The Best Hair Straightener for Thick Hair

Finding the right hair straightener can get really confusing at times, since there are so many different models out there available at different price points, with features geared towards different types of users. Some hair straighteners are optimized for sensitive hair, and others are designed for thick hair, while a few of them are focused on delivering salon-grade performance.

Below, we have listed some of the best hair straightening irons for thick hair. Take a look at the features of each one, consider their pros and cons, and factor in your budget and needs. Then make the decision based on what you need, and how much you are ready to spend. Happy hair straightening!

Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener

xtava Pro Satin Infrared Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Tourmaline Ceramic Plates
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There are many reasons why the xtava Pro-Satin is our top pick among all the other hair straighteners out there. It is one of the few hair straighteners to offer infrared heating at an affordable price and has a very unique hot plate design which allows it to distribute the heat much more evenly across the hair strands. Not only does the combination of an infrared heater and a dual ceramic plate design improve heat spreading, it also means that your hair will not get burnt or damaged since all the heat is spread out evenly across a larger area instead of being concentrated on just one spot. The bottom floating plate is about 2” thick and an advanced microprocessor inside the device is in charge of maintaining the correct temperature.

This microprocessor also controls some of the other features such as the auto-shutoff and sends signals to the LCD display. The LCD display allows you to monitor temperature levels, and you can switch between 10 different temperature modes depending on your hair thickness and sensitivity. The minimum and maximum temperatures that this device can reach are 265 and 465 degrees Fahrenheit respectively. The dual floating plates are made from ceramic tourmaline, and are coated with several hair-rejuvenating substances that nourish your hair every time you sweep the straightener across your hair.

Remington Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener

Remington S9520 Pro 2' Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair Straightener, Digital Controls + 9 Heat...
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Despite the affordable price tag, this hair straightener from Remington packs some of the best ceramic plates we have ever seen on a hair iron. They have infused traces of pearl into the ceramic coating on the hot plates, and also claim that these plates are coated with 15 times more ceramic than the competition. The maximum temperature that this hair straightener can reach is 450F, while the wide heat plates guarantee an even heat spread without focusing too much heat on one area.

Remington claims that their Pearl Ceramic technology provides a glide which is 8 times smoother than the competition. Automatic shutoff and a 360 degree swivel cord are included as well. You can increase or decrease the temperature, although there are no predetermined increments or steps. However, the LCD display on the back allows you to monitor temperature in real-time making precise temperature adjustment super easy.

BearMoo Hair Straightening Brush

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This one is actually a hair straightening brush instead of an iron. Who is this for? Well, if you prefer a brush over an iron (a lot of women do), and want to straighten as well as brush your hair at the same time, then this is for you. The bristle tips are rounded, while the bristles themselves are coated with anti-anionic substances to prevent static and tangling. The heat plate on the base of the bristles is coated with an extra thick ceramic layer, and the whole brush features a rectangular shape instead of an oval shape.

This allows you to reach the sides of your head much more easily, and you can cover much more hair with each sweep of the brush. The brush heats up to 450F within just 30 seconds, and this means you’ll never have to worry about getting late ever again. This is almost 3 times faster than hair straighteners that use traditional PTC heating technology. The tangle-free braided power cable is attached to a 360 degree swivel joint for maximum flexibility and hassle-free operation.

Remington T|Studio Thermaluxe Wide Hair Straightener

Remington 2' Flat Iron with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology, Blush Pink, S9130P
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Remington has impressed us yet again with their minimalistic, yet extremely elegant design. The S9130P is not priced affordably like our budget pick, the Remington S9520. In fact, this one comes in at a premium price point. So what does it have to offer? Well, apart from the snow white shiny finish and subtle golden accent lines on the side, this looks like any other hair straightening iron. However, the magic lies within its heat plates, which are actually floating plates that keep constant contact with your hair no matter which angle you choose to use while straightening your hair. Short hair, long hair, sensitive hair, damaged hair – there is a temperature range for each of these hair types. Which is why, Remington allows you to select the temperature that you want, all the way up to 450F.

Monitor the temperature changes in real time through the backlit LCD screen on the top, and forget about accidentally burning your hair or something else thanks to the auto-shutoff timer and intelligent safety features. This is the fastest hair iron when it comes to heat-up times, and it manages to reach operational heat levels within just 15 seconds of being turned on. Count to 15, because that’s how long it takes an ordinary hair iron to even begin heating up.

Good ones can do it under a minute, while some of the best can manage it within 30 seconds. But 15 seconds? Remington has done something truly magical here, and we love it. It comes with a turbo-boost mode which will instantly boost the heat within a matter of seconds when you need it the most. Remington claims that this glides much faster than conventional hair irons, and promises a 24-hour lasting time. This comes in a heat-resistant carry pouch, and features a tangle-free fabric braided power cord.

Choosing the Best Hair Straightener for Thick Hair

How can you choose the right hair straightener for yourself? We cannot cover all the hair types in one article, since that would require too much time and content to cover in a comprehensive manner. But in this one, we shall tell you how you can choose the right hair straightener for thick hair. This is often more difficult than choosing a hair straightener for thin or sensitive hair, because in this case you know that you’ll need extra heat and wider plates, but knowing exactly how much you need is crucial since too much can result in burnt scalps or burnt hair.

For most of you with thick hair, finding the correct hair straightener can be a real struggle. A normal one won’t work, while those that generate too much heat will end up burning or damaging your hair. We recommend hair straighteners with extra wide heating plates, these will be able to go through more area with each sweep, and thicker hair does take up more area when it is clamped between two plates. Also, make sure that the straightener can reach a maximum temperature of at least 350F if you have thick hair.

Normally, you won’t use more than 270-300F while ironing out your hair, but let’s say you’re in a hurry for a meeting or function, the extra heat will allow you to temporarily speed up the straightening process. Also, if your hair is both thick as well as rough with split ends, then you might want a hair straightener that radiates infrared heat, this method is much more thorough and will not damage your hair at all.

Make sure that there is plenty of temperature adjustment, and a tangle-free swivel cord. Thick hair also generates more static when rubbed, so get a brush/iron with anionic coating on the plates/bristles. Finally, we suggest getting a hair straightener with high ceramic content in the plates, along with a layer on top that contains hair-nourishing substances such as Aloe Vera, Shea oil, etc. Usually, all good hair straightener brushes will also come with an auto-shutoff function that will instantly switch off the heating filament after a certain period of time to prevent unwanted accidents. Normally, this period is 30-40 minutes, but some irons will also allow you to adjust it according to your convenience.