The Best Family Board Games That Make You Laugh

Board games are a necessary ingredient of a well-spent family night with your loved ones. It is the best way to stay entertained after Sunday brunches or during a holiday, with all the family members together. When all the younger cousins and the elders of the house get together, a lot of fresh new memories are made, and the old ones are recalled. Board games add to the frolic and joy of holidays and are the best way to keep the mood fun and light-hearted.

Although outdoor sports are fun, they cannot beat the laughter and joy you experience while playing board games. Rather than competing and trying to win, with board games, everyone can be relaxed and just enjoy the light moments together. Here is a list of the best family board games that make you laugh and change the way you spend your weekends and holidays.

Hasbro Pie Face Game

Hasbro Pie Face Game
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The Hasbro Pie Face game is a game filled with suspense and fun. The game can have as many players as you want and can be played anywhere. Some cream is loaded on the arm of the game board, and each player places their face through the mask, turning the spinner. The suspense is that the cream loaded arm can go off anytime, splashing the cream on the face of a person turning the spinner. Every time the players turn the wheel without getting splashed with cream, they earn a point. In the end, the player with maximum points is announced the winner of the game.

The game is a perfect family entertainer as everybody can sit together and laugh out loud each time someone is splashed with cream. The game is very popular since very few board games have the ability to create an atmosphere of suspense like the Pie Face Game. The suspense keeps building up every time someone turns the spinning wheel, hoping they won’t get splashed. Additionally, the volcanoes of laughter that erupt every time someone’s face gets all creamy is incomparable. The game doesn’t just keep the family laughing throughout but also makes the children learn to take things in a sporting spirit.

Beat The Parents Board Game

Spin Master Games Beat The Parents, Family Board Game of Kids Vs Parents with Wacky Challenges...
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Beat The Parents board game is a fun and educational game that parents and kids can play together. The game consists of question cards. The fun gets to a whole new level when the parents answer the stuff that has to do with kids and the kids answer the things that parents shall know better. It is a great game to bond with your kids on family night and weekends. Whoever answers more questions correctly and passes the board first is the winner. The game is a mix of checkers and trivia, which makes it a lot more entertaining.

It is a great way to keep your kids engaged and spend some quality time with them. Beating their parents at games and sports is an idea that makes every kid happy since they like to think of themselves as smart. They get more competitive when playing opposite their parents and give their best. The game is incredibly popular owing to its unique concept. Unlike other board games, Beat The Parents Board game allows kids and parents to know each other better. You can play it with parents in one team and the kids in another, improving their teamwork qualities and having a lot of fun at the same time.

HedBanz Game 2nd Edition

Spin Master Games Hedbanz, Quick Question Family Guessing Game for Kids and Adults (Edition May...
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One of the goofiest guessing board games is the HedBanz game. In the game, each player needs to wear a headband with a card attached to their head and they get an equal number of chips. All other players can see the card except the one wearing it. Then the player asks questions in order to guess who he is and clues are given to him without revealing the name of the character on the headband. For each correct answer, a chip is discarded and the one who makes the most correct guesses in the least time wins the game.

The game is especially fun for children, but parents can join in as well. The children can learn the art of critical thinking with this game. By making the children come up with the right questions to guess their character, the game develops a skill for thinking critically. Their power of reasoning develops and the kids learn and enjoy together. It is the educational concept of the game that makes it so popular among kids and parents. Its a very fun game that combines enjoyment and learning together.

Endless Games Family Feud 5th Edition

Family Feud 6th Edition Competition - Game Show Home Edition
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Family Feud 5 is an entertaining and knowledgeable game that has been inspired by the hit TV show. The game consists of survey questions that are to be answered by all the players. The answer can be written down on a board that each player is given. These questions are regarding general awareness, like ‘A league baseball team named after an animal’ or ‘the per week allowance of a 10-year-old.’ These questions are very knowledgeable, and after the game ends, the answers are matched with the correct answers. Whoever gets the most answers correct is declared the winner. The more players you have, the more fun this game is.

Family Feud has been a popular game ever since its first version. Everybody can get to learn something new by answering these survey questions, and the kids develop reasonable thinking habits by answering these questions. Their general knowledge improves significantly, and they become well versed by learning about new things that are around them. Since it comes with a full book of questions, you can play it a number of times without repeating the questions. It is a great way to spend some quality time with the family and definitely a board game that is worth checking out.