The Best Resistance Bands for Seniors

Resistance bands are used for exercise, building muscle, and strength. It is a product that can be taken on the go or used at home. A resistance band is an elastic band that is similar to a large rubber band and it provides tension to work your muscles and build strength. Resistance bands are popular among seniors as they allow seniors to have the option to do a variety of exercises that are fun and that produce better muscle strength. Performing workouts with resistance bands can make you to feel healthier and in shape.

These bands are great for people who cannot go to the gym or would prefer working out at home. It is used in physical therapy to rebuild muscle and exercising with bands daily can improve your health immensely. The bands can help build strength, muscle, coordination, and balance while also helping ease arthritis and bone loss. It is an important practice to have included in your exercise routine, especially beneficial for seniors. There are different styles of bands to choose from, but we suggest the lightest band possible when starting out.

Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and...
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The Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor comes in a variety of colors – each color signifies the number of pounds in resistance. You can choose  from red (25-30lbs), black (15-20), green (10-12lbs), blue (4-6lbs) and yellow (2-4lbs). The different weights of the resistance bands allows you to change bands as you progress over time and build strength. These particular bands are uniquely designed for convenience and are easily transported. They come with a clip system that is made of metal and this heavy-duty clip can be used to attach the band to straps or soft handle grips.

Seniors can take the band with them to exercise anywhere and the clip ensures that the band stays attached without falling off. Black Mountain bands come with other great exercising benefits including a door anchor, ankle strap, starter guide, exercise graph and a nice carrying bag to keep all of the components in one easy to find a place. The graph can be used to record your workout exercises and keep track of your progress. The starter guide will give you all the information you need to know about using the resistance band. The door anchor is an excellent product to have when working out at home as it hooks to the door and provides tension for a beneficial workout.

Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

Limm Resistance Loop Exercise Bands - Set of 5 Stretch Bands for Working Out with Instruction...
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Limm Exercise Bands come in a set of five with each band having a different strength beginning at yellow (x-light) and moving all the way up to black (x-heavy). Different bands can be used as you progress in your workout while keeping at your own pace. Seniors can start out with lighter tension resistance and work their way up to the higher tension levels. Exercising with resistance improves many parts of the body to build muscle and tighten the back, arms, butt, and legs. The band exercises will tone the entire body and help you get in shape while tightening and toning to improve posture. These exercises can also help reduce weight, increase flexibility, coordination, and strength.

The Limm Resistance bands are 12″ long in length to increase stretching distance and provide a more powerful workout. Seniors can use these bands for an advanced exercise and muscle tone workout which is great for Yoga, Crossfit, Pilates, and Physical Therapy. The loops are easy to carry, light in weight and can be transported with little effort. They are compacted enough to fit in a backpack, purse, briefcase, and suitcase which allows you to use them anywhere without the need to go to the gym for a complete workout.

Light Tension Exercise Resistance Bands

LIGHT TENSION EXERCISE RESISTANCE BANDS - Home Gym Fitness Equipment. Ideal for Physical...
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These exercise bands are worth considering and are a good match for seniors. The band can be used sitting down or standing up and are fantastic tools for physical therapy and rehabilitation. What’s great about these bands are their length (6 1/2 feet) which provides a lot of options for an extensive workout. Seniors can use the band while seated in a chair giving them stability and ensuring they are safe while performing stretching exercises. The band is made of durable material that will hold up and provide a good grip.

Being able to sit down and exercise is a beneficial feature for people who cannot stand for long periods of time. The band can be used while you are watching TV or relaxing during the day which makes exercising fun and less boring. These particular bands are allergy free and do not include latex making them safe to use while providing an enjoyable workout. They are strong bands that are made for durability and Seniors can push themselves with each exercise and not worry about damaging the band. They are specifically built for tension to give users a reliable and safe workout.

The Resistance Chair Resistance Band Seated Exercise System

Back Brace Posture Corrector
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The Resistance Chair Exercise System can be used similarly to a band because it offers resistance while harnessed in a structured piece of exercise equipment. Seniors who have difficulty standing to exercise would benefit from this chair as it provides a safe and balanced position from which to exercise. Just because you can’t stand for long periods of time doesn’t mean you can’t gain the benefits from resistance band exercise. This chair is a great way to prevent muscles from becoming weak or becoming sore even if you aren’t very mobile.

The health step is an attachment that can increase the types of exercises you can do. It lets you do step up exercises for toning your body and the step can be used for additional support getting in and out of the chair. This step can also be included in the workout routine for stronger muscle tone in the legs and is a good option for seniors who have difficulty walking up stairs. The Resistance Chair comes with several different cables to expand your exercise options. There is one 7-inch cable, one 4-inch cable, and two 5-inch cables. These cables provide a variety of resistance workout opportunities that seniors can use to improve strength and flexibility. We really like this chair and feel like it offers an abundance of exercise opportunities that seniors can take advantage of for a healthier life.

Choosing the Best Resistance Bands for Seniors

Here are several buying tips to consider when purchasing a resistance product. These tips are popular features to think about before making your final purchase and can make a huge impact when buying resistance bands, especially for seniors.

Resistance bands come in a variety of tension levels. It is a good idea to start out at a lighter tension level and work up to the higher-level bands. The variety of different levels are designed to allow you to gradually increase tension strength. When you start out with a lighter tension, it can reduce muscle strain or soreness and this feature is important to understand. You do not want to purchase a higher tension band if you are just starting out as this could cause injury to your muscles.

The length of the resistance band or the loop is another important feature to consider. The longer the band is, the more tension that you will have. The longer bands can help increase your workout and increase your muscle tone. You can use a variety of different lengths for more intense exercising and once you are comfortable using the bands, you can easily incorporate them into your workout. Shorter bands are also providing a magnificent opportunity for a variety of exercises. People who are taller may have more benefits with longer bands and seniors who are not as tall may benefit from the shorter band. No matter what length you choose, it is a good feature to consider.

Black Mountain Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and...
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When considering purchasing a resistance product, it is recommended to know what type of workout you want. The workout can depend on what type of band you choose. The amount of workout you will be doing, how much tension you want to start with, and what parts of the body are going to be benefiting from it. When you have considered the workout, you want to do, then you can decide what resistance product is best. If you are going to be combining different exercise into your routine, then there may be several resistance products that would be beneficial. If you want to find a resistance product that can be done in the sitting position, consider a resistance chair, especially if the user cannot stand for long periods of time or has balance issues.

There are many different types of resistance products and bands. Portability is a feature that can be considered when purchasing a resistance product. If you are wanting something that can easily be transported, then a band would be a good option. It can be compacted into luggage, your purse, as well as your backpack. A portable workout resistance band can be used in any location which is convenient for you as it does not take up much space and is very light in weight.

The cost of resistance equipment is less expensive that gym equipment. There are resistance bands that are affordable, durable and offer a remarkable routine of exercises. Resistance products are reasonable and can help increase your health. Many of the bands come in different colors, tension, weight, and length for a good price. Most of these bands are cheaper than a gym fee or monthly membership.

Carry Bag
A carrying bag is a nice feature to think about when wanting to purchase a resistance band. The bag is constructed to hold the compacted band for easy transport and storage. Many of the bands come with a carrying bag and it is a useful benefit to consider having. The carrying bag can hold all of the resistance workout products to take anywhere and it helps keep all of your exercise products together in one place.