The Best Lawn Garden Sprayer

I once read a quote online that went ‘A beautiful lawn just doesn’t happen by itself’, and being a proud homeowner, I can truly attest to this. Having that beautiful spongy grass staring back at me always gives me the essence of being home, but it surely isn’t easy to get there.

One factor I could greatly attribute to having a wonderful lawn was choosing the best lawn garden sprayer on the market. Pests and weeds are real menaces to any gardener, which makes controlling them a top priority for anyone looking for great results. Fertilizer application is also very important in the healthy growth of plants. So, which garden sprayers are sure to give you that beautiful lawn you’ve always been dreaming of?

Smith Contractor Sprayer

Smith Contractor 190216 2-Gallon Sprayer for Weed Killers, Herbicides, and Insecticides
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If you’re the type of gardener that really means business, then this is the ultimate tool for you. Measuring about 8.8 × 9.4 × 20.9 inches and weighing around 5.25 pounds, this commercial grade sprayer offers a type of versatility and efficiency not many in its category can. How’s this, you may wonder? Firstly, it comes ready packed with 5 nozzles. Yes, you heard it right, 5 nozzles! The list includes; a poly adjustable one, a brass adjustable nozzle, 1 high-performance foaming nozzle and 2 flat fans. Whether you’re looking for precision spraying, broader spraying or adjustment from a solid stream to a fine mist, all are available thanks to the versatility of the nozzles. The other plus when it came to this sprayer is its design. With the tank having an almost teardrop shape, the center of gravity is lowered which greatly increases its stability during use.

Additionally, the heavy duty wand is chemical resistant and has a shut-off with a comfort grip and a lock-on feature, which reduces hand fatigue and makes spraying that much more comfortable. All this goes without mentioning the easy-changeable, high chemical resistance Viton gaskets which make the sprayer more durable. In terms of safety, a pressure relief valve that vents at 60 psi is present to help prevent over compression in the device. However, some have had issues with the gallon size, which could make it quite heavy during use. Additionally, it can at times require a lot of stroking for minimal pumping. Other than that, the Smith Contractor 190216 is truly one of the best out there.

Chapin Premier 1-Gallon Pro Poly Sprayer

Chapin 21210XP Premire Pro XP Poly Sprayer For Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides (1-Gallon)
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A case of good quality for a fairer price, the Chapin 21210XP is a marvel in its own light. One testament to this is the ergonomic pump-handle and tank design. A measurement of 16.8 × 8.4 × 8.4 inches and a weighing-in of 4.5 pounds make this sprayer quite easy to move around. That’s without mentioning the 1-gallon tank capacity. This added to a well designed pump handle makes spraying quite comfortable and even fun. Other than being well designed, the tank is also rust-free, given its polythene nature. That’s a very big step towards durability. The fact that it’s also translucent makes checking fluid levels during spraying quite easy.

Performance-wise, the Chapin SureSpray Anti-Clog Filter guarantees you a clog-free, steady spray. Additionally, the device has been made compatible with the common fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers in the market, making it very versatile in its use. What is nice about this sprayer is that it has a few more metal components than its competitors. This helps make it feel more durable and gives it a solid feeling.  This is a fairly straight-forward sprayer that will get the job done.


CHAPIN 20002 2 Gallon Lawn, Sprayer, Translucent White
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Another quality product from Chapin, this 2-gallon sprayer is surely worth the mention. Measuring 18.25 × 8.1 × 8.1 inches and weighing 3.5 pounds, the Chapin 20002 is considerably larger than the 20000 model. The other thing that sets it apart is its funnel top design. This feature really comes in handy when mixing and pouring chemicals since it makes the whole process mess-free. Truly convenient. However, most of its other features are shared with the smaller Chapin 20000 model.

These include; Its compatibility with common pesticides, fertilizers and weed killers; The Chapin SureSpray Anti-Clog Filter which provides a clog-free, steady spray; A durable, translucent, polythene tank which facilitates easy filling and checking of liquids and; An ergonomic design for the handle and tank which makes pumping and carrying easy. The fact that the pump rod is made of mild steel, making it highly prone to rust and the heavy 2 gallon capacity could, however, be an issue for some users. If you were in the market for a larger version Chapin sprayer, though, this would not be a bad option.

Rainmaker Pump Sprayer

Rainmaker Multi-Purpose Pressure Pump Sprayer - For Home and Garden Applications, Easy-Pour No...
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Last but not least on our list is this sprayer. The largest of the group, it measures 23 × 15 × 23 inches and weighs about 2.6 pounds. Its first most noticeable feature is the funnel top opening. Just like the Chapin 20002, this feature really comes in handy in mixing and pouring chemicals. Its tank is also made of polythene, which we have established is quite durable. Additionally, its translucent nature also enables you to have a clear view of the liquid levels. One thing that sets the Rainmaker apart in terms of design is the included shoulder strap. Although it also has a grip handle just like the other sprayers, the shoulder strap could come in handy if you want to carry it on your back.

A very big thumbs up on that. The other impressive feature with this sprayer is the trigger with a lock-on option. In cases where you may require continuous spraying, this is sure to come in very handy. Though it only has the one nozzle, the spray head is quite adjustable and has the ability to turn down and produce just the lightest spray for a good far reaching stream. Furthermore, though it can’t spray in a fan pattern, it can produce more of a conical-pattern spray to suit your needs. Additionally, its in-built pressure valve and 4-foot hose make its use very safe and convenient.

All this goes without mentioning that the sprayer is ideal for common fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, along with other home applications. With this sprayer, the only slightly notable concern would be the handle on the wand being slightly delicate and not fitting well with the spray handle. Given its multiple user-friendly features, the Rainmaker 1-gallon pump would also be a worthwhile buy. In conclusion, getting the right sprayer for your garden and/or lawn would truly be a worthwhile investment. Eventually, all that matters is your satisfaction. Therefore, it goes without saying that you should ensure a device’s features fully satisfy your gardening needs. I hope this piece will come in handy in helping you make up your mind. Happy Gardening!

Choosing the Best Lawn Garden Sprayer

Before acquiring a sprayer, you must first find out what the problem is that you need to fix on your lawn. Certain areas can be spot treated with tiny allotments of pesticide, other larger areas may require you to purchase a high-capacity sprayer. There are various sizes of sprayers and they can get as large as 4 gallons depending on your needs.  You probably will want to consider a lawn service to spray your lawn if your size requirements are getting as large as 4 gallons.

It is suggested that most homeowners have at least two lawn sprayers, one for the herbicides and then a dedicated one for pesticides. The reason for this is that herbicides are tough to remove from the interior of a sprayer tank. Any debris that is still in the tank could possibly harm other parts of your lawn. The added health & safety aspect is that it’s not a smart idea to mix pesticides. Ensure you properly mark each sprayer correctly so you can identify them.

How do Tank Sprayers work?

Tank sprayers are sometimes called compression sprayers, but they are essentially the same thing and are the most popular type of sprayer used by homeowners. Contentrated product is put in the tank to begin, then you add water to the marked fill line. The leftover air is pressurized using the handle to pump a set amount of times. You can then spray the material using the pressure that has been built up.

Most sprayers have a control mechanism on the wand that allows you to direct the spray width and amount delivered. Tank sprayers are great for exact and targetted spraying that works well for soil and lawn pests. You can adjust the wand for a direct stream or mist, whichever is going to be most effective for your particular lawn.

Tanks are often made from plastic or steel. Some homeowners use tank sprayers for cleaning their decks or siding using soap & water or a cleaning solution. Just ensure you have completely cleared your tank from any chemicals you may have used in a previous applications. Always be extra careful when using these types of tanks and make safety your number one priority when choosing the best lawn garden sprayer.