The Best Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms

Choosing the best oil diffuser for your needs can be a tricky task, considering how many options you will find in the market, and since almost every manufacturer out there is running around claiming that their oil diffuser is “the one”. Picking the wrong one may not only waste your money, but also cause a lot of frustration and discomfort. In order to truly reap the benefits of aromatherapy you need a diffuser that is fully compatible with all essential oil types, including citrus oils.

Also, make sure that the diffuser does not destroy or interfere with the chemical structure of the oil, which is one of the largest issues with heat diffusers, especially the big ones. In this article, we shall discuss what factors you need to put into consideration before buying an essential oil diffuser for a large room.

Remember, an oil diffuser is different from a humidifier. The humidifier disperses moisture into your room, in the form of water vapors. An oil diffuser disperses pure 100% natural essential oils, and the best oil diffusers (such as the nebulizers) do not dilute the oil with a water base before releasing it into the air. Now that you have an idea of which features you should be looking for in a diffuser, take a look at 4 of the best products that we feel fit the criteria for best oil diffuser for large rooms.

Amir 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser

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Perfect for spas, baby rooms, as well as large halls, the Amir Cool Mist Ultrasonic is an extremely efficient and quiet diffuser with a large 500 ml tank. If you are not sure which tank size to look for, get a 500 ml tank to effectively treat large areas. Most of the smaller or cheaper diffusers come with 100 or 200 ml tanks, and you need to avoid them. The bare minimum tank capacity for treating a large room or hall space is 300 ml.

On top of that, since this is an ultrasonic diffuser, it is extremely efficient at dispersing oil. It can also act as a humidifier, and disperses aromatic mist for up to 8 hours on a full tank in high-mist mode, and up to 17 hours in low-mist mode. There are 4 automated timer settings – 60 min, 180 min, 360 min, and continuous. The entire case is extremely lightweight, and compact. It is very durable due to the shock proof ABS plastic construction and weighs just 520 grams.

There’s also a 7-color LED to keep it glowing in the dark. You need to fill it up with water until the max line, and when the machine runs out of water, it will automatically stop. This is the best aromatherapy unit that you can buy for the price, and it is compatible with all types of oils, meaning that it is great for treating stress, congestion, fatigue, anxiety, dry skin, etc.

Excelvan Oil Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Excelvan 500ML Oil Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier LED Color Changing Lamp Light...
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The Excelvan is our top budget pick due to its excellent performance and compact size, at such an affordable price. It is circular in shape, and has a 500 ml tank capacity despite weighing just 1.6 lbs. There are 7 colors for the LED lights, and it glows softly and beautifully in the dark. There are 4 different timer settings so you can just select the setting and forget about everything else – it will keep running for the stipulated amount of time and then it automatically turns off.

The maximum run time on a full tank of water is approximately 10 hours. Unfortunately, you cannot control the rate of mist generation but that’s not really a big drawback. Besides, at this price you’re getting an ultrasonic diffuser with multicolor LED’s, 4-setting timer, a 500 ml tank, and an auto shut-off function. You can’t really ask for a whole lot more than that. Also, it is virtually maintenance free unless you use hard water in it, in which case the tank will need to be cleaned every one or two weeks.

Apalus Glass Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Apalus 500ML Glass Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, High Capacity Cool Mist...
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The Apalus Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser is a super effective large-area aromatherapy machine, thanks to a 500 ml tank size that lets this unit pump out aromatic mist for up to 18 hours at a stretch. And, its coverage area is quite large, at nearly 1000 square feet. It is incredibly silent and can be placed in your bedroom, spa, office, hall space, living room, or pretty much any place that is large and needs a low noise oil diffuser.

There is a gentle 7-color LED lamp inside, that you can also set to off if you don’t need the light. Just fill the tank up to the maximum level and pour 7-10 drops of your favorite essential oil on the top. This is an ultrasonic diffuser so it is compatible with all types of oils, including citrus oils. The device also comes with 4 timers – 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and continuous mode. In the continuous mode, it will last for 8 hours on high-mist mode, and up to 18 hours on low-mist mode. The entire unit is extremely well constructed and weighs only 3 lbs.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by Urpower

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser, URPOWER 300ml Wood Grain Ultrasonic Cool Mist...
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The Urpower wood grain oil diffuser is inspired by nature and employs an authentic wooden finish on the exterior that gives it a really premium and soothing look. There are 7 color options for the gentle, non-distractive LED glowing ring at the center, and 4 timer settings let you control the operation period according to your needs. You can choose to run it in either high-mist, or low-mist mode. The high-mist mode is useful for clearing nasal congestion, while the low mist mode is perfect for baby rooms and for relaxing or sleeping.

It is an ultrasonic machine and employs high frequency 2.4 MHz vibrations to disperse a fine, even mist of oils into the air and can cover a pretty large area. The 300 ml tank may not be as large as some of the other diffusers in this list, but is still more than enough for 4-6 hours of continuous high-mist operation. If you plan to use it while sleeping, just use the low-mist mode and it will easily last through the whole night. The machine will automatically shut itself down when it detects an empty water tank.

Choosing the Best Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms

Here are the important factors to consider when buying a new oil diffuser for larger spaces:

Types of Diffusers
There are 4 primary types of oil diffusers – nebulizers, ultrasonic (vibration based cool mist types), evaporative (fan based), and heat diffusers. Nebulizers are the best, since they directly connect to the oil container and use an atomizer to break the essential oils into tiny, nano-sized particles which are then evenly dispersed into the atmosphere. Nebulizers are capable of working with all oil types, including thicker ones, as well as citrus bases oils.

They release a lot of oil into the atmosphere very rapidly and come with timers or speed regulators that allow you to control their speed, and how much oil they disperse. Nebulizers release a more concentrated mist than ordinary oil diffusers and are more effective over larger areas.

Ultrasonic diffusers are your next best option. They are the most silent of all the diffusers, and are almost as efficient as nebulizers. Both the nebulizer as well as ultrasonic diffuser do not generate heat while working which means that they are safer to use near small children or pets, and are much easier to operate too. Ultrasonic diffusers use high frequency vibration to disperse small microscopic oil droplets into the air and are also compatible with all oil types.

essential oil diffuser for larger room areas

Fan based diffusers are cheaper and generate slightly more noise. They are also not as efficient and require frequent cleaning of filters. Fan based diffusers blow the oil absorbed by a wick into the room and are generally not capable of covering large areas such as halls or office spaces.

They also struggle with diffusing thicker oils or heavier oils. Heat based diffusers are great because of their low noise and small size, but lack large area coverage and are dangerous if you have kids or pets. They are not compatible with citrus oils either and tend to alter the chemical structure of some oils with low boiling points. They are good for aromatic oils, but should not be considered for healing oils or for large areas.

Make sure there are the following features in your oil diffuser – timer, speed regulator, and LED lights or indicators to show the oil levels, etc.

Size of the Oil Tank
Unless you plan on treating a small area, the size of the tank is really important as it means that you will require to refill less often and the diffuser can run longer on a single refill. It is especially important for treating larger areas or halls, venues, etc.

Try to get a diffuser that does not have filters or heating elements since you will often need to clean those parts or even replace them. This is why nebulizers and ultrasonic diffusers are so good as not only are they safer and more efficient, but they are also low on maintenance. We hope you have enjoyed reading our review to find out which manufacturer has the best oil diffuser for large rooms.

Amir 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser

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The Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

Your mind links certain scents and smells with specific emotions, which is why aromatherapy is so popular among people of all ages and health conditions. By smelling some very specific substances, you can trick your brain into thinking or remembering about locations, people, and objects. Essential oils are basically plant based extracts which have a fragrant smell, and potential healing properties.

These are common in Oriental cultures, and you will find that temples, Buddhist shrines, and other places of worship often use essential oils to spread an aura of freshness, purity, and serenity in the atmosphere. You can even inhale essential oils to reduce your stress, increase concentration, cure a sore throat, or get rid of certain illnesses. Have you ever caught a cold? We’re pretty sure everyone reading this article has suffered from a sore throat or runny nose at some point in time.

In these times, did you ever soak some eucalyptus oil in a blot of cotton and inhale the scent by holding it near your nose? If you do so, it will dramatically improve the way you feel and also unclog your nose pretty much instantly. Eucalyptus oil is also an essential oil, and is one that has plenty of medicinal properties apart from curing a runny nose. Citrus oils are renowned for their “feel-good” smell, and are used in spas to make people relax and forget about all of their tensions.

But what is it that makes diffusing essential oils so popular? Couldn’t you just take a bottle of essential oils, pour a couple drops onto your palm, and smear it all over your hand? This way, you could enjoy the scent without having to invest in a diffuser or specialized machine, and it will also save so much time and energy. But wait – what if you were to spread the smell of this essential oil across an entire room? Or two rooms? Or even a large hall?

Best Oil Diffuser for Large Rooms

We reckon you’ll need pretty huge hands for that. Also, if you smear the oil onto your hand, you carry that smell wherever you go and that is not something you would want to do. Especially if you’re preparing for a business meeting at the office, or if you’re going to be near someone who is extremely sensitive to strong smells.

People on the street or in your workplace could even be allergic to certain essential oils, and you don’t want to carry that scent around with you wherever you go. That is why people who truly want to make the most out of essential oils, buy a specialized diffuser.