The Best Maxi Dress for Travel

Comfort and practicality are all but cornerstones in the essentials of travelling – especially when it comes to travel-wear. Hours spent in confined spaces and the need to be quick on your feet, from check-in to immigration and back, make skinny jeans and rompers less than ideal.

This does not mean we don’t want to put in the effort, though. Whether you are thinking of going cross-country or overseas, reaching your destination looking your best can boost your mood and kick off the experience on a high note.

Fortunately, we have a one-stop solution for all our travel-wear woes – maxi dresses. A thoughtfully chosen piece can be your wardrobe shortcut when it comes to travelling, doing away with the need to color coordinate or painstakingly match tops to bottoms. They are roomy enough to let you move freely, practical for layering with jackets or scarves if you are cold, pair well with everything from sandals to boots – and let you look totally put together with little to no effort.

Incredibly versatile, the right maxi dress can effortlessly combine style and comfort – and here are our picks for the dresses we think do it the best.

Milumia Women’s Button Up Split Maxi Dress

Milumia Women Button Up Floral Print Party Split Flowy Maxi Dress Multicolour Large
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These dresses do all the work for you. Made of 100% rayon, the fabric is breathable, soft to the touch, and perfect for warm temperatures. Since the material doesn’t trap heat and is a great absorbent, it makes for the perfect option to have on when you’re hustling through queues and maneuvering luggage.

With a wide variety of elegant floral prints, tasteful V necklines and short- to half- sleeves, these dresses are all you need to pull together a complete outfit. The flowy material and slit around the side also make movement fluid and easy, adding a touch of effortless glamour. Just throw one on, grab a pair of sandals or boots and a cardigan in case it gets chilly, and voila – you’ve hit airport fashion jackpot.

ARANEE Women’s Button Up Split Maxi Dress

ARANEE Women's Button Up Split Floral Print Long Maxi Boho Bohemian Dress Light Green Medium
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If you feel ankle length dresses may get in your way, or prefer something slightly lower on the price-scale, these above-ankle dresses are great versatile options. You can switch up your look in innumerable ways, moderating the cut of your neckline by buttoning it up or down, or simply switching up the look with a tank-top, leather jacket or pair of leggings. Great to throw on over beachwear or to have on the go as you navigate airports, locales or tourist sites, the 100% rayon of these dresses are the perfect fuss-free outfits to let you breeze through rain or shine.

They’re as stylish as they are comfortable, with an elastic band around the waist which flatters your figure without clinging to your skin or being too form-fitting – charming on their own or dressed up with a couple of accessories, a cardigan and a comfy pair of shoes.

Forever Women’s Sheer Maxi Dress

Forever Womens Plus Size Leopard Stripe Tie Dye Floral Print Sheering Maxi Dress
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Long, sheer gowns with an array of prints from tie-dye to leopard print to florals, these strapless dresses are available both in rayon and polyester. The latter, especially, is an ideal fabric for travel-wear since it is wrinkle-resistant and quick to dry, so your outfit still looks on point even after you get off a long-haul flight. With a flare cut to the dresses so they flow as you move and flatter all body shapes and sizes, these dresses are not just perfect for beach getaways and tropical destinations, but work just as well with a jacket, scarf and a pair of sneakers.

Women’s Boho Maxi Dress

FOCUSNORM Women’s Sexy Boho Maxi Dress for Evening Party Summer Straps Sundress (Blue, S)
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If you’re looking for something to make more of a statement, especially if you’re zooming straight off to the beach, a party or dinner after you reach your destination, these dresses scream holiday. The 100% spandex dress fits to form, with a lovely tie-dye blue print and sleeveless cut evoking the sea, and is all you’ll need to pack if you’re planning to attend any casual cocktail parties or hit the club. Durable and comfy, the fabric is also quick to dry and quite resilient, making it great to throw on over bikinis or beachwear as well.

Choosing the Best Maxi Dress for Travel

The key, essentially, is functionality – the right combination of practicality and style. Maxi dresses are the perfect wardrobe essentials to pull off effortless bohemian chic looks – you can never go wrong with florals or flare cuts, which ooze casual, feminine style with little to no effort from you.

We especially recommend dresses made of rayon or polyester. With smooth, lightweight materials that are automatically flattering to wear, these fabrics don’t get wrinkled easily, so you don’t have to pack multiple options to swap out your outfits. They are also great to wear out and about, fluid to move around in, breathable and comfortable in warm weather.

A great travel-hack is to invest in maxi dresses you can dress up or down depending on the occasion – the same piece can be paired with a beach hat and flip-flops for street-food hunting, or secured around the waist with a thin rope belt and a pair of high heels for a dinner date. Options are endless and versatile, and can drastically reduce the number of garments you would otherwise have to pack – in other words, less hassle for you.

A word of caution, though, is to always consult size charts and look into which style suits your body shape before making your purchase. There is rarely a universal standard denoting sizes of clothing sold online, and what looks good on a model or your screen might not necessarily be the best dress for you. Thus, it is critical to do a little bit of a background check to find the dress most suited to your requirements. While it’s difficult to go wrong with a drapey, floor-length gown, some cuts and prints may flatter more than others.