The Best Mini Washing Machine

If you are not able to have a traditional washing machine in your home, then the prospect of a mini/portable washing machine is intriguing to say the least. Taking your laundry to a laundromat is time consuming, physically demanding and inconvenient for most people. If you live in a condo, apartment or travel frequently then a portable washing machine is the perfect solution.

Below, we have listed some of the most popular mini washing machines currently available on the market. Take a look at the features of each one, and decide for yourself which one you need. Keep your requirements in mind, especially space and water constrictions, although electricity consumption and noise levels also matter.

Giantex Portable Mini Twin Washing Machine Spin Dryer

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6lbs Washer Spain Spinner Portable...
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This little marvel from Giantex is capable of washing up to 11 pounds of dirty clothes at a time, and has been designed to be used inside dorm rooms, RV’s, condos, camping sites, apartments, and more. The reason we chose this machine as our top pick is because of its incredible versatility as well as exceptionally fluid and seamless interface which makes operating this machine a breeze for even the most inexperienced users.

It comes in a very low-key white and blue color profile that is not at all fancy by any stretch, but allows you to comfortably fit this 24.8” x 14” x 28.5” washing machine in any corner of your room, without having it draw a lot of attention from people. A perfect fit for the basement, stairwell, or corner of the bathroom.

The powerful 300W high-torque brushless electric motor inside this affordable beast allows the spinning tub to reach an insane 1300 rpm, meaning that even the toughest of stains will wash away easily, paired with the 54C water temperature. There is a dryer tub built into the side of the washing tub, and they both have capacities of 6.6 pounds and 11 pounds respectively. So you can just spin the dryer twice, once for each half of the clothes that you remove from the spinner.

The dryer comes with a 110 W motor, and has a timer of 5 minutes on it, adjustable via a large and easy to access dial on the top. The entire unit is solidly built, with shock-absorbing non-slip rubber feet on the bottom and nice aluminum side panels all over the body. Despite its solid construction, this unit is pretty lightweight at just 32 pounds.

Arksen Portable Mini Washing Machine

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If you’re on a budget, then this ARKSEN washing machine will help take some of the load off your hands when it comes to cleaning clothes. Despite costing less than half of some Haier and Samsung models (we are talking about mini washing machines), this little beauty packs enough punch (and a 7.9 pound capacity) to clean the toughest of stains, while still having enough diversity in its pre-programmed cleaning cycles to deliver optimal performance while washing delicate fabrics and cotton garments.

And we also loved the fact that the top consists of two transparent folding doors, one each for the cleaning tub and dryer tub respectively. The cost is cut by using a single 240 watt motor to run both the spinner and dryer tubs, but guess what – you can use BOTH the spinner as well as dryer tubs at the same time! Overall dimensions are extremely compact, at just 14.25” x 22.5” x 22.25”. The washing cycle has a 15 minute timer on it, while the dryer comes with a 5 minute timer. Weight is also pretty low, at just 29 pounds.

Haier Pulsator Portable Washer

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer
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At first, the 1 cubic foot tub size might not seem like much. Couple that with the fact that this Haier machine costs more than twice as much as our ARKSEN Portable Mini, and you find yourself asking “why should I consider this washing machine?” Well there are certain reasons for which we decided to include it on this list, and affordability was certainly not one of those.

First of all, let’s talk about the build quality. The entire outer shell is made from a mixture of aluminum and high quality composite fibers that give it immense structural rigidity that comes in handy if you plan on moving this little 43 pounder inside your house from one place to another. And, it is designed to be moved around, which is why Haier threw in a roller-style system on the sides. These smooth rolling casters allow you to take this little 17.25” x 17” x 30” top loader along with you on an RV trip, or even a boat for that matter.

The tiny little 1 cubic foot tub is built entirely from precision machine stainless steel, and is powered by a high current motor that runs virtually silent. Load capacity is 6 pounds, enough for washing a pair of jeans, some underwear, a couple of t-shirts, and a large towel. The top panel has cycling status LED lights, 3 water levels, 3 wash cycles, and an extremely easy to use electronic control interface that anybody can learn to use within a few minutes.

Sonya Compact Apartment Washing Machine

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If you do a search on compact washing machines online, chances are you will encounter the Sonya Compact machine at some point in multiple review sites. And the reason for this machines popularity is its amazing price-performance ratio.

Yes, it is even more expensive than the previous Haier model. And despite having the word “compact” in its name, this weighs 68 pounds and measures well over 25” in width, and is about 30” tall. Well, there is more to it than sheer dimensions though. Even with those figures it is much more compact than any standard top loader, and still boasts a 15.6 pound load capacity – much more than most compact washing machines on the market.

And since you need to spin that 1.9 cubic foot tub at insanely high speeds, Sonya threw in a beast of a motor that packs more than enough punch to create a little tornado inside the aluminum body of this compact washing machine. The top lid is foldable and has a blue color to it, although it is still fairly transparent. The interior tub is made from stainless steel, and there are multiple wash settings as well as dry modes to choose from, along with a timer that you can set manually.

There are easy to access hotkeys for each of the programmable preset modes, and you can queue up those cleaning modes in any sequence to get the perfect wash for even the most delicate fabrics. Removing tough stains from thick clothes will be no issue either, and the machine will run incredibly silently at the same time, even under full load and at the highest rpms.

Choosing the Best Mini Washing Machine

Exactly what is it that makes a mini-washing machine different from a conventional one? Basically, a mini-washing machine is designed from the ground up in order to fit into tight spaces. These are optimized for condos, RV interiors, small apartment rooms, dorm rooms, etc. Most mini washing machines are top loading rather than front loading, and don’t come with an agitator in the bucket.

Top loading units will be less efficient as they consume up to 30 or 40% more water and electricity during their wash cycles. They are normally less expensive in comparison to their front loading counterparts, and their tub sizes can vary wildly. Normally, the tub size of your average front-loading washing machine will lie anywhere between 3.8-5.2 cubic feet. So, you’re highly unlikely to find a portable or compact front loader.

However, top loaders come in a variety of tub capacities and those range from anywhere between 1 to 2 cubic feet, which roughly translates into a load capacity of 6-14 pounds. That is more than enough to keep a bachelors laundry requirements fulfilled for the week, and 8-12 pounds should be sufficient for the daily needs of an average couple that lives in a small-medium sized home.

You’ll be able to do a pair of jeans, 3 to 4 t-shirts, some underwear, and a couple of towels along with a pant/sleeved shirt all at the same time. Most of these mini washing machines will measure less than 25” in width, and should be within 28-30” in height.

Here are the things that you need to focus on while buying a mini washing machine:

1. Load capacity in pounds, or tub size in cubic feet

2. Overall dimensions

3. Efficiency rating as well as dimensions

4. Programmability and number of wash cycles

We hope you have enjoyed reading this review and we encourage you to check out our Star Pick shown above.