The Best Natural Sleeping Pills for Flying

Sleep is something that we desperately need, but many of us are often deprived of this basic necessity thanks to the hectic lifestyle and tensions of the modern world. So when we travel, especially when we fly, this creates a perfect opportunity to catch up on much needed sleep so you can arrive at your destination fresh and recharged.

Long flights can be boring and if you have any anxiety about flying, sleeping for most of the journey can be the perfect solution. Not everyone can just lay their head back and go to sleep, that’s why sleeping aids can be so beneficial. See our top picks below.

LUNA Natural Sleep Aid Herbal Sleep Supplement

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There are some things about LUNA Natural Sleep Aid that we really loved. First, not only does this herbal supplement promote sleep, but it also makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up at morning. The best part though, is that it is a non-habit forming sleeping pill.

This means that unlike chemical drugs, your body will not develop an affinity for these pills, and you will not need to increase the dosage in order to get the same effects after a while. With most anti-histamines and melatonin drugs, your body eventually develops a resistance to the core compounds used in the pills within a few weeks. However LUNA is a herbal sleep supplement made from a safe, scientifically-proven herbal base and contains traces of melatonin, valerian, and other natural ingredients to send you into a mellow and relaxed mood.

This is a great product to use if you are flying. All Nested Natural products come with a lifetime guarantee, and you’ll be able to return your bottle of LUNA for a 100% refund if it doesn’t work for you. But since it is one of the most widely used herbal sleep supplements in USA, we highly doubt that you’ll have to return it.

California Products Natural Sleeping Pills

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If you want to try out natural sleeping pills, but are afraid that they will not work for you because you are a chronic insomniac, then consider getting a bottle of these. California Products is an extremely reliable company and does not release any product without carrying out extensive testing beforehand, so you can be assured that when they say something is natural and organic, it is.

Besides, they provide a lifetime guarantee on all their products and also give you the chance to return your bottle of pills for a full refund if you’re dissatisfied. Moving back to what really matters – these pills are effective for both women as well as men, and will easily put even the most stubborn insomniacs into a state of deep and undisturbed sleep.

When traveling on planes and being cramped in your seat, these pills will help with muscle recuperation and health. They are guaranteeing a consistent and continuous sleeping experience so your body can recover and repair itself after a day of hard work, which means that you’ll feel totally rejuvenated and refreshed after waking up. This supplement contains the necessary levels of herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins so that your body can maintain optimum melatonin levels, and you’ll not feel groggy or fatigued in the morning.

Choosing the Best Natural Sleeping Pill

Regular or non-natural sleeping tablets or capsules will initially feel like a magical concoction, since they can help you win back some of those highly elusive hours of peace at night. People suffering from insomnia and restlessness might need larger doses, which will eventually cause resistance to build up inside the body and eventually you will have to up the dosage even more in order to nap properly. At one point, you’ll find out that you’ve become addicted to sleep pills, and then you might need special therapy in order to deal with the withdrawal symptoms that come from discontinuation of the drug.

This is because your body has become accustomed to processing the core chemical compounds inside each sleeping pill, and it has been doing so since months on a daily basis. Nausea, blurry eyes, drowsiness, aggressive behavior, and other abnormalities are considered to be some of the symptoms of sleeping drug addiction, and the withdrawal symptoms are usually worse.

So, how do you deal with your insomnia or busy lifestyle without becoming an addict? Fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways for you to deal with sleepless nights without having to gobble up chemicals every night (and day). While most of these methods are usually relaxation therapies and exercises, a new type of sleeping pill has hit the shelves of medical stores. These are called herb-based, natural sleeping pills. They still consist of certain chemicals, but are milder and more relaxing than your average chemical sleeping pill, not to mention they taste much better.

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You can consume them without developing a tolerance or resistance against the compounds inside, and even if you do, it takes several months instead of the usual few weeks in the case of standard anti-histamines and melatonin pills. Both anti-histamine as well as melatonin pills contain compounds that mess with the natural hormones and neurological-receptor compounds inside your body, effectively masking up your sleep problems. They do so by causing your body to go into a false state of relaxation, which forces you to go into a state of sleep. For example, melatonin sleep pills usually tamper with the melatonin levels in your body and modify the internal clock cycle.

However, natural sleeping pills will deal with the problem far more effectively and you’ll be able to wake up early even after sleeping late in the night – something that is nearly impossible with conventional sleeping pills. If you happen to be a night-owl and still wish to attend work early in the morning, get a sleep pill that has an effectiveness period of less than 8 hours. Make sure that it does not send you into sleep immediately, rather it should make you feel relaxed and calm inside, while also giving your body a feeling of sleepiness from within.

Other Sleeping Aids & Pills

Year after year, AmbeSleep has been rated as one of the best sleeping pills. It is regarded as “effective but without the side effects”. AmbeSleep features 12 proven sleep aid ingredients designed to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer than any other product available. It combines a cutting edge mixture of 9 extremely powerful herbs that usually work together so as to relax the body, put one to sleep very quickly and also help you to stay asleep all through the night. The proven ingredients, like Melatonin and Valerian Root, provide a deep sleep without having the dreaded hangover effects.

Sonata, also known by the generic name Zaleplon, is a prescription strength sleep aid that is used as a sedative, also known as a hypnotic. This drug is used in order to help you to feel more relaxed so that it is easier for you to fall asleep and maintain that sleep. As you take it, some attention should be paid to the possible side effect. Elderly are likely to be sensitive to adverse effects of using Zaleplon like cognitive side effects. Besides, it should not be used in pregnancy and lactation, in patients with a history of alcohol or drug abuse, psychotic illness or depression.

RestAid is a clinically proven, non-prescription sleeping pill designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer and deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed. Though the exact amounts aren’t known, RestAid normally contains 5 effective ingredients: Melatonin, Cysteine Milk Peptide, Vitamin B12, The Lemon Balm Extracts and Hops Extracts. Cysteine Peptide is a very unique ingredient. It usually breaks down toxic, sleep-inhibiting substances such as caffeine and alcohol to help move your mind and body in sleep mode.

Best Natural Sleeping Pill

Lunexor is without a doubt the strongest herbal sleeping pill and “Happy Pill” available without a prescription. Lunexor has been formulated with the best sleep aid ingredients that will relax your body and mind, putting into a deep sleep. That’s to say Lunexor can promote the feelings of improved sense of well being and deep relaxation which puts users into deep sleep. The research team of Lunexor has found the fine balance between the safety of natural sleeping pills, and the power of prescription medications.

California poppy or Eschscholzia Californica a perennial herb that does not contain opium, but is used as a sleep aid. The best way to take this herb for a good night’s sleep is by a tincture. You can make the tincture out of the leaves and the flowers gathered as the plant is blooming. The plant blooms in the late spring and early summer. To make the tincture, take one ounce of freshly ground herb (leaves and flowers) to two ounces of 190 proof alcohol and let it sit in the sun for one to two weeks then strain the liquid and bottle it A tablespoon of the tincture before bedtime will help you to fall asleep. One word of warning though, this tincture will cause you to be drowsy so you should not operate a vehicle or do anything else that may be dangerous.

Valerian root is the strongest of the five herbs and is known as the ‘sleeping grass’. If you take a high dose of valerian you might feel the same effects as the prescription drug Valium. I would advise that you take valerian in pill form due to the strong odor that has been described as garbage or rotten cheese. Valerian has been also used for stomach upset and spasms, ADD, ADHD and seizures. Nevertheless, since the FDA has no control over natural supplements there are no proven claims for relieving with any of these conditions. Valerian is not recommended for women that are pregnant/nursing or for those that have low blood pressure or hypoglycemia.

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Hops, the main ingredient of beer, has diuretic and soothing properties that aid sleep. In oil form it produces a sedative or hypnotic effect and when it is mixed with a more potent herb such as valerian it helps with insomnia. Hops alone can be taken as a hot tea or in a pill or capsule.

Passion Flower is known as a calming herb that is a mild sedative and helps relieve stress. Passion Flower has been used for over 200 years to soothe nerves. You can purchase Passion Flower extract as a tea or in capsule form.

You wouldn’t think that Catnip would be used as a sleep aid, because it makes your cat overexcited and a little frenzied. With people Catnip has quite an opposite effect and is known as a mild tranquilizer and sedative. Catnip is in the mint family and makes a nice tea before bedtime to calm the nerves, relax the brain, relieve headaches and helps with insomnia. It is the mildest of the four herbs, but if combined with any or all of the other four can produce a great sleep aid.

Considerations When Purchasing Sleeping Aids

The five major sleep aides can be used alone or in combination to promote a more restful sleep. If purchasing the herbs in pill form please read the dosage instructions carefully, especially if you are already taking a sleep medication. Consult your physician before taking any supplements, especially if you are being treated for a sleeping disorder or are scheduled for any type of surgical procedure. Some supplements have been known to hinder the healing process causing additional bruising or bleeding. We want you to be safe as well as have a good night sleep. Even though scientific studies on these herbs have been brief there are reasons to believe they are the five best natural sleep aides used today.

People who have a hard time getting enough calcium can take two chalk antacid tablets a day. This is a safe dose – even safe enough for kids who dislike drinking milk. It can also help for people who are lactose-intolerant. This, along with a high-quality multivitamin, can help make up for a lost calcium. You should also take fish oil pills which have Omega-3. This vitamin is excellent for cholesterol management and for making hair, skin, and nails look great. It has also been known to help with managing your weight, and its benefits have also been associated with relieving cases of mild depression.

Deep, quality sleep is something you need in order to be healthy, lose weight, and mitigate mild physical or emotional pain. Unfortunately for some people, it is also one of the hardest things to achieve. Melatonin is a hormone in your brain that stimulates the sleeping process. Some people have these kinds of hormonal deficiencies that interfere with their physical health. You can take a melatonin pill that will boost natural levels to help you sleep better.

This pill raises the melatonin levels within the brain very slightly, which makes one drowsy without being groggy. You will sleep more deeply throughout the whole night. One of the best things about it is that it allows you to wake up on your own and immediately feel well rested. Doctors often prescribe it for kids, although you should double check with your doctor just to make sure it is safe for your own situation.

Best Natural Sleep Supplement

One good suggestion is spending ten minutes in the sun every day. Wear sunscreen with at least a 15+ SPF factor, of course, but do this regularly. It will calm you down to get outside in the fresh air and take a break. Sunlight boosts your mood. It also helps your body produce Vitamin D, which is essential to growth and to maintaining health. Kids who never get out in the sun or otherwise ingest enough Vitamin D through supplements or naturally (e.g., egg yolks, fish oils, fish) have serious health complications, and their growth can be stunted.

Protein is an easy supplement to get. Any fitness store would sell dozens of option for both whey and soy protein shakes. They can be good for busy schedules, since they are meals on the go. You can mix it with fruit to double the health content. Blend it all up until it is smooth. This is a great supplement for beefing up your frame a bit. Body builders and athletes are known for ritually taking protein shakes to help them get strong, natural muscle.

If you have certain health conditions or have a family history which may make you prone to certain things, start dealina with it early. Do not wait until the problems are to the point that you’re ill and now you have to recover. If osteoporosis is a trait in your genetic line, start taking calcium pills at an early age. If anemia or iron deficiency is something your parents have, take iron supplements. Your doctor can test you for safe levels, and many of these natural supplements are easily and inexpensively available through many fine online merchants.

Today, the sciences surrounding human health and nutrition are becoming increasingly understood, and fortunately for us, this knowledge comes at a time when we probably need it the most As we try to achieve some kind of healthy balance between proper diet, exercise, and weight control, we now have a variety of highly effective nutritional supplements and diet regimens available to us to help us achieve our wellness goals. Find the right mixture for you, and you’ll have a much better chance of living a long and healthy life.