The Best Magnetic Screen Door for Dogs

Dogs can be hyperactive creatures, and even the most indolent of pups need their daily dose of exercise. This can become fatiguing, though, if it involves you constantly having to let your dog in and out. In fact, a dog-owner’s worst nightmare may easily be not managing to get the doors open in time, or not being around, when your pet hears nature’s call and needs to go to the loo. Fortunately, messy accidents and the involuntary game of endlessly opening and shutting doors as your dog tries to figure out whether it wants to be indoors or out can be avoided with the simple installation of a screen door. Magnetized screen doors open with a little pressure and shut automatically, keeping bugs out and letting fresh air in. Here are our top picks for the best magnetic screen doors to keep your furry friends happy.

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door - Keep Bugs Out, Let Cool Breeze In - Self Sealing Magnets,...
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Ideal for doors up to 38 inches by 82 inches, this screen door is as easy to install as it is convenient. The door comes with heavy-duty, all metal thumbtacks to hold it in place, perfect for nailing into wooden frames, with an adhesive or Velcro option for metal frames as well.

The seam of the screen door holds 26 magnets, so once you push through the parting in the middle, the gap automatically snaps back closed. This is not only incredibly convenient for hands-free coming and going – for instance if you’ve just come back home carrying a bunch of groceries – but perfect for days your pets are feeling particularly playful and pining for the outdoors. The weather-resistant mesh curtain of the screen door boasts a higher thread count than many options available on the market, barring off any bugs from getting inside, while also being fine and clear enough to not impede fresh air or your view if you decide to leave your door open.

BearMoo Magnetic Screen Door

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Reinforced with durable, weather-resistant buckles you can stick to the doorframes to fasten the screen door in place, this is an ideal option for doors up to 34 inches by 82 inches. As the adhesive is tougher than Velcro, and can resist temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, you don’t have to worry about a little pressure snagging it straight out of the door-frame.

The seam is fitted with 26 magnets which will snap the opening shut no matter how many times your dogs decide to wander in and out, the ends of the screen weighed down to ensure that the doors close properly and won’t get gusted open by a strong breeze. The mesh material is both tough enough to withstand errant weather, but also perfect for keeping out those pesky mosquitoes and letting you catch a breath of fresh air if your home gets too stuffy.

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

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The fiberglass of the mesh makes for a more resilient, damage- and wear-resistant screen door than polyester, in turn making for a longer lasting screen that can endure any assault of teeth and claws even by the most destructive of pets. Of dimensions 39 inches by 83 inches, this screen can be folded around the edges to fit smaller doors, complete with a tape of Velcro and thumbtacks to help you secure it into place. Apart from the 26 magnets making up the locking mechanism of the door, perfectly simple for your pets to just push through without scratching at wooden doors or letting any rogue pests in, the bottom seams of the curtain also come with 8 gravity sticks. These help to weigh it down and hold it in place so it won’t flutter open in the breeze.

Do note, however, that this option is best suited for wooden door frames – metal frames may interfere with the magnetic shutting system and prevent the seams from closing properly.

Premium Choice Products Magnetic Screen Door

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Available in both black and white, you can leave your doors open worry-free with this screen installed, letting your pets roam freely without you needing to play gatekeeper around the clock. Fitted with tough Velcro along the seams to let you secure it to your doorframe, this screen door comes in dimensions of 36 inches by 83 inches, with 22 magnets – 12 individual magnets and 10 strips – to completely seal up the screen right after someone passes through it. With thumbtacks included, should you need them for some extra security to hold the screen up, the durable, premium polyester mesh helps keep insects out while letting you keep your doors open. The material is otherwise soft and lightweight, completely easy and safe for your dogs to plod through, and simple to pop into the wash if you feel it’s getting too dirty.

Choosing the Best Magnetic Screen Door for Dogs

Even before you order your screen door, the very first step is to measure the doorframe you want to stick it up at. While larger screen doors can be folded around the edges and adjusted to fit, smaller screen doors for larger or wider doorframes defeat the purpose of sealing up entry against any renegade bugs looking to infiltrate your home. Narrow fits that need to be stretched to secure the sides are also counter-intuitive, as this is likely to keep the seams from sealing shut properly.

The type of doorframe is also pertinent – thumbtacks and nails are perfect for hanging up screen doors against wooden doorframes, whereas Velcro or adhesive buckles are better suited for metal frames.

Of course, magnetic screen doors come with magnets incorporated into the seam to make them functional, but it’s important to check their efficacy – generally, 26 magnets for a door of dimensions roughly 34 by 82 inches is perfect for ensuring no gap is left between the middle parting of the door. Magnets which are sewn into the seams, rather than sealed in with heat, also promise to be much more durable, since they’re less likely to peel apart or show wear easily.

The best, most practical screen doors also come with weights or gravity sticks secured at the bottom of the flaps. This helps keep the doors perfectly straight and vertical, securing them against accidentally blowing open and not clicking back shut on particularly windy days, or if the screen is parted a bit too much on the way through.