The Best Mouse Trap for Small Mice

If you’re tired of those mischievous little rodents that are constantly scurrying around inside your walls and kitchen, then you better get a mouse trap, or a set of mouse traps to deal with them. Yes, you can also call in a professional rodent extermination agency or pest management service, but they often charge a couple hundred dollars just to carry out an initial survey. Then they will charge some more for each trap that they place. Then, for each subsequent visit to the house, they will charge even more.

And before you know it, you will have ended up spending a thousand bucks on your rodent problems. Well, that is precisely why we recommend that you buy and place your own mouse traps. You can use regular food items such as peanut butter, crackers, chocolate, etc. as bait, also most modern mouse traps rarely cost more than 20 bucks per trap, and sometimes you can even get an entire set of traps for super cheap.

Intruder – The Better Mousetrap

Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap, 6-Pack
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The intruder 30442 is designed to kill mice by suffocating them between two flat plastic plates. The top plate is spring loaded, and as soon as the mouse tries to dislodge the bait placed between the two plates, it will snap shut with tremendous force. Unlike conventional snap traps, this one is incredibly easy to load, open, and clean.

Just pinch to set it, squeeze the pad at the back to release the mouse, then wash it and reload the bait before you set it to catch another victim. Also, the flat plates don’t rupture the skin of the mouse, meaning that no blood is spilled. They will instead suffocate it to death within minutes. The body and plates are molded from special, tough non-absorbent plastic that does not flex or bend easily and transfers the entire force of the compressed spring into the body of the mouse.

Snap-E Mouse Trap

Snap-E Mouse Trap-6 Pack
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The Snap-E mouse trap is an incredibly cheap set of 6 snap-traps, designed to catch and decimate annoying mice. Each of the six traps can be used for several years, just throw away the dead mouse and clean the trap before you set it back with bait. There is a preformed bait cup in the center that allows for easy planting of bait, and the entire thing is made from a mix of polystyrene and stainless steel in order to ensure durability and reusability.

The one thing that sets it apart from most other snap traps is the fact that its strike bar only travels half the distance of conventional snap traps. This does not reduce the impact since the tough steel spring makes sure that the mouse is completely squished by the impact. The large trip paddle and strike bar is designed to catch rodents from the front, side, and back.

Smart Humane Mouse Trap

Smart Mouse Trap - Humane Mousetrap
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The Human Mouse Trap is what you should get if you don’t want to kill the mouse, or if you cringe at the sight of splattered blood and droppings. This trap is designed with a special one-way entry door that lets mice enter and instantly shuts behind them.

The trap detects when the mouse begins to nibble at the bait and pulls back the bait arm to draw the mouse inside before shutting the door. The mouse will stay inside the trap till you come and release it from the caged structure. Make sure to check the trap daily, since the mouse may starve to death inside if you don’t remove it. The bait pad will accept any form of bait, including crackers and peanut butter.

D-Con Ultra Set Mouse Trap

d - CON Ultra Set Covered Snap Trap 1 Ct. (Pack of 5)
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The D-Con mouse trap is a combination of a cage and a snap trap. It is superior to a snap trap, because your fingers will never come into contact with the rodent, and you will be able to walk around freely in the house without the fear of accidentally stepping over the mouse trap. The entire snap-trap assembly is securely protected inside a box, with a one-way entry door. We said one-way entry since once the mouse is lured by the bait and enters the box, it will walk straight into the trip paddle, activating the spring-loaded strike bar that crashes down with tremendous force.

The mouse is either killed instantly, or suffocates to death within minutes. You can conveniently release the dead body by pulling on the lever outside the box. The same lever can be used to reset the trap for catching a second mouse. No blood is spilled on your floor, and your children or pets will never be injured if they accidentally come in contact with the trap.

Choosing the Best Mouse Trap for Small Mice

These are the most common types of mouse traps out there:

Snap traps
These spring loaded mouse killers are renowned for their simplicity and effectiveness. All you need to do is set the bait, pull back the spring-loaded drop arm, and leave the trap in an open place that is prone to visits from curious mice. These traps are incredibly cheap, but are also known to kill mice in a brutal and often messy way. The spring loaded arm crashes down on the mouse as soon as it pulls on the bait. The mouse is either killed by the high speed impact, or it slowly suffocates to death under the pressure of the arm/ plate. This results in a bloody mess, along with mouse urine and poop.

Glue Traps
These can also double up as insect traps, and use powerful scented glue to lure in mice. The mice get stuck onto the sticky pads and only get more entangled as they try to escape. While these traps don’t kill the mice, they can starve the mice and give them a slow death if you leave the mice on the trap for more than a day.

Cage traps
A humane way of dealing with pesky rodents, the trap cage is designed to lock its door shut as soon as the mouse trips over the bait wire. The rodent will stay locked inside until you go out and release it. Make sure to check the trap every day, or else the mouse may die of anxiety and starvation.

Once you decide which type of mouse trap to buy, you can focus on the extras, such as the construction material, reusability, etc. Get a humane trap if you don’t want to kill the mouse, because a snap trap might result in a bloody mess at times. Choose a glue-based trap if you just want to dispose of the rodent without creating a mess or killing it, or get an electric trap if you plan to kill the mouse instantly without spilling any blood or mouse droppings.