The Best Pillow for Hot Flashes

Hot flashes can be quite the nuisance, especially when you already live in a warm or humid climate. No matter how much cooling you install in your room, or how many pillows you use to stay comfortable, hot flashes can turn your perfectly sound nighttime sleep into a hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable experience. There are many ways to deal with hot flashes, but specialized pillows are one of the most incredible options out there.

There are special hot flash pillows designed to keep your neck and head cool and dry while you sleep on them. These pillows don’t just act as great cushions, but they also soak in all the sweat – something that normal pillows don’t do effectively. And the best part is that you don’t even need to clean them as frequently as normal pillows, even though they soak up much more heat and sweat.  The pillows that we have listed below contain everything that you need in a good cooling pillow, and keep you cool through even the most intense nights.  Read our review and see which one we deemed to be the best pillow for hot flashes.

Equinox Memory Foam Cooling Gel Pillow

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The Equinox Memory Foam Pillow is simply the most comfortable and durable pillow you will find on the market for treating hot flashes. It is really adaptive and comfortable, because of the memory foam filling. What happens is, when you rest your head on it, the pillow wraps around the outlines of your skull and stays that way until you lift your head. When you lift your head it automatically returns to its exact original shape, no matter how many times you pressure it, it will never deform.

It is large at just about 24″ x 16″, and is a full 5″ thick. The pillow features a green gel layer on the top that sucks away the heat from your body, so hot flashes are less likely to happen, and even if they happen the cool factor from the pillow will keep your head relaxed and comfy. This gel also enhances airflow, so you are less likely to sweat. It even comes with a 5-year warranty, so you can feel assured that you are getting a decent pillow.

Gel’O Cool Pillow Mat

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The Gel’O Pillow cool mat is more for those people who want their pillows to keep them cool and comforted during hot, sweaty nights, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a specialized pillow. This is basically a mat that goes on top of your pillow, and it sucks away the heat from your body, letting you sleep in peace even though the air may be hot and humid. Not a single drop of sweat will stay on your body, since the cool mat soaks it all up and allows fresh air to touch your skin at all times.

You can place this in the microwave or freezer prior to use, so it can come in handy during the cold as well as hot seasons. In the winter, just place it in the microwave and use it as an instant heat pack. In the summer nights, place one of these in the freezer a few minutes before going to sleep and put it under your head as you go to sleep. This is easier to maintain than a pillow, and you can buy one for each of your pillows instead of buying the pillow itself.

Iso-Pedic Classic Memory Foam Vented Cooling Pillow

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The Iso-Pedic Classic is all about ventilation, lots and lots of it. There is a removable microfiber cover that comes along with the pillow, and it keeps all the dust, mites, and mold away from the pillow so you can sleep in peace without having to worry about staining your pillow. The pillow surface is treated with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial processes, so it stays free from microbes and disease causing bacteria.

Not to mention it smells a lot better even after absorbing a ton of sweat. The pillow is rated to be 100% hypoallergenic, meaning that allergic people are going to love it. It is loaded with memory foam inside, so the pillow adjusts to your head instantly as you lie down on it, and regains its exact shape back once you get up.

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel and Memory Foam Double-Sided Pillow, Soft and Comfortable...
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Now, there may be some of you who don’t like the idea or feel of sleeping on a gel surface. Gel surfaces are absolutely cool and are great at pulling the heat away, but lack the ventilation and feel of a fiber surface with cotton or memory foam underneath. The Classic brands Reversible does the trick by including two separately designed sides in one pillow.

Flip the gel side and you get a comfortable, soft, memory foam pillow that feel like resting your head on a cushion of air. However, if you are going through a restless night and fear an incoming hot flash, then just turn the pillow over and enjoy the cool, relaxing effect of the blue foam surface that magically sucks away all the heat from your skin and keeps you cool. It comes with free removable and washable cover, as well as an amazing 3-year warranty.

Choosing the Best Pillow for Hot Flashes

Choosing a pillow for hot flashes may initially seem like a trivial affair, in reality, there are too many brands and models out there. Each one offers their own variety of customization, features and claims that theirs is the best. We still believe that there is no “best” or “worst” pillow, only the one that suits YOU. Choose a pillow based on the way your body behaves during sleep. Do you sleep on your back or your belly? Or maybe you like to sleep sideways, and use 2-3 pillows at a time.

Cooling pillows are much more expensive than a regular pillow, so many of you might not be able to afford multiple pillows at the same time. But the fact is that they are designed to automatically adapt to the size and shape of your head and neck, so you don’t need to stack pillows for extra comfort – just one pillow gets the job done. Now, here are some factors that you will need to consider when purchasing a new pillow for dealing with hot flashes:

This has been, and will remain the number one priority. No matter whether you are choosing a regular pillow, or a hot flash type, in the end it is an accessory for your bed and it supports the head and neck. If you get the wrong pillow, not only will it cause discomfort and loss of sleep, but it will also have potentially harsh effects on your neck, such as pain and stiffness. Get a pillow with a nice gel base or memory foam interior. This will provide the correct cushioning, since memory foam is incredibly adept at automatically adjusting to the shape of your head.

Health Factor
The new pillow needs to be dust, mite, mold, and bacteria resistant. If your pillow is absorbing that much sweat from your body every night, then it could become a potential breeding ground for organisms such as mold, who absolutely love humid places. Mites usually like pillows because most pillows are a storehouse of dead skin cells. To stay healthy and keep your skin clean, we recommend getting a pillow that is proven to be mite, mold, and allergen proof. Thank you for reading our review and I hope we have shown you how to select the best pillow for hot flashes.