The Best Handheld Massager for Knots

Handheld massagers are incredibly useful for getting rid of muscle knots, back aches, muscle sprains, etc. They save you from the trip to a professional masseur, as well as a consequent spa session. Thanks to these little handheld electric machines, you can now get a great feeling and thorough massage right at home. But how do you select the right handheld massager for yourself, with so many models out there?

There are hundreds of designs and prices can vary wildly. Some models are corded while the others are cordless. Some use single massage heads, while the others use 2 or even 4 massage heads. Some come with extended handles while the others come with compact grips. Below, we have listed some of the most popular handheld massagers currently available on the market, these have been chosen after analyzing the reviews of customers and the specifications of the products themselves. So you should choose the one that fits into your budget, and has the features that you’ll need for your particular ailment.

Pure-Wave Extreme Cordless Percussion Massager

PADO PUREWAVE CM-05 Percussion Therapy Massager | Treat Pain for Back, Sciatica, Neck, Leg,...
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The Pure-Wave CM5 is one of the most amazing massagers on the market right now, it is extremely portable and powerful, as well as easy to handle and use. This is a cordless massager with support for multiple attachments. There are multiple massage tips or heads included alongside the main device, these include – Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Acupressure, and more.

The rechargeable Li-Ion battery inside this massager allows you to use it for 180 minutes straight, which should translate to about a couple of weeks if you only use it for duration’s of 5-10 minutes at a time. The CM5 is designed to treat muscle cramps, knots, spasms, etc. You can also use it to get rid of stiff muscles.

The Original Palmassager by the Pressure Positive Company

Pressure Positive Co. The Palmassager (Blue)
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For a very cheap price, you’re getting an incredible massaging device that is way more useful than indicated by its simplistic looks. This is basically a plastic massaging aid which is shaped like a palm and has a textured base that gently scrubs against your skin and leaves a very soothing feeling. It fits nicely into the grip of your palm, and there are ergonomically shaped finger grooves on the three legs to insert your fingers.

You can use these for self-massage, or you can even use them to massage someone else. The best thing about these is that, they actually allow you to use your hands for longer while massaging since they will not cramp or hurt after you use it for a certain period. You can use these to remove spasms, cramps, and knots.

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat | Adjustable Intensity , Dual Pivoting Heads | 2...
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The HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager is a dual head massager that provides a thorough and complete massage at an incredibly affordable price point. It has two rotating pivoted heads in the front, along with variable speed control. This massager comes with 3 custom head attachments – firm, gentle, and soothing heat. The handle is ergonomically shaped and quite long, so you can comfortably reach back and massage your lower back with it.

The percussion action is very natural and feels like two little hands thumping against your body, albeit at a much higher speed than your average human masseur. It measures 17.1” x 5.9” x 5.5” and weighs 2.5 pounds. This is a corded model, so it actually weighs less despite its fairly large size, and the extra powerful high-current motor allows you to deal with all sorts of cramps, spasms, knots, etc.

Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool

Body Back Buddy Classic - Trigger Point Massage Tool, Neck and Back Massager Handheld, Manual...
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The guys at Body Back happen to make some really good and simplistic massage tools, however their most famous product yet is the Back Buddy Trigger beam. This is an I-shaped beam, with S-curves on the two ends that are used to massage the trigger points underneath your skin. There is a large curve on the top that is intended for massaging your back, and it has 3 separate ball-like spheres mounted on it that feel really rigid yet smooth.

The two large handles on the straight beam serve as control points for your hand, and you can also use them as massaging aids for your wrists, fingers, etc. The rod is approximately 1” thick and is made from polypropylene. It is free from PDA, phthalates, and is not coated with any toxic paints. Handles are 4” long, while the diameter of the rounded bulbs is 1”, and the height is approximately 27”. This curved bar can be used to massage your back, arms, neck, abdomen, and pretty much any limb on the body. There are some pointy sections that can act like acupuncture tips.

Choosing the Best Handheld Massager for Knots

Basically, choosing the right handheld massager comes down to focusing on the following points:

1. How much area do you need to massage at a time?

2. How much reach do you need while massaging?

3. How much power do you need?

If you need to massage your entire back or thighs or abdomen, then a massager with more than 2 heads is necessary since it will be able to cover a larger area. If you intend to massage specific joints, limbs and such, then get a single or dual headed massager since the area that needs to be massaged is smaller. If you choose a massager with a longer handle, it will be able to reach quite farther ahead and that comes in handy while massaging the back, lower back, pelvic region, etc.

If you just need to massage your limbs, then a smaller handle will do since it is much easier to handle. Next, you need to think about how much power you need. If you suffer from serious cramps or chronic aches and knots in your muscles then choose a massager that is capable of adjusting its power levels precisely, since you’ll need some extra power in these cases, but too much power can make the issue worse. If you just want a massager for relaxing then any simple model will do the job, you don’t need a lot of power there.