The Best Hammock for Backpacking

When you want to go for a backpacking adventure with your friends or family, having the right gear for the great outdoors is very important. Among the essential equipment that will make your stay in the outdoors more enjoyable is having a good backpacking hammock to rest on after those long hikes, swimming sessions and other fun outdoor activities.

With a proper hammock, you can just lie down, kick back, relax and let nature soothe your body and soul. You might be wondering – which is the best backpacking hammock for your outdoor hiking needs? Don’t worry, we have compiled and analyzed four of the top rated hammocks in the market, so as to help you make an informed choice on the best hammock for you.

Wildhorn Outfitters Outpost Hammock

Wildhorn Outpost Double/Single Portable Camping Hammock with Cinch Buckle Tree Straps
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WildHorn Outpost Hammocks are designed with the end-user in mind. Outpost camping hammocks are tree-friendly, comfy, quick to set up and durable. These hammocks come with everything you need to set them up for the very first time and do not require you to purchase a separate hanging kit.

The Outpost Hammock is 11 feet long, making it one of the longest in the market. This extra length creates more room for movement; you are able to spread yourself diagonally and lie flat for more comfort.

Although it is longer, this backpacking hammock is still lightweight, compact and suitable for long backpacking hikes. The Outpost and Litespeed suspension system conveniently fit into a single integrated stuff sack that makes it portable and provides stress-free packing for hiking, travelling or any outdoor activity.

This hammock’s Litespeed hanging kit is one of the strongest in the market and provides you with an infinite number of adjustments on your hanging angle. WildHorn have used high quality parachute rip-stop nylon to construct their hammocks. This material is extremely strong; it is rated at 400 pounds load capacity and has been tested and proved able to withstand over 1000 pounds load. The material is undoubtedly durable and dries off quickly.

The Outpost hammock is available in 4 different colors and 2 different sizes. For single use, you should choose the Outpost I size but in case you have a partner, Outpost II will suite you better. As far as camping hammocks are concerned, WildHorn’s Outpost Camping Hammock is the full package.

Commando Steve Backpacking Hammock Set

Bebe by Me Commando Steve Heavy Duty Camping Hammock Set - Ultralight, Compact
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The Commando Steve hammock is strong and durable. It is made of extreme heavy duty material and has a reinforcement agent. The hammock can withstand a 450 pound weight because of its premium handmade reinforced stitching, which allows it to absorb stress and strain.

The hammock is sewn from a more expensive, durable, heavier and rarer Oxford canvas fabric which has an added layer of water resistant material. It dries off three times faster than typical nylon. This particular hammock has a unique patent and uses military material which is unlike other product copies that you might find out there. If you are looking for an ultra-light (weighs less than 1 pound), compact, strong, extremely durable and pocket-friendly hammock then the Commando Steve backpacking hammock set is for you.

Apriller Double & Single Hammocks

Single Double Camping Hammock/Double Parachute Camping Hammock/Lightweight Nylon Portable...
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The Apriller double and single hammocks provide you with ultimate comfort. They are softer and stronger than most hammocks. With this hammock, you will get to feel the tender silky touch and experience the breathable and strong material support of a reliable hammock while you relax.

Apriller backpacking hammock is also extremely user-friendly. It is lightweight (weighs approximately 17 ounces) and compact allowing for easy portability. It also features a practical pouch in the middle where you can store your sunglasses, keys, or a bottle of water. The double hammock can also comfortably fit 2 adults.

It is made from super strong parachute nylon fabric. The material also allows for easy and stress-free cleanup. The Apriller hammock can give you good service for several years and has the capacity of holding a 600 pound weight. It has a wide range of uses which range from backpacking to back-yard relaxation. It can be used as an alternative to a tent, swing, cradle or even a yoga mat.

In addition, Apriller provides you with a 1-year warranty and 24-hour friendly customer service. All things considered, the Apriller double or single camping hammock provides you with a user-friendly, strong and durable hammock accompanied by excellent customer service.

Rallt Single Backpacking Hammock

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Most people who have ever used hammocks that were faulty complain that the hammock broke and they ended up falling down hard. Ouch! With the Rallt hammock you don’t need to worry about falling. This ultra-light camping hammock can hold up to 400 pounds. This is because it uses a sturdy 210 parachute nylon fabric which is abrasion-resistant and tear-resistant. Its structural seams have triple-stitches. The hammock uses premium nautical grade rope, the same as those used on sailboats.

This Rallt hammock is also very comfortable as it utilizes breathable nylon and non-stretch polypropylene ropes. Other stretchable ropes may cause your hammock to sag over time and you may end up touching the ground in the middle of the night. This hammock has comfortable dimensions of 9 feet length and 4 feet 7 inches width. These dimensions provide a proper balance of size and weight. Most people who are 6 feet tall or just a few inches over will find this hammock very comfortable.

The hanging equipment provided for this hammock is more than sufficient. It comes with 2 sections of rope for hanging. Each of these sections is 10 feet long, which makes it possible to hang your hammock even in situations where the trees are apart by over 20 feet. Generally, the Rallt Single Hammock is secure, comfortable and comes with proper hanging equipment for camping adventures.

Backpacking is a really fun and adventurous experience, for those that love the great outdoors. In order to fully enjoy the outdoor experience, you need to ensure that you pack the appropriate gear for all your outdoor activities before leaving home. Having a suitable hammock will undoubtedly make your adventure more fun.

We have successfully analyzed four of the top rated backpacking hammocks available in the market, from the Outpost Hammock to the Rallt Single Hammock. We hope that this review will help you choose an appropriate hammock for your needs.

Choosing the Best Hammock for Backpacking

Quality will be your number one consideration, which is usually the case with everything we purchase, however you don’t want to mess with the quality of your sleep or comfort when purchasing your hammock. As well, since you will be backpacking you must ensure that your hammock is compact and light to travel with. Again, when reducing weight you don’t want to skimp on quality so as to ensure that your hammock is sturdy and tough enough to withstand being used regularly while traveling.

All of the hammocks we have listed in our review are very difficult to fall out of! This may sound silly, but a good hammock design will keep you safely cocooned even if you are a restless sleeper. You can get hammocks with all the bells and whistles – including features like mosquito nets, extra padding, etc. but you have to be cautious about weighing your backpack down, so make sure you’re only purchasing a hammock that provides the essentials for what your trip requires.