The Best Flavor of Keurig Coffee

Everyone has a way of making their mornings brighter and boosting their energy for the day’s activities. For most of us, nothing kicks in better than a cup of hot coffee during breakfast. Today, many homes and workplaces have switched to single-serving coffee machines. Gone are the days when we had to brew in large coffee pots. But with a ton of different k-cup pods to choose from, finding the best flavor of Keurig coffee cups can be an overwhelming task.

So you dear coffee lovers, after reviewing a wide array of k-cups in the market and the input of trusted baristas, we narrowed down to a select few. Whether you are looking for a premium product or you are on a budget, we got you. Well, what k-cups are worth your time and money? Let’s dig in and find out.

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Keurig Coffee Cups

Keurig, Green Mountain Coffee, Breakfast Blend(melange), K-Cup Counts, 50 Count
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As crazy as it seems, this breakfast blend by Green Mountain Coffee can literally change the course of your day for the better. This flavor outshines all the others to top our list. What’s so special about it? This classic New England breakfast blend is a light roast of Central American coffee meticulously matched with Indonesian beans to invent its divine, explosive flavor. It has a balanced sweet, snappy and citrusy flavor that is engaging and the experience ecstatic. Although it is a light roast, the flavor is intense and the results incredibly energetic. It is made from 100% high-quality Arabica coffee.

However, its price is not that pocket-friendly, though the experience is invaluable. You won’t regret spending your hard earned cash on this one. The breakfast blend comes in a new recyclable pod. It also has an airtight pack to lock in flavor and freshness. These excellent features make this the ultimate Keurig coffee flavor and well worth trying.

The Original Donut Shop Regular Keurig Coffee Cups

Keurig, The Original Donut Shop, K-Cup Packs, Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count...
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Even if we like those complex, premium k-cup coffee flavors, sometimes just a simple and straightforward cup of coffee does the trick. The regular flavor is simple, bold and greatly refreshing. This flavor can greatly energize you in the morning as it is designed for basic everyday use.

Unlike other complicated flavors, this regular is simple and sweet. This Original Donut Shop Coffee flavor has been blended using the highest quality Arabica coffee. It comes in a nicely designed patented, airtight pack that locks out moisture and oxygen preserving its rich flavor. This flavor comes in a 24 piece k-cups box.

The Entertainer Variety Keurig Coffee Cup Pack

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Are you that person who likes trying everything? With wild and explosive taste buds? Then this product is giving you a chance to go exploring. It is worth a try, especially for a family where members have different tastes.

The Entertainer Variety Pack come with 48 k-cups with different flavors. It has everything for various periods from breakfast to sleep time. Green Mountain’s Coffee Breakfast Blend will wake and energize you in the morning including Caramel Vanilla cream to make your Sundays glorious. The Berry flavored mouthwatering Italian roast by Barista Prima Coffeehouse is also worth trying. Add warmth to those chilly days with Cafe Escapes’ Velvety milk chocolate cocoa. Other great flavors in the box include Sleepy Time Herbal Tea and the French Toast. So go ahead and be entertained.

Lavazza Espresso Classico Keurig Coffee Cups

Lavazza Espresso Classico Keurig Rivo Pack, 18 Count
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Tropical fruits have this intense flavor that just melts hearts. The Lavazza Espresso Classico k-cup flavor has been meticulously crafted by incorporating tropical fruits refreshing flavor to a medium roast espresso. The resultant flavor is a divine, inviting, exquisitely tasting product. It is brewed from 100% Arabica coffee and is one of the highly rated k-cup flavors. This espresso is worth a try. Enjoy that summer feel with this tropical flavored espressos k-cups.

Choosing the Best Flavor of Keurig Coffee

Choosing k-cups can be a daunting task, considering the overwhelming number of brands and high prices. To make this process less daunting, we have unmasked tips that can go far to ensure you have a smooth shopping experience.

Get official k-cups: Keurig coffee-making machines have been designed only to make coffee using officially branded, licensed and copyrighted k-cups. Having a coffee craving, only to realize the k-cups are not compatible can be disappointing. It is always important to make sure that you only purchase k-cups with the Keurigs’ logo. Although there are companies which have figured out how to beat these restrictions to produce cheaper unbranded k-cups, you need to be careful only to buy proven products.

Buy in bulk: If you always complain how expensive Keurig’s k-cups are, then you are doing it wrong. Buying Keurig k-cups in bulk can save you some bucks. Instead of buying single cups, buying in bulk can reduce the cost of a single k-cup by up to half. The more you buy, the greater the discount.

Subscribe for saving: Online shopping sites such as Amazon have programs such as ‘subscribe and save’ and under this, customers who commit to repeating purchases, get up to 15% discount on selected items. Once you identify your favorite flavor k-cups, ‘subscribe and save’ as you buy regularly and take advantage of the discounts.

Be less loyal to a brand: Being so loyal to a specific brand can lock you out of great deals from other brands. With over 200 k-cups brands, explore and you will get a better deal than you currently have. Trust me, spending your time comparing prices will save you a great deal.

So go on and try these products for a life inspiring experience. The future is bright. Keurig flavor k-cup have really revolutionized how making coffee is done. So, go ahead and try all the flavors. Only you can pick the best flavor for yourself.