The Best Floor Puzzles for Toddlers

Toddlers love to play with colorful toys, and a good floor puzzle is extremely useful in helping your child with the development of fine motor skills. Floor puzzles let a 3-4 year old child think in a unique manner, and nurtures hand-eye coordination. However, different age groups benefit from different types of floor puzzles, and not all children will like the same brand or model. So, want to know which are the best floor puzzles for toddlers?

A child who loves Disney cartoons might get really excited when you present them with a Disney themed floor puzzle, if a toddler likes cars, then he or she might love a car-themed puzzle instead. There are several options out there that cater to children of different age groups, as well as several types of floor puzzles such as interlocking, non-interlocking, etc. Take a look at four of the best floor puzzles in the market right now for toddlers aged 3-4 years old. These are designed to test a child’s creativity, motor skills, etc., and are built from durable, child-friendly materials.

The Learning Journey ABC & 123 Train Floor Puzzles

The Learning Journey: Puzzle Doubles - Giant ABC & 123 Train Floor Puzzles - Large Floor...
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Designed for ages 3 and up, this floor puzzle from The Learning Journey teaches kids a variety of things, including numbers, alphabets, and more. It is themed around cargo trains, and is extremely colorful as well as pretty. The pack contains two separate puzzle pieces, and a total of 60 pieces, 30 for each of the two cargo trains. Each train measures a gigantic 5 feet in length (to a toddler, that is a lot!), and the combined length of the two trains will be 10 feet.

The pieces are large and have smooth, rounded edges, and are illustrated with bright colors and interactive pictures that promote creative thinking, and parent-child interaction. The material used in the construction of these pieces is cardboard, and it is free from toxic dyes or heavy metals, so even if your toddler puts these in their mouth, they pose no harm and are way too big to be swallowed.

Paw Patrol Foam 25 Piece Floor Puzzle

Gift Item Paw Patrol Foam Floor Puzzle by Cardinal (25 Piece), Multicolor
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If your child likes dogs, then this will be the perfect floor puzzle for him or her. It is incredibly well designed, and brightly illustrated, so even after assembling it hundreds of times, your child will still be interested in giving it another go. The puzzle set is composed of large pieces, and all the pieces are made from foam, so they can sustain abuse and do not break when your excited toddler hits them on the floor.

The coloring has been done with child-friendly, non-toxic colors, and does not wear off or wash away over time. There are 25 pieces in this exciting puzzle set, and it measures at 13″ x 24″ when fully assembled. If you’re looking for something simple, durable, and attractive for your 2-4 year old toddler, go ahead and buy this floor puzzle. It offers great value for the money, and will keep your child busy for sure.

Minnie Mouse 46 Pieces Floor Puzzle

Minnie Mouse 46 Pieces Floor Puzzle (Styles Will Vary)
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This is a beautifully designed Minnie Mouse themed floor puzzle set for little girls aged between 3-5 years old. It has 46 pieces, and each of them is extra-large for easy handling, and is brightly colored. This is an authentic Disney product, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the materials used in its construction. There are no traces of heavy metals or harmful dyes, and the pieces are constructed from cardboard in order to guarantee maximum flexibility and keep the weight low.

The whole puzzle measures 24″ x 36” when fully assembled and each of the pieces measure nearly a quarter of an inch in thickness. The edges are nicely curved and pose no threat to the body, and the illustrations are fade-resistant and non-washable so you can rest assured that they will not wear off over time. The best thing about the pieces is that they don’t bend or warp, so they will always lie completely flat on the ground, making the assembly process really smooth.

Mudpuppy Construction Jumbo Puzzle

Mudpuppy Construction Site Jumbo Puzzle, 25 Jumbo Pieces, 22”x22”, Great for Kids Age 2+,...
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Composed of 25 jumbo-sized pieces, and made from thick cardboard, this construction equipment themed puzzle contains a backhoe loader, bulldozer, asphalt spreader, and much more for your kid to enjoy with. The box itself is extremely well designed with colorful illustrations on the top, and a nice yellow rope handle for easy carrying. Non-toxic, soy based ink has been used to print the cardboard pieces, and they have all been made from 90% recycled paper.

Each piece is quite large, at about 5″ in both length and width, while the completed puzzle measures about 22″ x 22″. The layers on the edge of this puzzle might peel off with rough usage and try not to spill any liquids on them. They are sturdy and can sustain drops quite easily, but the cardboard construction makes them especially susceptible to peeling at the edges if they get damp. The colors however do not fade with time, and are really bright.

Choosing the Best Floor Puzzles for Toddlers

Floor puzzles designed for toddlers tend to have large, colorful pieces, and usually they are made from 15-20 pieces. You can get puzzles with 30-40 pieces, but a 3-4 year old will have trouble solving them. Large pieces help kids with small hands, since they don’t possess the fine motor skills required to grip and place small chunks of a puzzle, and smaller pieces pose a risk if the toddler puts them into his or her mouth. Before buying a floor puzzle, make sure that it looks visually attractive enough for your toddler to take interest in solving it. Try getting a puzzle that is themed around something he or she loves, and make sure the pieces are not too sharp at the edges.

Check for heavy metals or harmful chemicals, and read the specifications to make sure that the puzzle is free from phthalates, BPA, etc. For toddlers, get a floor puzzle that is composed of around 15-20 large pieces. For 5-year olds and above, 30+ pieces are recommended. If your child doesn’t quite know all the alphabets, and you hand an alphabet-themed puzzle to him, it might not help at all since the child will not know what to do with it, the same rule applies to numbers. Instead get puzzles built around simple shapes, deep and bright colors, as well as everyday objects. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our review to find the best floor puzzles for toddlers.