The Best Protein Bar for Breakfast

We have all been there. Maybe it has been integrated into your typical morning routine already. You are dressed, primped, polished, smelling good, hair immaculate, you just… forgot to eat breakfast. At this point, any deviation from your routine will make you late to work, and your day can only go downhill from there. The semi-quarter executive meeting precisely at 8:00 AM that will last a grueling 2 hours, the seemingly millions of performance reviews after that, and the millions of other tasks dependent on your punctuality.

You can make it until lunch. Sure, you can, you have done it before, right? It is only four hours… Then thirty minutes into your meeting during Mr. Johnson’s long-winded finance proposals and your stomach throws a temper tantrum worse than your three-year-old in the toy store right before nap time. Your stomach needs food– now! The snacking and cereal industries have felt your pain. Introducing the cereal bar and protein bar for athletes – wait! people have time for exercise? Over the years this market has be flooded with so many new product lines, varieties, sizes, flavors, and more. Knowing what to buy can be time-consuming and nearly bureaucratic.

Another indirect topic to consider is the busy supermarkets. Most consumers do not have time, nor do they have the patience to fight the supermarket crowds. One of the best resources available is the internet. Why go to the store, when the store can come to you? That’s where we come in! Star Product Review has discovered some great cereal bars that we recommend you try. We have narrowed down the candidates to the top four picks, and ranked. The following four products are rated based on indicated factors, including nutritional value, personal benefits, and overall quality of the selected products.

ZonePerfect Nutrition Bars

Zone Perfect Protein Bars, Cinnamon Roll, High Protein with Vitamins & Minerals, 12 Count
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ZonePerfect Protein Bar is our best choice. These bars are full of important ingredients to combat hunger. One individual bar contains 190 calories, 15g of protein, and 19 essential vitamins and minerals.

This brand of protein bar is superior to the other three selections based on nutritional value alone. It offers the perfect snack bar that is delicious and a great source of protein for folks on the go.

This bar would be great for super stressful and hectic schedules and for those who exercise regularly. The cinamon taste is amazing and the bars do not contain any artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Quest Beyond Cereal Bar

Quest Nutrition Beyond Cereal Protein Bar, Waffle Flavor, 12g Protein, 3g Net Carbs, 110 Cals,...
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Quest Beyond Cereal Bar contains per bar 8g sugars, 2g net carbohydrates, including 6g of dietary fiber, and 12g protein. On top of that, these bars are only 110 calories, and perfect enough for between-meal snacks to help stave off the snarling hunger pangs.

This is also gluten free in a more moderate product. Someone who needs a quick pick-me-up between meals can easily benefit from this bar. It is great for an afterschool snack for the kids, too. Moms will appreciate the nutrition factor and the kids will love the flavors and fun packaging. Quest had the genius idea to flavor their bars to taste like waffles!

Special K Protein Meal Bar

Special K Protein Meal Bars, Double Chocolate, 9.5 oz (Pack of 3)
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Special K Protein Meal Bar gives consumers nutrition facts conveniently on the packaging. These similar-flavored bars contain at 10g fiber, 26g carbs, and 10g protein. This is perfect for occasional use, as it’s rather expensive with less nutritional value than the above-mentioned bars and saves space in your cupboards in a petite 6.1 inches by 15 centimeters package.

The packaging does not mention whether it is gluten free, and it is rather high in sugars at 15g of sugars. It also is flavored both artificially and naturally. It also comes in a 3 pack of 6 individually-wrapped cereal bars.

Bounce Protein Energy Ball

Bounce Natural Protein Energy Ball, Gluten-Free Vegetarian Snack with 8g of Whey Protein -...
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One of the reasons we placed Bounce Protein Energy Ball last is the lack of nutrition information clearly displayed with their products online. The other three had that included. Each ball is 1.4ounce bar, but has the lowest amount of protein at 8g in comparison to the other products. You would have to eat 3 of these balls to be near the Quest Nutrition Protein Bar, or more than one to match the other two.

The appealing factor for this is the shape of a protein ball instead of the industry-wide rectangular format. The ball should fit in your purse or pocket. This would be an ideal indulgence for anytime snackers and for the just-because snackers. Plus, they use all-natural ingredients.

The manufacturer does not use additives or preservatives to flavor its products, so you are looking at a great option for vegetarians. It also boasts being gluten-free and GMO-free.

Choosing the Best Protein Bar for Breakfast

The world spins so fast these days, consumers are under pressure to find quick, nutritious ways to curb the hunger pangs. It is cumbersome to keep up with catching breakfast, much less a filling, nutritious one. Protein bars are a quick alternative most consumers can eat during their commute to work or school. Best of all, clean-up is as simple as throwing the wrapper in the waste paper basket.

The best way to choose cereal bars is by how much protein, fiber, and carbohydrates is included in the ingredients for optimal nutrition, along with individual product size and package count. The nutrition facts should be clearly visible so you can make the best choice whether that is on the packaging itself or in the description online. Protein and fiber will keep you filled up, and the carbohydrates will give you energy to burn, so in our busy world, consumers can select quick and easy options for their lifestyle.

More often you will find gluten-free products to benefit a wider  should look for when selecting these products in future. As always, use your best judgement before making any decision. Taking the time to scrutinize what you eat before purchasing will also give you peace of mind. Happy snacking!