The Best Magnetic Bracelet for Backpain

Using magnets as medicine is an older concept than you would think – during the Renaissance, many believed wearing metallic bands helped relieve pain, heal sicknesses and generally improve health. While associations with magnetic or metallic bracelets at the time were more spiritual in nature, it cannot be denied that magnets have been in the spotlight of medical debate for some time now.

Today, promoters of magnetic bracelets champion the therapeutic effects it has in relieving chronic pain, from backaches to arthritis. Theoretically, magnets ionize the blood flowing in our wrist arteries, improving conductivity which may otherwise be hindered by an injury or disease, and in turn resets the body’s balance to help it heal. But what type of magnetic bracelets do this the best? Let’s take a look at our top picks.

EBUTY Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

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A gorgeous, sleek black bracelet that is as much fashion accessory as it is medical treatment, this unisex metal band is fitted with a double-row of negative ions, germanium, earth magnets and Far Infrared (FIR). Plated with titanium, the bracelet is scratch-proof, lightweight, easy to clean and water-resistant.

With a high-powered magnetic capacity of 3,000 gauss, this bracelet is designed to improve blood circulation and re-establish the balance of your body, alleviating arthritic, back, nerve and other chronic aches and pains. Meanwhile, the Far Infrared element – part of the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic radiation – is frequently cited in detox therapy. Invisible infrared rays gradually penetrate the human body, and by creating a slight temperature increase, improve the efficiency of several biological functions, such as blood flow, reducing fatigue, inducing fat loss, and more.

Germanium and negative ions also contribute, helping reduce the harmful positive ions our bodies amass with exposure to mobile phones, electronics and UV rays that can take a toll on our immune systems. Together with titanium, these elements work together to stimulate the body’s natural healing power, correcting imbalances and helping reduce fatigue and stress.

Accompanied with a link removal kit and extra links to help you adjust the length to your needs, this bracelet makes for the perfect thoughtful present, or even a treat to yourself.

Starista Jewelry Magnetic Health Bracelet

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Recommended for those who spend long stretches of time using computers or electronic gadgets, studying, or undertaking heavy labor, these rare neodymium magnet-studded bracelets are intended to induce your body’s natural healing abilities. It helps regulate the optimum conditions for bodily functions like blood circulation, detox and metabolism, and has also been known to help reduce stress, anxiety or depressive feelings, alleviate fatigue and ease you into restful nights of sleep.

While the magnets themselves are not water-resistant, the bracelets are plated with light but durable titanium, a non-corrosive metal. Nonetheless, prolonged contact with water or use in damp areas is not advised.

Metallic, black and stylish, this bracelet goes with any type of outfit or attire, with a link removal tool handy to help you adjust it to your wrist-size.

YooliTech Health Care Bio Magnetic Bracelet

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Evoking Ancient Egypt with the hieroglyphic-like inscriptions etched into the smooth, stainless titanium links, this tasteful bracelet comes fitted with natural magnets infused with the healing properties of improving blood circulation, easing chronic pains like backaches and arthritis, and helping reduce stress and anxiety.

The tensile titanium makes for a lightweight accessory which will not irritate your skin or tarnish over time or with contact to water. The design sleek and polished, this is a tasteful fashion accessory packed with great health benefits.

The bracelet comes with a link removal tool to help you adjust the length to your preferences, and an eBook titled “Learn to Heal Through Magnetic Therapy” to help you glean the most from incorporating magnets in your health regimen.

Smarter LifeStyle Elegant Magnetic Therapy Bracelet

Elegant Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Pain Relief for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel
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Stylish but simple, this titanium-plated bracelet is the type of accessory to go perfectly with any outfit or look, while simultaneously providing a heap of health benefits. Studded with powerful magnets of 3,500 gauss, the bracelets are hypoallergenic and available in four, tastefully sophisticated colors.

This practical-but-effective bracelet uses the best materials, from pure titanium for maximum durability, lightness, and ease of wear to the best neodymium magnets on the market, to help ensure their use brings you noticeable health benefits. With an overwhelming number of 5 star reviews and satisfied users who have experienced marked improvements in backpain, joint and muscle pains, arthritis and more, this band offers great value for money.

Choosing the Best Magnetic Bracelet for Backpain

While the scientific debate around how effective magnetic therapy is continues, some propagators swear by the benefits they have derived from using magnetic bracelets, citing experiences which have led to significant improvements in health conditions that had not responded to other treatments for months, if not years.

To reap these benefits, it’s important to choose the right magnetic bracelets. Since the earth magnets frequently used in these bands are prone to corroding in water, bracelets which are plated with a water-resistant, durable metal like titanium is usually ideal.

Titanium is also hypoallergenic, meaning it does not irritate the skin or trigger allergic reactions as some metals, like stainless steel and copper, might. Metals like copper also tend to change color or tarnish over time – titanium, on the other hand, holds its shape and color and is easy to polish up to look brand new.

Bracelets with magnets of around or over 3,000 gauss are also advised – the magnetic forces of these, while not as high as those of devices like MRI machines, are still believed to improve the efficiency of blood flow when worn around the wrist, which has a self-regulating effect on the rest of your body. Some also come embellished with the additional benefits of ores like germanium and negative ions, which combat the effect of ultraviolet radiation and positive ions we encounter in our daily lives.

Though generally safe to use, magnetic bracelets are explicitly forbidden for those who use pacemakers or other electrical implants, and for pregnant women, as the electromagnetic forces at play may have adverse impacts in these situations.