The Best Folding Table for Board Games

One of the favorite pastimes of many families is playing board games. Whether it be Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, or another board game – everyone has a favorite game they enjoy playing. Playing board games, however, is not always a comfortable experience, particularly if you play them on the floor. It is for this reason many people seek to buy a folding table that is easy to store and that they can use when having family game night. Deciding which table is best for playing board games can be tricky, for there are many options to choose from. Read our review below and see which model we chose as our Star Pick.

Cosco Folding Espresso Wood Table Square with Vinyl Inset

Cosco Folding Wood Table Square with Vinyl Inset, 32, Espresso
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My favorite choice of the four tables because of its amazing benefits and features is the Cosco Folding Espresso Wood Table Square with Vinyl Inset. This table is reasonably priced and comes in a chic espresso black color that will add elegance to any room. The well-built wood construction of the table is durable and hefty and can hold a significant amount of weight. No game is too heavy for this table! The Cosco Folding Table can also be easily folded up and stored away. It is reasonably light to lift at only 25 pounds and its dimensions mean it will fit into almost any closet.

The folding table also does not require any additional maintenance, and anyone that is looking at it will believe it is designer quality. The folding table can even be used for other purposes besides board games and will easily fit at least four chairs around it. This product is the ideal choice if you are looking for a folding game table as it has the perfect dimensions for storage. It is designed to be resilient and durable and with all these features at a sensible price, we feel that it’s the best pick.

Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table

Lifetime Height Adjustable Craft Camping and Utility Folding Table, 4 Foot, 4'/48 x 24, White...
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If you are on a tight budget but looking for a folding table for board games, check out the Lifetime 4-Foot Light Commercial Fold-In-Half Adjustable Table. This table designed by Lifetime is well priced and has many unique features. Its top is white granite and its legs are steel, and while its appearance may not be as glamorous as some of the other tables, its benefits make up for it. The Lifetime folding table is extremely practical, durable, and easy to use. It is light and has small dimensions.

It can easily be stored away in any closet as it folds in half and has a carry handle making it easy to move. The table also has three different height settings, 22, 26, and 36 inches which can easily be changed, making it perfect for adults and children alike. The table’s rectangle design also makes it ideal for longer board games which might not fit on a typical square shaped table. Its top is stain resistant meaning it will retain its color for quite a long time. This particular table is a perfect budget friendly option for those short on cash.

Meco Straight Edge Folding Card Table

Wood Folding Card Table in Warm Fruitwood Finish
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A great alternative if neither of the tables above have caught your eye is the Meco Straight Edge Folding Card Table. This piece by Meco is perfect for game boards and takes up very little space. While it is on the pricier side, it has a lot of great characteristics that make it worth the price. The Meco folding table has a very traditional style and can come in three different types of hardwood: oak, cherry, and fruitwood. Oak is the cheapest form of the three while fruitwood is the most expensive.

One of the great features of this table is that it is quite durable due to its solid hardwood material and this design means it lasts longer than most other folding tables. It’s design further makes the table appear to be a designer piece and hides the fact it folds. The Meco piece is slightly heavier than the other tables, but its dimensions as well as its folding mechanism make it easy to stash away in small spaces. This model is an excellent addition to your gaming area and will be sure to get the job done.

5 Piece Black Folding Card Table and Chair Set

Flash Furniture 5 Piece Black Folding Card Table and Chair Set
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A final folding table that is definitely worth taking a look at is the 5 Piece Black Folding Card Table and Chair Set. This set by Flash Furniture is unique in that it comes with four folding chairs. This five piece set is available at a relatively affordable price for the number of items it comes with and for its benefits. The table and chairs come in a black color with padding for extra support and comfort.

This Flash Furniture folding table and the chairs that accompany it are distinct as they can be used both indoors and outdoors. The pieces are lightweight and can quickly be folded up and stored when not in use. Their material is easy to clean, and their dark color make stains not a problem at all. This table set is perfect for board games, parties, and even cards games. The 5 Piece Black Folding Card Table and Chair Set is a great folding table set that comes with unique features that most folding tables do not possess. It comes with four chairs, and it is a light and sturdy piece. This table set would be perfect for board games and many other activities.

Choosing the Best Folding Table for Board Games

Finding a great folding table for board games is not simple. It can be challenging to weigh all the options and find the best one that suits your needs. These few tips, however, will help shorten your search and lead you to the best folding table for board games. One tip to keep in mind when searching for the best folding table is to look for a table that can easily be stored. While some people are lucky enough to have a room exclusively for games in their house, most of us do not and need to store the table when we are not using it. Look for tables that can be folded in half and are on the lighter side for easy storage.

A second tip is to look for folding tables that are made of sturdy materials and specially designed to last for a long time. You want a quality folding table that is going to last and will not break after only a few uses. A final tip for finding a great folding table for board games is look for one that is wide enough to fit most games. While you do not want a table that is too heavy and cannot be stored away, you also do not want to purchase a table that is too small and will have most board games hanging off it. Be sure to check the dimensions before you buy to get an idea of its size so that it will fit properly in your room.