The Best Heated Seat Cushion for Cars

Owning a car with a heater is a must since this is the only source of heat for the car’s interior during the winter. The problem is, when you first get into the car it will be cold and depending on your vehicle, it can take 10-15 minutes for the engine to warm up before you get any heat from the vents. It is for this reason that a heated seat cushion comes in handy and keeps you warm and comfortable during the winter months.

Not only do they offer warmth to you in the car, but some models also help in providing you with a relaxing massage as you head to your destination. This can be a great feature – ensuring that your back stays comfortable on long drives. Probably the biggest benefit of heated seats is that it is targeted heat. Having your back and posterior warmed immediately really makes the body feel good and takes the chill away from driving in the winter.

Sojoy Universal Heated Car Seat

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Sojoy Universal 12 volt heated car seat cushion is one indispensable companion when it comes to hitting the road in the cold winter season. It is a perfect gift for your passengers thanks to its high-quality features.

Coming with an easy, non-slip attachment, the Sojoy car seat cushion is fitted with elasticated belts and hooks, ensuring that it can be fastened easily to just about any vehicle seat. It will quickly provide users with an easy warm up and even heat distribution thanks to its switch with the high, low and off settings.

The most crucial feature of this seat cushion is the 50 degree Celsius surface temperature feature that has a 30 minutes timer. It ensures that you can preheat the cushion before hopping into the car. The cushion is made of a breathable polyester fabric, ensuring that users feel comfortable while in the car. Another benefit is that the material is soft and odor-resistant which will help ensure the seat cushion remains comfortable to sit on.

AmazonBasics Heated Seat Cushion

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The Amazon Basics 12 volt heated vehicle cushion comes with lots of convenient features. It is an incredibly resilient cushion, thanks to the 3-way temperature controller and the plug-in and go device, offering high and low heat settings. Once the car is running, the cushion is automatically turned on.

It offers car users with one of the easiest setups since you only have to secure the cushion in place using black elastic straps. Additional hooks allow you to secure the car seat cushion to the underside of the seat. The seat cushion is light and can be moved from one position to another which provides you with options if required. The cushion is made of polyester, featuring a fiber wiring for an even and dispersed heating capability when it is in use. It can be used on seats in boats, trucks, RVs and even office chairs.

Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion

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The Kingleting cushion offers a modern design and comes with abundant features, making it a great partner when it comes to cold season driving. It has an excellent intelligence temperature control, which provides a real-time temperature numeral display. This is a great feature where you can freely choose the seat temperature you wish to have, from 30 Celsius to 60 Celsius, going up with every 3 Celsius. With this, car owners can quickly select the temperature they prefer to have on the seat, warming you up in a matter of minutes.

The Kingleting comes with a built-in timer that will power off the cushion depending on the setting you choose – of between 1 to 12 hours. The timer also serves as a safety feature, ensuring that the car’s battery is not drained in case you forget to turn off the power. With it being a thin leather cushion, it does not slide around when entering or exiting the car, which is a great feature. The unique contours on the cushion ensure that there is an equal distribution of heat on the seat and it looks like it is part of your vehicle instead of an aftermarket accessory.

Wagan Heated Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support

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The Wagan seat cushion has a super soft velour and polyester composition, giving it a furry feel while looking luxurious and comfortable when incorporated into your car seat. It comes with an easy to access 12-volt plug, which is controlled by three settings; high, low and off, giving users the power to attain the maximum heating temperature of 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a 0.5-inch solid lumber support, a great addition for individuals with lower back problems. It can be conveniently moved from one seat to another, thanks to the 4.3′ DC cord and the straps that provide proper fastening to any seat.

Choosing the Best Heated Seat Cushion for Cars

The cushion controls, be it simple or sophisticated, play a part in determining the intensity of the heat that is provided. Make sure that any heated seat you purchase has an auto-off function to ensure that it turns off after a set amount of time for safety. Additionally, any massage and lumbar support increases the comfort level of the cushion and are useful features.

The air distribution is also an important feature. It is provided by an air filter, usually fitted in the perforations on the seat to distribute heat and air equally around the seat. It is important to examine the materials used in designing the cushion. Most cushions are made of leather, fabric such as polyester or synthetic leather, all suited to take up the intensity of heated coils underneath them.

Lastly, the cushion has to look good and go with the interior of your car. It’s important that they fit correctly and are snug to the back of your chair. Loosely fitted cushions are a real problem when getting in and out of your vehicle and will not perform as expected.