The Best Muscle Roller Stick

Muscle roller sticks are some of the most understated pieces of equipment that you’ll find in most gyms, therapy centers, spas, massage centers, and even homes. They are basically sticks with rollers strapped on them. The stick itself acts as the axle for these rollers which may be shaped like spheres or wheels. Some sticks are made from foam, and are known as foam rollers.

But the type of roller stick that we’ll be discussing in this article is going to be the muscle roller stick, aka the hard stick. Below, we have listed some of the most popular muscle roller sticks available right now. All 4 of these are highly favored by people due to their design, build quality, and simplicity.

Supremus Muscle Roller Massage Stick

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This 18.3” long muscle roller stick is equipped with an extremely tough central cylinder that is made from really strong wood. The rollers are made from plastic and spin freely over the wooden axle. There are textured ergonomic rubber grips on both sides to form the handles. If you have overworked your muscles and are suffering from cramps, knots, or sprains, then you’ll find that the extremely rigid structure of this stick is really helpful with alleviating the stress by decompressing your muscles and increasing blood flow.

The rollers are well curved and are more like giant beads than wheels, and their smooth surface rolls perfectly over your stiff muscles. This stick can really help with releasing muscle cramps and can remove those annoying muscle knots that are bogging you down, just use this stick on your calves, thighs, back, neck, shoulder, and abdomen for about 10-20 minutes daily. You will feel the results within a few weeks, as your body will definitely become more flexible and relaxed after using this roller.

Idson Muscle Roller Stick for Athletes

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This 18” long muscle roller stick has 9 rollers on it and the handles on either side are tapered and feature rubberized grips on them. The grips are textured and have ergonomic grooves on them so your stick will never slip from your grip while you use it on stiff muscles, or on hard to reach areas such as the back. All of the 9 rollers have little grooves built into them, and this gives a very good feeling as you roll the stick over your limbs or back.

It is designed to eliminate cramps, sores, aches, knots, and chronic pains by activating the trigger points and increasing blood circulation. Despite being 18” long and 1.5” in thickness, this roller stick manages to weigh just 9 ounces. Perhaps it is because of the rigid yet lightweight, industrial grade polypropylene handles that are further coated with thermoplastic rubber.

Elite Sportz Muscle Roller

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The Elite Muscle Roller is extremely loved by the community, and many athletes, gym trainers, etc. swear by it. You will instantly know the reason why people love it so much, as soon you give it a quick roll on your legs or back. There is absolutely zero squeaking in the body, neither do any of the rollers feel even the slightest bit off-axis or jagged. All of the 9 plastic rollers work perfectly on the polypropylene axel.

There is ample space between the rollers so that they do not tug on your body hair. The entire unit is backed by a lifetime warranty, and both the handles are coated with textured rubber grips. Designed to be rolled on arms, legs, neck, shoulders, legs, back, and chest, this roller will instantly decompress and relax any muscle that it rolls over. There is ZERO flex in the body which means that you can apply extra pressure on those stiff leg and back muscles, and every single bit of that pressure will be transferred underneath the skin.

Runners Muscle Roller Stick Travel Massage Tool

Muscle Roller Stick Travel Massage Tool with 19 Bi-Level Massager Wheels
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This is recommended for runners, cyclists, hikers, and other people who tend to stress their legs and feet much more rigorously than normal people. The 19 independently rotating bi-level wheels increase the number of trigger points that you can activate at the same time, and are much better than the regular 9-roller design found in most stick rollers if your primary aim is to increase blood flow and relax stiff muscles in the lower body.

It is not the best for massaging the back because of the wheel design, but is incredibly good for massaging feet and legs. The roller stick is 18” long and both the wheels as well as the stick are made from extra rigid wood. There is no creaking or flex in the body, and all of the 19 wheels spin very freely.

Choosing the Best Muscle Roller Stick

Just as the name indicates, muscle sticks are not soft or compressible like the foam versions. However, some of these can be bent and are flexible, particularly towards the middle. While buying a muscle roller stick, there are some things which you need to consider. Even though these are pretty simplistic pieces of equipment, choosing the wrong one can result in you not being able to get the desired or expected outcome. In some cases, you might even worsen that muscle cramp or knot which has been pestering you for a while.

So, what are the factors that truly matter while purchasing one of these? The first one of course, would be the length of the stick. This is what determines the “reach” of the stick, i.e. how much area it can cover per roll. If you use a wider stick, you’ll be able to evenly massage your back, abdomen, chest, and can even roll both your thigh muscles at the same time. Or, you can get a slightly smaller stick if you plan on rolling limbs, necks, shoulders, etc. After you’ve decided on the length, you must focus on the material of the stick itself. Wood can be quite good in terms of structural strength and has a nice feel to it, but it is also susceptible to moisture and is also not the lightest of materials.

Plastic is a material whose properties can vary wildly depending on the price, nature, and design. If you’re buying a roller that uses a plastic stick, make sure that the stick is light and has minimal flex to it. Talking about flex, you might want a roller stick with a little more flex if you’re just starting out with the whole massage thing. There are sticks made of multiple layers, and some have flexible bits in the middle that allow for the stick to bend slightly on either side.