The Best Postal Scale for Home Use

Are you running an online or offline business that ships out products to customers? Are you in need of cutting edge solutions that will save you a lot of money on postage? Home businesses and small companies can benefit from postal scales as they are able to save 10 to 15% on postage. They have the ability of processing small volumes of mail to large oversize packages and can be efficiently integrated in an organization as they measure packages using different units of measurements.

The best postal scale for home businesses is easy to use thanks to large and clearly marked buttons. To ensure your organization is able to handle oversize packages, it is wise to look for a postal scale with the hold function. You can also buy one with a remote wired LED display with controls. This will display package weight readings clearly especially when weighing oversize and heavy packages that block the display. The LED display should also be backlit and large to provide readability of values even in the dark.

Smart Weigh Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale

Smart Weigh 440lbs x 6 oz. Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale, with Durable Stainless...
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The award winning Smart Weigh is backed by cutting edge technology and smart design. It features a sleek wide platform designed to hold large packages. It comes with a long extendable cord that allows you to read the package weight with ease regardless of the package size. The easy to read LCD displays the weight value clearly making it easier to compute. It is crafted with stainless steel, a durable material that is not only non corrosive but sturdy too. As the best postal scale for home use, it has a capacity of 440 pounds (200 kg).

It comes with a tare weighing option that weighs multiple items consecutively. The manual and auto on/off option is not only a safety feature but it helps to preserve the battery power too. It has the PCS function that provides accurate count of items of the same weight. This makes the postal scale ideal for your shipping, mailing and weighing needs. It has multiple modes that are useful for different purposes and the weighing scale has the ability of displaying readings in grams, kilograms, pounds and ounces. A 2 year warranty is offered with the product immediately after purchase which will help extend the lifetime of your Smart Weigh postal shipping scale.

Accuteck All-In-One Series Digital Postal Scale

ACCUTECK All-in-1 Series W-8250-50bs A-Pt 50 Digital Shipping Postal Scale with Ac Adapter,...
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As the best postal scale for shoppers on a budget, it features the self calibration technology which makes it easy to configure a wide range of settings. As the user, you can select any known weight beginning with 5 pounds for calibration purposes. As a fold up mailer holder, it has the ability of maintaining an upright position to 90 degrees. This is perfect for weighing rolling tubes and irregular packages. The machine has a capacity of up to 50 pounds plus a sensitivity of 0.1 oz (0-25 pounds): 0.2 oz (25 – 50 pounds). It has the following reading modes pounds to ounces, ounces, kilograms and grams.

Two useful key functions engineered with the unit include tare which allows you to reset the display back to 0.0 and hold, designed for weighing oversized items. The postal scale is powered by three AAA batteries which are not rechargeable. This makes it perfect for areas where electrical power is not available. The unit comes with a 5V adapter perfect for use with an electrical source. It has an improved large display with energy saving LED backlight that allows you to read values even in the dark. The Accutek scale is perfect for mailing and shipping needs with a product weight  of 1.6 pounds and dimensions of 9″ x 1.4″ x 6.1″ inches.

American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale

Digital Shipping Postal Scale, Package Postage Scale 55lbs. x 0.01lbs. (Black), PS-25
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This is the perfect scale for your home or office. It comes with a large weight platform with a built-in letter stand and easy to read LCD display that provides clear weight read-outs in a snap. It has easy to use controls which include the on/off, hold, tare and mode button. The on/off button is designed to power on and shut off the unit after use. The hold feature helps to retain the weight of the package even after the package is removed from the scale. This makes it easy to record the weight of oversized boxes that cover the display. To activate the function, just press the button after placing the item.

The tare function allows you to compute the net weight. It subtracts the weight of an empty container from the available capacity and the mode button allows you to select the desired metric unit. It has a capacity of 25 kg (55 pounds), a stabilization time of 3 to 5 seconds and a readability of 2g (0.02 pounds/0.2 ounces). It is powered by two AA batteries which are great for areas where electricity is unreliable or for use when electrical power is shut off. It comes with an AC adapter that powers the unit and has a 10 year warranty coverage against defects as a result of manufacturing.

WeighMax Industrial Postal Scale

WeighMax W-4830 Industrial Postal Scale 330lb
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As a high end industrial scale weight, the WeighMax W-4830 Industrial Postal Scale has the ability of weighing up to 330 pounds (150 kg). It comes with a wired remote display that allows easy reading. It is built with stainless steel, a material renowned for having corrosion resistant capabilities and it’s tough. This is why the scale is perfect for weighing large and heavy objects. As the perfect digital shipping scale for postal, packaging, shipping, manufacturing and industrial requirements, it features easy to use buttons which include the on/off, tare and mode.

The auto shut off feature is perfect for saving battery life and preventing electrical power wastage. It comes with a 9V battery and a 9V AC adapter and the scale can be calibrated according to the provided manual. The overweight indicator is another amazing feature that helps to prevent damage to the unit. It has the following dimensions 11.25″ x 1.25″ x 12″ inches and comes with a limited lifetime warranty that extends the life of the scale.

Choosing the Best Postal Scale for Home Use

Shopping for a postal scale for your business or for home use can be a daunting task especially if it’s your first time. There are many brands available in the market and each brand comes with its own features that set it apart from their competitors. Here are some postal scale buying tips that will ease your shopping session.

Weight Capacity and Units of Measurement
Postal scales can help to ease mailing and shipping efficiency at your home or business. They help by reducing overpayment on outgoing mail thus saving your business 10% to 15% on postage. This is why weight capacity and units of measurement are vital features to consider. Postal scales can handle small documents to heavy packages. There are those that have the hold feature which is great if you are weighing oversized packages. When shopping for a postal scale, select one that has a large weight capacity and offers different units of measurements.

Ease of Use
The best postal scale for home use should have easy to use control buttons. The buttons should be labeled clearly and positioned a few centimeters apart to allow easy operation. The majority of postal scales will have the following control buttons – on/off, tare, hold and mode. Postal scales with large buttons that are easy to read are easier to manipulate. There are those digital postal scales engineered with remote LED displays that feature control buttons. These are great when it comes to weighing oversize packages as the values will not be blocked.

Battery Power and AC Adapter
Every digital scale needs to be powered by either a set of batteries, AC power or both. Today, manufacturers have engineered their products to use battery packs and adapters. The downside of using the batteries is that they cannot be recharged. Once depleted, they have to be disposed and new ones bought. On the other hand, they are highly advantageous as they allow the scale to be used in any environment. The AC adapter can connect to an electric power source making the postal scale operational. It is wise to choose a model that offers both sources of power.

Stainless Steel Platform
Shipping scales are designed with a platform that holds the weight stable providing the correct values on the backlit LED display. Stainless steel is the best material for building the postal scale platform because it is tough which means it can withstand the weight of heavy and oversize packages. It is corrosion resistant so you won’t have to worry about it rusting or breaking down over time. When shopping for a postal scale, look for a model that comes with a stainless steel platform.

Accounting and Security Features
Accountability in an organization or home business is of utmost importance. If you have employees whether full time or part-time, they may take advantage of the machine meaning your business could be vulnerable. Shop for a postal scale that can be locked or requires a password in order to work. This way the password can be given to authorized employees only.