The Best Marshmallow Roasting Sticks for Weddings

Crispy brown and sandwiched between chocolate chunks and graham crackers, marshmallows are the quintessential camping treat. But they are suitable for occasions beyond roughing it in the woods. Weddings, luxurious and clean, are a great place for desserts piled high, including giant chocolate fondue fountains that dose freshly roasted marshmallows.

Of course, weddings which incorporate these white puffy treats have many ways of doing so. Some have a large campfire set in an above ground stone fire pit, while others use smaller fires at dessert tables or guest tables where each willing participant can grab marshmallows from the table and roast them over the small fire while continuing their conversation with a relative from out of town.

That said, regardless of the way marshmallow roasting is incorporated into your big day, having the right marshmallow roasting sticks is key. Too long and guests have to stand too far back to really mingle or converse. Too short and everyone is cramped together over a fire. So let’s compare some of the most popular options on the market. Each of these options were chosen based on their quality, their features, their safety, and their customer reviews.

Wooden Marshmallow Sticks

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This design comes with a discreet black bag, elegant and perfect for weddings. You do not want a noisy clear bag of sticks, sticking out like a sore thumb on your dessert table. This one is luxurious and sleek, blending in with most cookware. What’s more, this design is crafted out of Birchwood which means it will give of a much more pleasant smell for your guests.

Made out of 100% natural Birchwood these are eco-friendly and reusable. The sticks are only 30 inches long and half as thick as others on the market, making them perfect for weddings. No guest will burn their hands with the longer length. What’s more, all guests have found them to be the perfect addition to their marshmallow roasting events with nothing but great reviews to be had.

MalloMe Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

MalloMe Bamboo Skewers Marshmallow Roasting Sticks - 5mm Thick Long Wooden Heavy Duty - Hot Dog...
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If you are on a budget, cutting costs in the area of roasting sticks is easily done. With these picks, you get the same measure of quality, but you save on costs because of the disposable nature of the sticks. Assuming you are not going to send your guests home with their used stick, these are easily recycled when done.

A reputable camping supply company, MalloMe now has moso bamboo roasting sticks which are long enough that you do not have to be near the heat of the fire, but thick enough that you can hold a large marshmallow (or other food treat) over the fire without the entire stick threatening to snap in two. Semi-sharp points make it perfect for skewing your food without cutting your finger; much safer than an old coat hanger or fork. PCP free and FDA approved, these are safe for children. Each order comes with a storage and travel bag which is transparent and disposable, something that is ideal for people who want eco-friendliness in all aspects of their purchase. So you won’t get the nice black bag, but you still get the sticks you need. You also get an eBook on recipes, though they are simple and meant for camping and might not be applicable to your wedding.

BambooMN Brand

BambooMN Premium 36 Inch (3ft) 5mm Thick Safe Extra Long Multipurpose Marshmallow S'Mores...
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These are great sticks to keep around long term. Unlike the previous two options, these have two forked prongs at the end so you can roast two marshmallows at once. The handle is ergonomically friendly and expands so you can sit as far or as close to the heat as you want. Wash them off when you are done, pack them up, and use them time and time again.

Non-toxic, these double as forks once you are done cooking, letting you move food around from the fire to the plate. There is a canvas storage pouch provided, so you can keep them safe after use. The protective rubber tips are meant to cover the sharper ends when you are storing them. Dishwasher safe, they are easy to clean. Should anything go wrong, you get a lifetime warranty! For smaller wedding parties, these would certainly make a nice take-home gift, something you give to the groomsmen or bridesmaids.

Premium Roasting Sticks

M KITCHEN WORLD Marshmallow Roasting Sticks - Telescopic Smores Skewers Hot Dog Extending...
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With these three foot long sticks, you can enjoy extra thickness perfect for supporting big marshmallows. Better suited for bigger fires of course, the additional length ensures safety when you are holding them over large campfires, bonfires at the beach, a grill, or just a small backyard fire. These can be used for food stuffs beyond marshmallows. Consider using them to grill meat, kebabs, appetizers, hot dogs or sausages. Semi-pointed tips make them safe to use around children. Smaller kids using them can still stay a safe distance away from the flame. Even if they touch the point, it won’t cause serious harm. What’s more, these are guaranteed not to leave splinters in your hands thanks to their smooth surface. Made from 100% natural moso bamboo, they contain no PCP or harmful chemicals, have FDA approval, and are eco-friendly.

Choosing the Best Marshmallow Roasting Sticks for Weddings

When looking into the perfect fit for your big day, take into consideration your budget. Almost all of the options on this list were crafted from moso bamboo, which means that all are perfectly safe to use. With semi-pointed tips, you won’t have to worry about an uncle having too much to drink and playfully stabbing your new spouse and kids won’t get hurt.

The features you really want to consider are length and width. Again, if you plan to have small fires glowing at each table, you want shorter sticks that guests can use to reach into the center of the table. If, instead, you are having a larger campfire, longer sticks are ideal. The distance should be far enough away from the flame that your guests do not burn their shirt sleeves, but close enough that they don’t have to stand there for ten minutes just to brown a single marshmallow. Naturally the size of the marshmallow is important too. Mini-marshmallows obviously will not bode well on thicker sticks which skewer right through the majority of their size. Extra-large marshmallows should do just fine.