budge even when you try to lean back and throw your weight on the mat while doing sit-ups. All of this amazing build quality is backed by a convenient lifetime warranty which guarantees true piece of mind when you purchase and use this sit-up mat.

Yes4All Abdominal & Exercise Hybrid Wedge

Yes4All Abdominal Mat, Abdominal Wedge – Sit Up Support Pad for Full Range of Motion Ab...
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If you wish to build up those perfect six-packs on your chest without breaking your back on the exercise floor, then you need a good sit-up mat capable of handling the pressure. But most of the time companies sell you products filled with unnecessary marketing gimmicks, at expensive rates. The Yes4All Hybrid Wedge exercise mat is a no-nonsense, tough, and highly comfortable product designed to offer only what you need. It manages to keep costs low by incorporating only the basic abdominal mat features such as a well contoured back support, high density foam cushioning, PU leather cover, and a non-slip base.

The reinforced stitching on the sides of this mat keep the top surface from tearing off or wearing down with the passage of time. It also sports one of the most well-balanced shapes for the cushion, and provides ample resting area for your lower back as you lean back on it during your sit-ups. The central area is slightly raised, and it flattens out when pressure is applied, so even though the mat is only 15″ x 12″ in length and width, it actually feels pretty big and comfy when you exercise on it.

Targeted Addominal Exercise Workout Mat

Ab Exercise Mat : Targeted Addominal Exercise/ Workout Mat for Strong & Defined Six Packs &...
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This unique body-contoured abdominal exercise mat from Run Baby is built to provide the best possible support for sit-ups and crunches. Its contoured, curved body will allow you to get that perfect angle while exercising, so that you can target your core abdominal muscles, and the cushion material is super durable so you can exercise all you want without deforming the shape of this mat.

It will also help you target the entire range of torso, oblique, as well as lower muscles, giving you a perfectly balanced midsection workout at a super affordable price. Its base sticks firmly to the ground, while the lifetime warranty ensures reliability and build quality.

Core and Abdominal Trainer Exercise Mat

Trademark Innovations Exercise Mat Core and Abdominal Trainer, Black, 15 x 12 x 3-Inch
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Trademak Innovations are known to design premium exercise equipment for their customers, and their Abdominal Trainer mat is another example of this company’s dedication towards creating durable, performance-driven products. It features an all-black countered body design with a wedge-shaped outline, and soft leather covering. Measuring 15″ x 12″ x 3″, it is absolutely perfect for people between the 5’2″ to 6’2″ range, and will provide complete support to your lower back, so you can train your abdomen, lower torso, lower back, and hip areas comfortably while resting your back on this mat.

It is tough enough to handle daily use (and abuse), and it is portable enough to pack into your travel bag on gym visits and trips. The curve is deep enough for crunches, and the cushioning is soft and provides balanced resistance across the entire surface area of the mat. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty. So go ahead and use this mat for an intensive, and complete torso and lower-back workout. It definitely deserves to be on our list when selecting the best exercise mat for sit-ups.

Choosing the Best Exercise Mat for Sit-Ups

Try to get a mat with just the right amount of resistance, so that your back is supported properly, without compromising on comfort. Check the quality of the cover material. Is it soft and smooth enough? Or does it stick to your back as you lay down on it, because some bad quality covers tend to cling onto sweaty skin, often dislodging the mat from its resting position. The cushioning must carry enough resistance to keep your back from bending too much, and it needs to be capable of maintaining its shape even after repeated application of pressure to the same spot.

Another important thing you must check before purchasing an exercise mat for sit-up’s, is the base of the mat. It must grip the floor firmly, because a slippery mat base is totally useless, and will cause more annoyance than discomfort. Grooved or textured soft rubber surfaces are the best, and will stick firmly onto any smooth, hard floor.  All four of the mats we reviewed are capable of taking high amounts of stress, and rank high among the most durable and comfortable mats out there.