The Best Rolling Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpacks are an important commodity for just about any laptop owner. Not only are they essential for carrying your laptop around with you wherever you go, but they also serve as a place to store all of your accessories such as flash drives, laptop adapter (charger), mouse, external keyboard, etc. With certain larger laptop backpacks, you can even carry a pair of headphones and some extra stuff like folders, stationery, etc.

But even though regular backpacks are handy and easy to carry around, they aren’t the best for travelling long distances. Yes, people who travel across the world use backpacks, however those backpacks are designed specifically for travel and carry extra padding on the shoulder straps, and they come with extra compartments for better luggage management.

Your average laptop backpack is great for a day at school or college, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of travelling then they can prove to be extremely stressful on your shoulders, not to mention all of the sweat that accumulates on your back by lugging 7 pounds of weight on your back all day.

Nike Core Rolling Backpack

Nike 9A2215 Core Game Royal/Black Rolling Backpack 19' School Bag
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With ample space to store just about any 17” laptop in the market, and plenty of room for plenty of accessories, the Nike Accessories Rolling backpack steals the show and scores the most points on our list. It features an amazing overall design and the exterior looks very similar to that of a standard laptop backpack. However, the Double Zip closure system and reinforced bottom make this much more secure and durable than any normal laptop backpack out there.

Thanks to the extra padding on the laptop compartment, you can comfortably put the bag down on hard surfaces even while travelling in a car or train, the padding will cushion your precious laptop against any bumps in the ride. The foam around the laptop compartment is high density, while the bottom is made of rock solid plastic and features dual extra-hard wheels which are supported by extremely durable ball bearings.

The telescopic handlebar springs up easily, while the reinforced sides prevent this bag from caving in on your laptop when it is placed in the midst of other luggage, or even beneath other luggage. In summary, this Nike rolling laptop backpack is super tough, lightweight (4.2 pounds), and comes with tons of space for your laptop as well as accessories. Not to mention the fact that it carries the Nike logo and is designed to look super cool no matter whether you’re rolling it on the ground, or carrying it on your back.

Targus Sport Rolling Backpack Designed for Notebooks

Targus Rolling Backpack Designed for Business and Travel Commuter for 15.4-Inch Laptop, Black...
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Targus is not a new name when it comes to laptop backpacks and accessories. This is the company that manufactures all the bags for both Dell as well as some HP laptops. We are talking about the bag that comes with the laptop when you get it from the store. But Targus also manufacture premium aftermarket laptop bags and luggage bags for a wide range of customers, and they cater to the needs of everyone. Aftermarket Targus bags are available in a wide range of prices, as well as in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

This one is 30% rolling bag, 70% backpack. It looks exactly like a cloth laptop bag, although the base is composed of hard plastic shielding, and sports two caster wheels that run on large ball bearings. This bag is designed to fit laptops up to 15.6” in size, so if you’ve got something larger than that, you might want to look for another bag.

The bottom of this bag features a handle grip, which especially comes in handy when you have also stuffed in some extra items like clothes, stationery, etc. into the bag, since lifting it into the car or airplane luggage compartment is much easier. It is actually checkpoint friendly due to its compact size and heavy padding around the laptop chamber. The shoulder straps and handles are meshed and padded, while the back features two large pockets for holding accessories. Targus offers a lifetime warranty on this particular model, so use it to your heart’s content.

Neotec Rolling Laptop Computer Backpack

Neotec Rolling 15' Laptop Computer Backpack Black
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This bag from Neotec is designed to be a laptop backpack cum luggage trolley. While it may look compact and features an understated design aesthetic, the amount of storage space inside is nothing short of remarkable. There are plenty of luggage management sections inside, and the entire laptop compartment is padded extremely well. In fact, it is so well padded that your laptop might actually survive the merciless luggage handling of airports.

There is one large compartment for the laptop which can hold up to a 15.6” computer, and right behind that compartment is a slimmer section for storing all of your files, folders, documents, etc. Right behind that is the accessory compartment, with pockets lined up across the inner walls. You can put your flash drives, power banks, mouse, headphone, OTG cable, stationery, etc. in here.

The front pocket sports an EVA shell which protects the inner stuff from physical shocks or bumps. Now that is something which comes in super handy if you’re stacking other bags on top of your laptop bag (something we don’t recommend at all). The front pocket is large and has enough room to store notes, pencils, mp3 players, and pretty much any small electronic gadget/stationery item. Or you could use it for your underwear… (for quick access of course).

Kensington Contour Balance Notebook Roller Bag

Kensington K62533USA K62533US Contour Balance Notebook Roller Bag in Onyx, Fits Most 15-Inch...
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Kensington are famous for manufacturing that physical locking system which is present on every laptop, but hardly used by anyone. Seriously, when is the last time you saw someone strap their laptop to a steel post at the railway station or airport terminal? But guess what – they are out to redeem themselves by manufacturing one of the most awesome rolling laptop backpacks on the market. Is the K62533US Contour Balance Notebook Roller any good? We shall find out.

The front of the bag sports an old school cloth-based carry strap design. In fact, both sides contain carry bag straps. It makes this more of a suitcase-style roller bag than an actual backpack, and the bag itself is much longer than it is wide which makes for a bad fit on your back. However, the contour telescoping handle is designed very well, and shifts the weight of the bag over to the wheels, thus putting less stress on your hands as you pull it through the airport terminal or railway station. The material used to construct this bag is a mix of plastics and synthetic fibers. The notebook compartment is deep-quilted, as well as designed to be impact-resistant.

The contoured front panel supports airflow and is built to hug the outline of your back for a more comfortable fit. The back compartment sports meshed pockets for cleaner luggage management, and the airbrake bottom cushion keeps your laptop safe even when you hit a bump on the ground. Our final verdict on this roller laptop bag is – not the most fashionable, but still extremely versatile and highly functional, with tons of storage space and luggage management options. We believe that both the contoured telescopic handle and contoured back panel is a step in the right direction, and the shock proof bottom cushioning on this bag is the best that we have seen on any roller laptop backpack, yet. This Kensington laptop bag is definitely an option worth considering!

Choosing the Best Rolling Laptop Backpack

Rolling backpacks are the new trend these days and they aim to alleviate some of the problems encountered by travelers while carrying their laptops in regular backpacks. Not only are rolling backpacks more convenient for long range travel, but they are also capable of accommodating more luggage than a simple laptop backpack. First, a rolling backpack will remove all stress from your shoulders. Second, it can double up as a carry-on luggage bag for international travel.

You can use it to store your clothes, daily use stationery, food, accessories (power bank, charger, flash drives, controller, headphone, etc.), and much more, alongside the actual laptop itself. Third, you can store extra heavy laptops in rolling laptop bags quite easily, since all the weight falls on the ground instead of your shoulders. If you own any of the latest 17” or 18” gaming laptops, then you have probably realized by now that you can’t carry those behemoths on your back for more than a couple of hours.

Ultrabooks can easily be stored inside a laptop backpack, 14” laptops are still manageable, while 15.6” laptops are cutting close to the limit for how much weight your shoulders can sustain for extended periods. Any laptop which is larger than 15.6” is a pain to lug around, especially on a hot summer day. If you’re a frequent traveler, do your back and shoulders a favor and get a roiling laptop backpack instead, as it can double as both a backpack and carryon luggage bag for those flights.

While selecting a rolling laptop backpack you must pay attention to the overall size. Will it fit your laptop? Take a look at the specifications. Take note of the maximum laptop size that the bag supports. Does it have sufficient padding around the laptop compartment? How securely is the laptop held inside the bag? Are there Velcro straps, nets, etc. inside to hold the laptop in place and prevent it from moving around? All of these are questions that need to be answered before you even begin to consider a particular bag as a potential purchase choice.

Then, you must take a tour of the internal compartments, luggage management features, security, etc. Are there discreet compartments for all your accessories such as power banks, chargers, headphones, flash drives, mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, etc.? Then, check out the exterior and make sure that it is sturdy and durable. Waterproof exteriors are a big selling point, while self-repairing chains are awesome to have. And, you must always get a rolling laptop backpack that has well-padded shoulder straps, along with options for concealing the wheels and handles. Make sure that the handle can be retracted and tucked in easily, and always go for bags with reinforced edges.