The Best Food Scale for Dieting

If you are serious about losing weight, then you absolutely need a reliable digital food scale. There is often a learning curve when starting a diet, specifically when trying to count the amount of calories in your food. Having a reliable food scale with help you figure things out and will assist you getting into that ‘weight-loss groove’. Today’s food scales are more than simple weighing devices – they allow you to prep, plan and prepare exact portions for your meals and recipes.

Nothing is more annoying than having your favorite meal spoiled simply because you did not get the recipe right. Unfortunately, this happens often especially if you have to eyeball your ingredients. This inconvenience is also common with weight-loss programs when an unreliable kitchen scale is used. Investing in a reliable food scale is a good way to overcome this challenge and make your cooking sessions more enjoyable. Consumers have shown that they prefer food scales that are accurate, consistent, easy to use and simple to store. With this in mind, we present you with a review to help your choose the best electronic food scale for your needs.

Etekcity Digital Food Kitchen Scale

Etekcity Food Kitchen Bowl Scale, Digital Ounces and Grams for Cooking, Baking, Meal Prep,...
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While there are many factors to consider when shopping for a food scale, it is imperative that it be accurate. Out of a number of weighing scales, users have reported that the Etekcity Digital Food Scale has proven to be very precise. With a capacity of 11 pounds (5 kg), this food scale is sufficient for all of your kitchen requirements. A brief survey of its features will let you know that this is an excellent scale, especially due to it’s detachable bowl .

This scale is not the kind of device that you have to calibrate as it comes fully set and ready to operate out of the box. A back-lit display enables you to know the quantity measured in grams, ounces, pounds or millilitres depending on your preference. You can comfortably measure large quantities without worry as an overload indicator notifies you when you exceed 11 pounds (5 kg) , the same way it does when the battery is low. The scale is programmed to shut down after three minutes to save on the power of replaceable 3v battery. People who have used this product before are impressed by its good looks, sleek design, and easy-to-clean top.

Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale

Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Black, 8.25
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Although other kitchen scales attract buyers through their ability to weigh a heavier mass, not many users ever need to weigh anything over 10 pounds in their kitchen. Our search for an inexpensive electronic food scale led us to Ozeri’s Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale that has a capacity of 11 pounds (5.05 kg). Apart from the capacity and design, it shares most of the functionalities with the Ultimate54 but retails at less than half the price. The Pronto kitchen scale has graduations of 0.05 ounces (1 gram) and its response is startlingly fast. An easy-to-use button enables you to navigate through the four display options: ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms.

Don’t be misled by the price tag for this scale as this is an excellent choice that will do exactly what you need it for in most kitchens. Given the scales accuracy for one gram, many people prefer this multi-function scale for other high-precision activities such as postage and science projects for their children. This machine has also helped many people achieve their dietary and weight loss goals without hassle. A Precision Tare function eases work of calculation as it calculates the net weight measured by automatically subtracting the weight of the container. The audible click sound is an added convenience as users can still maintain accuracy even when preparing meals in a hurry. Adding the well-designed Pronto Multi-function scale to any kitchen will seamlessly complement the decor of the room.

EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Scale

EatSmart ESKS-01 Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, Silver
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Having so many electronic food scales on the market can sometimes make it difficult to choose. It is important that you understand what you will be using the scale for and what features you require. Light, compact but precise, the EatSmart Precision Pro kitchen scale is a well regarded food scale that has seen very good reviews from customers that have purchased it. It features five rubber feet that greatly improves its stability and does not call for the rigorous balancing act that can be found with some brands. Its price is also average, given the outstanding performance and great aesthetics.

Just like our star pick, the EatSmart Precision Pro digital scale displays results in grams, kilograms, ounces or pounds. It is a great appliance for cooks as its high-resolution display can be viewed from any angle. With an auto-shutoff feature extended to three minutes, you won’t lose your measurement even if you get distracted when preparing your recipe. If you need extreme accuracy, this scale would be an excellent choice as it has a precision of 0.05 ounces. User reviews reveal EatSmart as having one of the best customer service departments, so you can be assured of their support when you use their products.

Smart Weigh Electronic Food Scale

Smart Weigh Digital Glass Top Kitchen and Food Scale, 5- Unit Modes, Liquid Measurement...
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While shopping for electric food scales, it is worth considering the Smart Weigh GLS20 with it’s impressive glass top. Although it shares most of the features with the other brands reviewed here, it has a larger back-lit LCD display and a sleek design. Notably, the Smart Weigh Digital Glass Top scale displays results in five units namely grams, ounces, kilograms, pounds, and cups. The extra cup measurement unit becomes useful when measuring liquids such as water or milk. Most interestingly, it has a tempered glass top that provides durability while giving it an attractive look.

You probably don’t want to rely on this scale for very small quantities, but its slim profile and large display are bound to impress you. Additionally, it is easy to use as all you have to do is place the container on the scale and tap the ‘Tare’ button. The device will then zero out quickly so you can proceed with the measurement. The Smart Weigh scale is fitted with easy to use touch buttons and produces a clicking sound that lets you confirm your choice for extra convenience and confidence. Many users also like the Smart Weigh since it does not take up much storage space. The 11-pound weighing scale is powered by four AAA batteries.

Choosing the Best Food Scale for Dieting

The best way to keep yourself honest when on a diet is to use a food scale. Many people eat portions and servings that are much greater then recommended amounts. A food scale with let you learn about portion control and prevents you from consuming more food than you planned.

You’ll want to purchase a food scale that has numbers you can easily read, is straight-forward to use and is easy to clean and store. There is nothing wrong with purchasing an analog food scale, but for dieting we prefer digital as they have additional capabilities that are very useful. Most models include measurements in pounds, ounces, grams and kilograms which is very handy when dealing with some recipes or when portioning.

One of the most essential features of digital scales is the tare function. This enables the scale to take into account the weight of the container and only display the weight of the food on it. Some models even have programming showing calorie readings for various foods and allow you to add your own recipes and food entries.