The Best Roach Killer for Apartments

Roaches are a pesky species, considering their extreme resilience to most insecticides, and their ability to multiply numbers rapidly. For example, a female roach can produce up to 120-200 eggs every time she mates with a male. And this can happen every week. You may be seeing only 6-10 roaches on the surface, scurrying around your apartment, but the truth is that there are possibly hundreds of them, hidden beneath the cracks and crevices of your walls and floors.

And since you too hate roaches like all other human beings on this planet, every time you see one of them scampering around your utensils or sink, you probably feel like chasing it with a can of bug spray in your hand. But that is not going to get you anywhere since killing one roach doesn’t stop another 200 from being born. German roaches in particular, can be very persistent, and their nests are incredibly hard to find since these ones are smaller than American or Oriental types and usually build their nests near damp crevices or cold, water-logged areas of the house.

We have reviewed 4 of the top anti-cockroach gels and bait stations in the market. Feel free to take a look, and try these out if you have a cockroach infestation in your home. Read below to find out which bait we chose as the best roach killer for apartments.

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait

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This product is extremely popular with everyone from regular people, to professional bug exterminators, due to its potent poison and the amazing affinity that all species of roaches have for this gel. It works on German roaches, American roaches, Mexican roaches, Oriental roaches – in short, no roach is safe from the clutches of this deadly gel.

It uses Advion’s special MetaActive compound, inside an attractive gel matrix base that lures cockroaches into trying out the poisoned stuff. They ingest it and return to their nests, where they begin to release poisoned sputum and feces, infecting all others in the nest, including the unborn eggs, larvae, and adults. It is applicable in all scenarios – apartment, office, large houses, industrial areas, etc.

Just use 1-3 spots of the gel per 10 linear feet for light to moderate infestations, and 3-5 spots of gel per 10 linear feet for heavy infestations. Apply near crevices and cracks, or dirty and old sinks, pipes, holes, etc. where you suspect the roaches to have built their nest. This product is rated to be totally pet safe, and you get 4 tubes per package, as well as the 2 nozzles for application in small holes and cracks.

Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Bait

Bayer 79432135 maxforce FC Magnum Roach Killer Bait Gel Insecticide, Light Brown
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This roach bait comes in a 33 gram (1.16 Oz.) tube, and contains Fipronil as its main active ingredient, along with a new reactive chemical component called ContactX. This kills roaches even if they touch the bait, and when other roaches pay a visit to the dead body, it spreads into them and infects them as well, so if they go back to the nest and share their sputum with friends, the whole nest gets infected very quickly.

Maxforce FC Magnum bait is not intended to be used alongside other bait, and it contains 5 times more active ingredient in terms of concentration compared to any other Maxforce product. This comes in an easy to apply syringe form, and uses a thin nozzle to disperse small dots of pesticide at a time. No matter whether the cockroaches eat it, or touch it, they are bound to die with a delayed reaction so that the poison spreads to as many roaches as possible. This works on all species of roaches.

Dupont Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas

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One pack of this product contains 12 cockroach arenas, laced with DuPont’s own roach killer formula, designed to attract and kill roaches of all types. The bait stations are pre-baited, so all you need to do is remove an arena from the package of 12, and place it near the cockroach infested area. Place a few in your kitchen, some more in the attic/basement, and basically anywhere that you usually find the little creepy crawlies.

The bait stations have holes in them through which cockroaches will enter and try to eat the bait. Indoxacarb, the active ingredient in this bait station, is an extremely potent household pest control chemical with a delayed reaction. Once the cockroach sets foot into the station, or even touches the inner lining with its antennae, it is doomed to death. And every other cockroach that comes in contact with the poisoned one also shares the same fate.

Maxforce Pro Roach Killer Bait Gel

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You can use this bait gel by itself, or use it inside cockroach arenas (bait stations). The Maxforce Pro Roach Killer features an extra high concentration of the active anti-roach compound, Hydramethylnon (2.15%). It is designed to target American, German, Brown Banded, Oriental, and Smoky Brown cockroaches. The package contains 4 tubes, and each tube has 30 grams of gel bait in it. Don’t use it nearby detergents or cleaners, and also don’t place the gel on very dusty surfaces.

Compared to the Fipronil-based roach killing gel, this one has a slightly delayed reaction which is good since the poison can spread to more roaches during this time. There is a slim nozzle in front of each tube that comes sealed. Snip it off to use the bait, or you can also use these tubes inside a bait gun. Each package of 4 tubes comes with a plunger for application.

Choosing the Best Roach Killer for Apartments

There are tons of bug-control methods out there and you can even pay tons of money to a bug exterminator service to take care of the little devils. But extermination servicemen may often charge exorbitant amounts of money depending on the size of your apartment, and the degree of cockroach infestation. Also, there is no 100% guarantee that one sweep will be enough to completely clear the house of all eggs and nests. Cockroaches are notorious for amassing entire armies within weeks from a few egg cases. Which is why, you need to use the right roach killer for the job.

Stay away from sprays and grain based roach killers. Sprays look great because they instantly kill a roach, but you literally have to chase the little guy around with a can of spray and need to hit it in order to score a kill. And killing one or two roaches is not worth the expense at all, since the goal should be to exterminate them from the roots. Which is why, you need to choose gel-based cockroach bait. These are available in tubes and have sharp nozzles, so you can apply them inside crevices and cracks where the cockroach population might be breeding. The best part about these gel-based baits is that the cockroaches are magically attracted to the bait. They love the scent of it, and eat it happily.

Good gel based baits will have a delayed reaction, they will not trigger until the cockroach reaches its nest. Then the cockroach will slowly die, and the poison spreads to others through sputum, feces, and the body of the cockroach itself. Eggs, larvae, adult roaches – all are targeted and killed, until the whole nest collapses from within. If you wish to set up bait stations in your apartment, get a bunch of bait arenas and set them up around your home near the cockroach entry/exit points by filling some bait gel in the station and leaving it on the ground or shelf. We hope you enjoyed reading our review to choose the best roach killer for apartments.