The Best Fruit Infused Glass Water Bottle

Remember what your mom always told you to do in order to lose weight? Drink water! But sometimes it just feels as though you are forcing yourself to gulp down large volumes of this tasteless, odorless fluid without any actual desire or motivation to do so. Yes water is the second most essential substance for our body after air, however it is not as tasty as fruit juice nor does it smell like fruit juice. While you can’t magically make water taste like juice, you can indeed make it smell like juice. That way, you’ll be more motivated to drink water on a timely basis and it won’t feel nearly as bad.

In fact it will feel quite good as you sip in the aroma of fresh fruits, and their flavor will be infused in the water. Below we have listed some of the most popular glass based fruit infusers that are currently available on the market so that you can easily make your choice. Choose whichever infuser fits your style, since all of them come with different designs on the exterior. Make sure to get the appropriate capacity as well for your bottle depending on your daily usage.

Nalu Sun Tea & Fruit Infusion Glass Bottle & Coffee Brewer

NALU SUN Tea Infuser Tumbler, Fruit Infusion Glass Bottle & Coffee Brewer - Stainless Steel...
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The NALU SUN is our top pick due to its impressive infuser design that is quite simply one of the longest infusers we have ever seen on any infused water bottle ever. The diameter is also rather generous, so you can comfortably put larger pieces of fruit in there, or you can stuff in a medley of fruits. Apples, orange slices, grapes, lemons, and mint- everything will fit into the large bore infuser and the silicon sleeve means that plastic never touches your drink.

The overall design is pretty impressive, with a wooden finish cap and a full glass inner diffuser. This means that you can infuse tea, coffee, fruit, etc. without having to worry about lead, BPA, or phthalates.

D’Eco Fruit Infused Glass Water Bottle

D'Eco Fruit Infused Water Bottle - Glass Fruit Infuser (20 oz) Silicone Grip and Built-in...
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While it may not have the super extended infuser design of the SUN, this particular budget infused water bottle comes with a really large bore glass infuser inside that actually seems pretty large when compared to the bottle. Not like the bottle is small either, since this is actually a 20 oz. bottle and it carries enough infused water for you to go through your exercise session without having to refill the container.

The external plastic shell is completely BPA and phthalate free, with zero traces of lead and a silicone sleeve on top. The entire shell is completely eco-friendly as well as dishwasher safe. It also comes with a carrying ring attached to the top for easy transportation.

Asobu Flavor It Glass Water Bottle With Fruit Infuser

Asobu Flavor It: 20-Oz Luxury Glass Water Bottle + Fruit Infuser
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Watermelon, strawberries, mint, or lemon – no matter what you put inside the diffuser chamber of this water bottle, it will instantly get diffused into the water and you will be able to experience fresh, deeply infused fruit water on the go. The fruit infuser is removable, so you can even use this elegant looking glass bottle like a regular bottle if you wish.

However the large bore body, and BPA-free diffuser is going to ensure that you never think twice before cutting up some nice large slices of lemons and oranges, and putting them into the extended diffuser. Now you can enjoy natural fruity happiness no matter wherever you go, whether it is a jogging session, a cycling trip, or a hike up the nearby hills.

Pijio Fruit Infusion

Pijio Insane Sale Tea Infuser (Loose), Fruit Infusion, Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Infused...
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Not only is this an infused water bottle, but it is also a very handy multipurpose travel bottle. You get free nylon sleeves along with the bottle, which means that you will be able to use this bottle to infuse both cold as well as hot water. The nylon sleeve will keep your hand from getting too cold or hot, and the wide mouth construction along with the removable cups and stainless steel filters make this one of the most easy to clean infused water bottles.

The entire bottle is designed with portability and versatility in mind, which is why it comes with features such as a removable diffuser, removable filters and cups, non-slip rubber base, and even a free carabiner. The tough borosilicate shell is strong and durable, as well as thermal shock resistant. We love this Pijio Borosilicate glass bottle mug because of its versatility, strength, and compactness. The rubber base and free carabiner are especially useful, while the removable steel filter and carry-compatible cap mean that you can instantly transform this bottle into a regular water bottle.

Choosing the Best Fruit Infused Glass Water Bottle

At first, these fruit infuser water bottles used to appear in gyms and then they gradually began spreading in popularity among the general public. No matter whether you are a student, office goer, trekker, hiker, or athlete, this fruit infused water bottle will come in handy. While choosing a fruit infused water bottle, you have the option of choosing either a glass based or plastic based container.

In this article we discussed glass based water bottles since they are the best looking and smelling of all. Plastic bottles are not bad, but they just require you to do your selection more carefully since most cheap plastic bottles usually contain BPA and phthalates, and cheaper plastics also tend to absorb flavors over time. So while choosing a fruit infused glass water bottle, there are some things which you must consider.

Try to get a bottle with a slightly longer infusion chamber so the lowest parts of the bottle always stay infused with water. Make sure that the stopper or seal that separates the internal glass chamber from the actual bottle is made of something other than plastic, such as silicone. Make sure that the entire infuser bottle is tested to be leak-proof. Look for dishwasher compatibility and get a fruit infuser that is eco-friendly. Try to get a bottle that comes with a carrying sleeve made of neoprene, or else buy one for your bottle if it is not already provided.