The Best Robot Vacuum for Tile Floors

Going for a robot vacuum cleaner no longer sounds like something out of the futuristic universe of The Jetsons. Quieter, more compact and certainly less hassle for you, robot vacuums are smart enough to recognize what type of surface they’re on and adjust settings accordingly, come with built-in sensors to avoid walls and furniture, and are an all-round blessing when you have heaps to do and don’t have the time to lug a bulky manual machine around.

But which robot vacuums live up to their promise? Let’s take a look at our picks for the best value-for-money options out there.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
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It’s difficult to clean out your home every day if you tend to have busy work weeks. But fear not – iRobot’s Roomba is designed anticipating this very dilemma, and comes programmed to let you preset the device to automatically clean your house seven times a week. The compact disc-shaped design lets it slide easily under most furniture to clean up hard to reach places, and with the iAdaptive Responsive Navigation of its sensors, it completely avoids running into furniture or the stairs.

The Roomba is not only a smart cleaning device, but also extremely thorough. Capable of picking up debris from the finest dust particles to pet hairs to morsels as big as pieces of cereal, the vacuum comes with a 3-step cleaning process: agitation (shaking the dirt loose), brushing (sweeping it up) and suction (vacuuming it away).

Designed for all types of level surfaces, your Roomba not only leaves your tiled floors squeaky clean but also automatically adjusts to different planes like carpet or hardwood, and will reposition itself at the docking station when it’s running low on battery. All you’ll really have to do is periodically clear out the dust box and keep the brushes and filters clean.

Evertop Automatic Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

EVERTOP Automatic Smart Home or Office Robot Vacuum Floor Cleaner,Intelligent Household Sweeper...
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A cliff sensor function lets this vacuum detect stairs and avoid tumbling down them, as well as an in-built anti-fall capability that keeps it buffered against falls from up to 2 inches high. The disc-shaped cleaner is equipped with two corner brushes to the sides to improve efficiency of cleaning, with removable and replaceable brushes and an easily detachable dust box you can clear out with ease.

Suitable not only for tiled floors but also hardwood, granite and marble, this vacuum can ease its way into narrow spaces under your bed, closet and so on, switching between 4 modes to offer the most thorough cleaning operation. Although this vacuum does not work on textured surfaces like carpets, it’s nonetheless a powerful machine, capable of picking up everything from crumbs to the finest dust particles barely visible to the naked eye.

As a more affordable option than many automatic vacuums, this does require a little more manual maintenance, including repositioning it to charge, but is thorough enough in what it does to justify giving it a chance.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction, over 100mins Run time, Self-charging, Slim,...
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Versatile be it for cleaning carpets or tiled and laminated surfaces, this self-charging vacuum cleaner not only automatically docks itself when it needs to recharge but is also equipped with top of the line edge-detecting technology, to avoid stairs and bumping harshly into obstacles. The vacuum provides for a completely thorough, 3-step cleaning process, decked with side brushes to clear up even hard-to-reach corners, with a suctioning capacity to efficiently pull out even the most stubborn of fur, dirt or debris.

This vacuum also comes with the option to let you prolong the robot’s lifespan and save battery by using the Mini-Room Mode, which essentially lets you preset the schedule for cleaning small rooms, so the vacuum only operates during fixed intervals. Turbo mode, on the other hand, is the option to go for when tackling areas of stubborn dirt build-up for powerful cleaning action. For more of an everyday functionality, you also get to set a scheduled cleaning session for those days you’re not home to do it yourself.

ILIFE V5s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V5s, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mopping, Slim, Automatic Self-Charging, Daily Schedule,...
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This handy robot cleaner not only comes with an astutely efficient dry vacuuming function, but also a wet mop function to give your smooth tiled floors that extra clean shine. You can easily switch between the dry vacuum and mop functions of the cleaner, fitting a water tank in the place of the detachable dust bin and attaching the mop holder to clean up stains or spills.

Fitted with a BLDC motor with enhanced suction power, the cleaner is fitted with a host of ‘smart’ features, including self-docking and charging, and anti-bump and cliff sensors to avoid running off edges or into solid objects. It also lets you preset a weekly vacuuming schedule to keep your home clean even when you’re not around.

Remember to always remove all attachments when clearing out the dust bin, water tank, brushes etc. – a regular cleanse is recommended after each cleaning cycle of the vacuum. It’s also mandatory to remove the water tank from the vacuum before charging.

Choosing the Best Robot Vacuum for Tile Floors

Be it because your work schedules rarely allow you, your family or housemates to stay home, or you find yourself facing difficulties that make physically moving around with a heavy vacuum cleaner difficult, like aged joints or a case of back-pain, robot vacuums are a godsend. Designed to make the chore of keeping your home clean as easy as possible, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when picking a machine to invest in.

The ideal robot vacuum is a hassle-free contraption that doesn’t require you to come rescue it from a narrow corner or from falling down the stairs every couple of minutes. Pre-programmable vacuums, which set off on scheduled cleaning sprees while you’re not home or during specific hours of the day, are a great means of making sure a clean living-space awaits when you get back from a long day’s work. To make the most of this function, it’s better to schedule these sessions if you don’t have a pet at home, to avoid the risk of accidents, or to schedule them when you’re around to keep an eye on your furry friends.

Battery life is another concern – even if your vacuum doesn’t automatically dock itself to recharge, it’s important to look for cleaners which promise a battery life of 90-110 minutes at a go, so the vacuum has plenty of time to clean up before it runs out.