The Best Patio String Lights

Good patio lighting can really make a patio come to life in the evening and is a great way to give your backyard the right atmosphere.  String lights are very intimate and look fantastic when having guests over or simply enjoying the patio to yourself.

You can transform any space just by using different types of lighting. No other décor item delivers such an impact. With these four different types of string lights, you’ll be able to get the color and lighting you need to be inspired for all kinds of decorating purposes. Hanging string lights are also an excellent way to distribute even light over a wide space, rather than concentrated individual lighting.

Your room, patio, deck, pool, or yard will glow beautifully. Lighting creates an atmosphere, and the right lighting can even change the way you experience entertaining. So, create the best atmosphere you can for yourself and your guests with these amazing string light options for your home.

Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Patio Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights - Commercial Grade Waterproof Patio Lights with 48...
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What’s the best pick for outdoor string patio lighting? These 48-foot black commercial grade Brightech Ambience Pro patio string lights are the real deal. They feature 15 excellent quality bulbs in a retro vintage Edison style. Each bulb is 11 watts, which makes them soft and warm for an evening outdoors, but they don’t get too hot and prevent burned fingers. An exposed filament style gives them that antique look, which is so popular. These patio lights are weatherproof, durable, and resistant to inclement weather like snow, rain, hail, and strong winds.

They are the strongest patio lights on the market. The WeatherTite technology ensures extra insulation around the cord for the ultimate in protection. Heavy duty is the perfect phrase to describe them, since these are what the professionals use to light outdoor spaces. Is 48 feet not long enough for your patio or deck? Then you can buy up to 7 additional strands, for a total of 384 feet illuminating any area you choose in your home or business. There’s also 3 feet of spacing between each light, ensuring maximum hanging potential. These are the quintessential perfect lights to buy for your outdoor lighting needs.

Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs

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Are you watching your dollars, but still want to have a beautifully lit space? Create a soft glow on your patio or deck with these wonderful globe string lights. On each 25-foot cord, you get 25 clear globe lights. The round shapes and candelabra bulbs give any outdoor or indoor seating area a lovely ambiance. If you’d like more, these string lights come with end-to-end connections, making it easy to hook up to three additional strands. As an extra bonus, the bulbs are energy efficient, so you’re not choosing the best budget-friendly option, but you’re also saving on your energy bills, too.

The weather-resistant UL listed plastic construction ensures longevity. Before you hang them up, don’t forget to remove the bulbs from the sockets. Hang the cords up first, then screw the bulbs in and turn on the lights! You’ll have these lights for a long time, and they’ll stand up to bad weather, too. String lighting is not just limited to the outdoors, though. These make wonderful room lights for a bedroom, a reading nook, a teenager’s room, or strung around the dinner table, too. For the budget, you can’t beat trying out these excellent, high-quality patio string lights.

Multi Color Mini Nylon String Patio Lights

24 Multi Color Lantern String Lights : Indoor Outdoor Mini Nylon Weather Resistant Lighting,...
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Try something a little different the next time you want to add hanging lights to your space. The bright colors of orange, lime, turquoise, cherry red, and sunshine yellow make these Lunaxia mini nylon string patio lights by Frux Home and Yard festive and bold for any event. You won’t have to worry about the rain, as these lights are waterproof and surprisingly durable when it comes to bad weather. These string lights are also extra long, at 16 feet, and you can extend them up to 48 feet, for plenty of hanging length wherever you need them.

On one strand, you get 24 little globe lanterns. The lights are LED, so they don’t get hot and are safe even around children. They also come with a timer, for the ability to set them to glow whenever you need them to. Get creative when choosing options of where to hang them, like in a child’s bedroom, an outdoor sleeping tent, to celebrate in a colorful fiesta, or for a romantic and secluded dinner in your home. The bright colors make them pretty not only at night when they’re lit, but during the day as well.

Proxy Lighting Weatherproof String Light

48 FT Weatherproof Outdoor String Lights - 15 Hanging Sockets - Perfect Patio Lights -...
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Are you looking for that vintage Edison-style look for your outdoor lighting? How about considering these Proxy Lighting’s weatherproof patio string lights. You might even have seen outdoor hanging lights like these at a restaurant or concert space. You get 15 bulbs from dropped sockets on a 48 foot strand. The black cord is great for when it’s dark out, so all you see is the soft golden glow from the 11-watt incandescent bulbs.

These are also crafted with industrial grade outer rubber construction, so there’s no need to worry about them breaking in wet weather. They work really well with a dimmer, so you can control the lighting to your perfect brightness. These lights can accent any outdoor space and also make the perfect gift for friends or family, too. After you’ve hung them up, you can be transported away to your favorite café or bistro.

Choosing the Best Patio String Lights

So, what do you look for when deciding what the best patio string lights are for your home? First, you want the right shape of the light. You can choose many different varieties, from retro and Edison bulbs to modern neon LEDs to colorful lantern styles. You also want durability. Outdoor lighting shouldn’t be fragile, easily breakable, or prone to short-circuiting in wet or bad weather.

Commercial grade style patio lights will withstand even harsh weather like snow and heavy rains. The third factor is quality. You don’t want patio string lights that look cheap and don’t deliver that ‘wow’ factor for your space. Lighting is often the focal point on your patio or deck.

Take your next entertainment experience up to the next level by making the quality purchase you’ll love for years to come. These are the best patio string lights. Consider these lighting styles to be an investment in your home, ensuring that any outdoor event will be made a truly special occasion.

Lighting is so important, that for centuries artists have been obsessed with light. Why is that? Light changes the way color is perceived. Harsh lighting will create harsher colors, while soft lighting gives everything around it an attractive aura.